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1989.06.10 - New Musical Express - G N' R for Donington?

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1989.06.10 - New Musical Express - G N' R for Donington? Empty 1989.06.10 - New Musical Express - G N' R for Donington?

Post by Soulmonster on Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:40 pm

1989.06.10 - New Musical Express - G N' R for Donington? QcTsJg4RgmVBNZQOGmSG+20181109_193926


GUNS N' ROSES are being touted as potential headliners for this year's Castle Donington Monsters Of Rock festival, although their record company believes the group will still be in the studio working on their new album.

Speculationn is growing after the band turned down the chance to join THE ROLLING STONES on their American jaunt this summer. And a round trip to Britain for the August fest would only eat into their schedule for three days.

A source close to the Monsters Of Rock organisers said the band, along with WHITESNAKE, were still favorites to headline the show, which will be presented on a smaller scale following the deaths pf two fans in a crowd crush last year.

A spokesman for the group's British record company said they expect Guns 'n' Roses to still be recording at the time of the festival, but may play UK dates in October or November.

The spokesman was also unable to confirm of deny national press reports that singer AXL ROSE underwent emergency surgery on his throat last week because of internal bleeding.
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