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2010.09.11 - Review Fix - Interview with Steven

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2010.09.11 - Review Fix - Interview with Steven  Empty 2010.09.11 - Review Fix - Interview with Steven

Post by Blackstar on Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:06 pm

Review Fix Exclusive: Interview With Adler’s Appetite and Former Guns and Roses Drummer Steven Adler

Check out Review Fix Editor-In-Chief Patrick Hickey Jr.’s exclusive interview with drumming legend Steven Adler, who discusses his new book “My Appetite for Destruction,” his band “Adler’s Appetite,” his love of “Family Guy,” making up for lost time and the possibility of and GNR reunion.


ADLER Wants To Replace SORUM's Drum Tracks On 'Use Your Illusion' With His Own recently conducted an interview with original GUNS N' ROSES and current ADLER'S APPETITE drummer Steven Adler about his tell-all autobiography, "My Appetite For Destruction: Sex, And Drugs, And Guns N' Roses".

On having Slash back in his life and his relationship with Axl Rose:

Adler: "I know together we are a force to be reckoned with — and I'm working on it — I'm getting him [Slash] to realize that. [Laughs]

"Axl gets this bad-rap crap. So he's made maybe one or two or three or four bad mistakes — he's done a million wonderful things.

"People keep knocking him for the bad things.

"The only thing he doesn't do good is tan — and that's 'cause he's a ginger; gingers don't tan good.

"You can read in my book how much he was always there for me. And, like brothers, we fought; that's what brothers do.

"Nobody will take away the fact that we're brothers and the fact that we made an inspirational record that's still going strong.

"We are still a family of brothers, no matter what."

On the possibility or a reunion of the classic GUNS N' ROSES lineup:

Adler: "As long as we're alive, it's possible.

"I really think if those four goofballs — especially Axl — read my book, maybe they'll realize what a special thing we have as five guys.

"It's the hardest thing in the world to get four or five guys in the room that can make magic. Yeah, there's millions of great musicians, but you need that special ingredient of five different souls that all want the same thing and have the same goal and are focused on the same dream.

"I know for a fact that if the five of us assholes got in a room together, all we would do is hug each other and there would be tears.

"I'm the one who just took that ingredient away — I ruined it not just for the band, but for all the fans.

"When we were doing 'Appetite' ['For Destruction'], after we would record a song, we would go into the soundroom, the mixing room, and then play it, and all we would do is look at each other and just smile and say, 'We're gonna have the greatest fucking record ever. This is the greatest song.' And when we did the demos for 'Use Your Illusion', we did the same thing — we were laughing and smiling and hugging each other, going, 'This is gonna be even bigger than 'Appetite'.' And it wasn't. 'Civil War' is the only song I got to record on the album — I did all the demo tapes, but for the album 'Use Your Illusion', 'Civil War' is the only song. You hear that song and when that song is over, you could tell it was a different band . . . And I would love more than anything if I could just do that whole record over again — just take all of Matt Sorum's drum tracks out and put my tracks in the way they're supposed to be. That would rule. [Laughs]"

In "My Appetite for Destruction", Adler tells all, fearlessly addressing his struggles with heroin and crack addiction; his financial ruin after being kicked out of GN'R; his shattered marriage; and the severe health problems that nearly claimed his life on several occasions.

Steven finally appears to have beaten his epic twenty-year addiction. He has remained clean and sober for over the last few months under the watchful eye of family friend Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The other members of GUNS N' ROSES threw Adler out in 1989, saying his drug use was harming his performance. In 1993, the band agreed to pay him $2.3 million to settle Adler's lawsuit claiming a 1990 agreement by which he gave up his interest in the band was read to him and signed without his attorney present.

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