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Welcome to Appetite for Discussion -- a Guns N' Roses fan forum!

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2018.09.24 - Sirius XM Volume West - Interview with Duff

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2018.09.24 - Sirius XM Volume West - Interview with Duff  Empty 2018.09.24 - Sirius XM Volume West - Interview with Duff

Post by Blackstar Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:32 am

Interview with Chad Smith (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Lyndsey Parker. They talk about:
- Duff currently recording with Shooter Jennings.
- The 1985 show at UCLA, where both GN'R and RHCP played.
- The upcoming leg of the NITL tour in November.
- The charity concert Duff, Chad and other artists are playing on October 6th.

At 26:36, Duff says he is working on new music at a lot of different fronts. Asked about new GN'R music, he says the band is clicking very well, new music would be a logical thing, and "we'll see". After that he's asked about Steven and Izzy. He's seen Steven a couple of times and it was fun playing with him at some GN'R shows. He's been in contact with Izzy as much as he can; there's no beef or anything. He says that the band as it is now is "the right mixture of people".


Lindsey Parker: Hey, I'm Linsey Parker, I'm here with Chad Smith on Volume West and on the phone we have someone you might know, Chad. Not just a member of Guns N' Roses, but also of I Pissed My Pants.

Chad Smith: Yeah, he's an OG Pissed Pants guy.

LP: And super mega fantastic jam rock all-star, Duff McKagan.

Duff: Hey guys, how are you?

CS: What's happening, Duff?

Duff: Can you hear me alright?

CS: Yes, but yell really loud.

Duff: Really? Is it bad?

CS: No, talk like you're in an airplane or something. "Ah! How are you?"

Duff: "Hi!"

CS: "I'm good!"

Duff: "Chad!"


Duff: I think it's a little slower, Chad.

CS: Is it a swing or is it a shuffle?

Duff: It's slower. Inside joke.

CS: Yeah, we don't have to get on that road. So where are you my friend?

Duff: I'm in Los Angeles, California.

CS: Excellente.

CS: What are you doing? Besides talking to us.

Duff: Oh, you know, I just got done recording for eight days with Shooter Jennings. So when all of those texts were going around about what songs to play for the Greek thing[?]. I was like, I was in Echo Park, so there's no cell service there. I go to like a corner of a yard where the dog, the studio dog poops. And that's where I would get my cell service. So I gotta go to the, [?] "who's playing what, what?" And that's why I texted you.

CS: Well, I appreciate you going to the dog poop corner. Staying in the text thread. That's a real professional for you folks.

Duff: Yeah, that's the glamorous life of recording in Los Angeles, California.

CS: Right. Well, that's fun. How was the Shooter thing? Was it good? I bet.

Duff: It's really good. Yeah. Yeah. I've had some songs that, you know, instead of writing a book, like at about this point, I'd be writing my third book and on this two and a half year tour that I've been on with Guns, I observe a lot when I travel. I learned to do that by being a columnist for Seattle Weekly and I observe a lot of stuff. You travel a ton too, Chad. I'm sure you observe a lot. And I read a lot of books. I read a lot of history in half[?] for a long time. So instead of writing a book about my observations, traveling in this really kind of particular weird time on the planet that we're all experiencing in one way or another, I wrote a bunch of songs. I wrote lyrics as opposed to a book and wrote songs to it and Shooter is like the perfect guy  to bring it into life. Kind of ELO-ish.

CS: Really?

Duff: You know, kind of maybe kind of go that direction, or aspire to.

LP: So Duff, is this a solo project under your name or under Shooter's name or are you forming a super duo?

Duff: He's producing it, yeah, yeah, he's my producer. He's such a cool guy.

CS: Yeah. I met him once, but he seems like a... I know people that know him. He seems very sweet, yeah.

Duff: He understands the material, you know, that it's where, I don't know, in my musical career, that you really, like a producer is a producer. I've experienced it, you know, maybe once in my whole career where it's like that producer you see, that George Martin type of producer. Or you'd have probably with Chili Peppers, you've had some good luck.

CS: Yeah, it was like Rick Rubin, yeah.

Duff: You have that guy, I've never really... I mean, Mike Clink for Guns, he was just a great recorder, a great engineer. And the band was the whole kind of thing, just captured that sound. But Shooter is a real producer and he has a vision for the songs and...

CS: Making them better.

Duff: Yeah. And [?] mics and bright, like, you know, he's brought in like the Beatles chain of preamps and stuff and all this really cool stuff I would have never thought of.

CS: And his studio, where is it, in Echo Park?

Duff: The one we're using is in Echo Park.

CS: Okay.

LP: By the dog poop corner?

Duff: Well, there is a dog poop corner that the dog, the studio dog, whose name is Darkness, she's a sweet old girl, that's her poop corner, yeah.

LP: her name is Darkness? Is she named after the band The Darkness?

Duff: I don't think so.


CS: Nice try, Lindsay.

LP: I would approve of that if that were the case.

CS: I know. So Duff, we'll talk it other times about this thing though, but it did come out and I think it's all done in like ten seconds of course, you know, because the Greeks not a big place and I'm sure you've played there before, but what do you think? Are you ready?

Duff: I gotta know what songs we're playing.

LP: I wanna know what songs you play.

CS: I know, but my last text to you was like, "Whatever you wanna play," what you feel comfortable playing and not playing on, you know, I want to rock with you, I want to rock with everybody. We had so much fun when we did that thing at the Showbox.

Duff: That was a good time.

CS: That was a good time, so I wanna continue the good times, but you know, we'll talk about it later, but just real quickly, like whatever you wanna play on and you're comfortable with, let's do that, okay?

Duff: Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. I'm gonna-

CS: Because I don't want the people to come and like, "Well, Duff's played two songs and then went and sat down, you know, smoked cigarettes the rest of the set."

Duff: I was thinking you and I would probably do like a circle jerk set.


LP: [?]?

CS: No, not the band. And that's entertainment right there. I want to see that. That's the price of it. "Mr. Jerry Seinfeld, who?" [?] That's not something you see every day.

LP: It's for charity, it's for the greater good.

Duff: Okay, sorry, I should have said a Black Flag set. [?] real quick.

CS: "Fast songs!" Alright, well, whatever happens, it's gonna be great. And I wanna thank you for being part of it. Duff was in, like, right away. We played together at a Music Cares event up in Seattle a few months ago. And I asked him if he would, you know, come play. And he was like, right away, he's like, "I'm in. I don't have any gun states, I'm in." And so...

Duff: And we did this once before in Seattle.

CS: We did. That was the original I Pissed My Pants band.

LP: It was a catchy name. I feel-

CS: I wanted to just change it to I Shit My Pants. But Will didn't want to go, he wanted the long name, you know, like he gets winded about, you know, a little longer. I can't put that on a kickhead for fuck's sake. I Shit My Pants like I could put on a bass drum.

Duff: Yes, it's more concise.

CS: I know so I got to get two base drums. Yeah, I gotta go Keith Moon to fit the fucking name of the band on here, what the hell? Anyway, anyway, I digress.

LP: I'm curious. How did the two of you first ever meet or what's your first memory of you guys meeting?

CS: That's a good question. I don't know, I mean-

Duff: I don't know, I remember Chad when I was doing something on my first book. You were living in New York and I did something-

CS: That's right, that never came out-

Duff: -for a podcast, right?

CS: Right. Yeah.

Duff: You came down to the hotel, you were super pro. You're like a happy question. You know the book or whatever. I was very impressed. And I'm sure we met a few times before that, but-

CS: We played together in one of those Camp Freddy things. I think that's where it is.

Duff: Sure.

CS: Yeah. That's what it was.

LP: See, I read, this is probably before you were in the, in the Chili Peppers, Chad. I read that Guns N' Roses opened for the Chili Peppers at my old college, UCLA. But that was probably before you were in.

CS: Yeah, I think so.

LP: And I heard that it was a disaster or it didn't go well or something like that.

CS: I don't know.

Duff: I think it went okay for us.


CS: "The disaster was the band after. I'm not sure the name of the group, but if you're referring" to... And Duff, you're probably right because somebody was probably like getting scraped off the fucking poop corner with a bunch of drugs in them and probably didn't show up or something.

Duff: I mean, that was the 80s vibe. Yeah. I mean, they were just...

CS: Yeah. Peppers were rough.

Duff: That stuff was soaking up Hollywood.

CS: Yeah, yeah, it was a rough time.

Duff: Yeah, it was just the way it was.

CS: Yep, it was.

LP: Those UCLA students had no idea what kind of history they were witnessing at the time.

Duff: I just remember that gig because I'd followed Black Flag since... I saw them.... My first gig ever was opening for Black Flag when Ron Reyes was a singer. [?] And then Dez Cadena of course came along and then Henry came along. And that was a heavy thing. It was like '81 or whatever that was. And we were all up in Seattle, like, you know, judging[?] and he-

CS: Were you pro Henry?

Duff: Well, yeah. Once he... Yeah, I mean, I was... Dez was at guitar so it was like this rock band, man. When Henry came in it was like a full force. Robo was still playing drums, I think. So I was pro-Henry, I respected him, I read stuff he wrote, like a Max Rock and Roll[?] and stuff. And then he came - he was right in front when we played - we're opening for the Chili Peppers and... What's the band, what's Mandy Mow and Jack Band?

LP: The Dickies?

Duff: Dickies. We're also on that bill.

LP: On the same bill at UCLA?

Duff: Yes.

LP: Wow!

Duff: But Henry watched us with intensity and he can't... I don't know-

CS: He's an intense guy, especially in '85, he could stare a hole through you, right?

Duff: But he really, he fucking, he loved the band.

CS: Oh, there you go.

Duff: Cuz Axl probably matched him in true intensity, no, like game, no game. That's how I remember that gig really, was Henry giving us a thumbs up.

CS: Yeah, that's a good thing. We toured with Henry when he was in the Rollins Band. He opened for the Chili Peppers in '91 in Europe. And even his sound checks, like-

Duff: Intense.

CS: He like, doesn't wear any shoes. He's barefoot. His band was great. And the band was amazing. And Henry just, I remember him telling me, "I just want to go out there and burn the brains out of those fucking little nice Chili Pepper fans." Like very Henry, right? He's lifting weights. I've known him before the fucking sound check when I'm talking to him. And he gets out, he's out there doing his soundcheck, he's got the, you know, the cord wrapped around his hand, his stance, the shorts, no shoes, and they're checking a couple of their songs, and then they broke into Me, Me, and Mrs. Jones.

LP: Really?

CS: And I was like... and Henry was as intense as fuck, and he said [imitating Rolins], "Me and Mrs. Jones!"

Duff: No way!

CS: It was fucking amazing! I almost fell over, yeah! And he kinda looked at me, kinda winked and went back to it.

LP: Amazing.

CS: It was great, I'd love to have a copy of that. But anyway, but yeah, Henry's a very intense guy.

LP: The first time I met Henry, actually. You know, it's also a strange story. There's a convention that happens in LA, RuPaul's DragCon, I'm sure you have been there. It is the RuPaul's Drag Race Convention that happens every year.

CS: Yep, yesterday.

LP: And they have panels. It happened in, I believe, May. But I'm going to the New York one next weekend. Anyway, I was asked to moderate a panel there about drag and punk rock. So I was like, "Okay, that sounds cool." And then they're like, "Okay, you're gonna have Alaska," who's a person that was on the show, "the Boulay brothers," who are some club promoters in LA. And then they're like, "Alice Bagg and Henry Rollins," talking about drag. I was like, "Really?" I was a little, it was, it was on YouTube actually, the whole thing. Henry Rollins was really into it and he was sitting right next to Alaska. He was a very popular contestant for Rupaul's Draggers laughing at everything she said. People were eating it up. They could not believe these two were sitting side by side and he was very into it.

Duff: Wait, I might've seen him. I go and see a spoken word and I think he might've talked about that.

CS: That's awesome. Yay. It was really cool. It was really cool to see those worlds combine and, you know, him and RuPaul are good friends. They've done a similar thing. They sort of do a thing like Jerry Seinfeld's Coffee or like the Cordon Carpool Karaoke where they ride in a car together. He did one with RuPaul. You know, he's involved in that world too. He's an interesting guy and intense, very intense.

CS: Yeah. Hey, Duff, I was at Mates Rehearsing today and I saw a bunch of GN'R road cases, either coming or going, it said like Jakarta or something. Are you going to Jakarta or are they just coming back?

Duff: No, we're going, we're going. So after this gig, we're doing... I also want to say, Lizzie, so Chad is one of those guys you were talking about. There's certain guys in our world and most of the guys that I play with are, choose to play with or whatever, and who have lasted this long, are fairly good guys, you know, but Chad is kind of above and beyond.

CS: "I don't know how he squeaks through the cracks," is what he wants to say.

Duff: No, man.

LP: He's sincere.

CS: Thank you, Duff.

Duff: One of those guys that we can instantly chuckle at something that only him and I exactly know what's going on and chuckle about and a killer drummer and a good guy and a family man.

LP: Ooh, I'm getting [?].

CS: No, we were talking in Seattle and he was telling me about his house and working on his house and we were having nice domestic conversations about expensive lamp lanterns and why and...

LP: I would listen to that podcast.

CS: Yeah, we have kids, riveting stuff. But we...

Duff: Riveting.

CS: But we... There's some potico in certain ways. But anyway, you're going... When we leave after the sixth and you're heading out to the far lands.

Duff: You'll dig this routing, Chad, Monterey, Mexico.

CS: Okay.

Duff: Yeah. Not far.

CS: No, it's good. Come home after that if you want.

Duff: Or you could go to Jakarta.

CS: Wait, is Stevie Wonder booking this one?


Duff: Monterey, Mexico, Jakarta.

CS: Okay.

Duff: Yeah, but then it gets in...

CS: Stevie Wonder throwing darts at the fucking globe! Sorry, that's my bad.

LP: I was drinking water and almost spat my water all over the console.

CS: I'm sorry, that's not nice to Stevie. So, Jakarta and then where?

Duff: I mean, literally I'm trying to think of like...

CS: Iceland?

Duff: 23 hour plane flight on a plane that doesn't have, you know, like, doesn't have entertainment centers. So you gotta bring your... I don't think my Mac has... No. I work on the battery. So do I get a Mac and do I go purchase like an iPad also?

CS: Do they have extra battery packs?

Duff: I don't think that, I don't think there's any thing.

CS: You know, you could sleep. Sleep is good.

Duff: Sleep. That's a lot of sleep.

CS: That's a lot of sleep.

Duff: No, I can't sleep that long.

CS: No, but you could watch like seven movies.

Duff: I could read a book. So I'm really, I'm literally trying to figure this out. Let's see. Okay, I'll finish the book that I started last [?] down on flight and now watch - what movies can I download? Right? Is it Lawrence of Arabia?

CS: Do I watch the Godfather trilogy, again?

Duff: I'm literally... I mean, they sound like these are totally first world problems.

CS: Yeah, exactly.

Duff: It's a long flight and then...

CS: Where do you go from there?

Duff: Jakarta, Manila, Taipei.

CS: Wow, have you ever been to Taipei? I've never been to Taipei.

Duff: No.

CS: They're gonna lose their minds over there.

Duff: Couple nights in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur.

CS: Wow. Are you going to like mainland China? Will they let you trouble makers over there?

Duff: No.

CS: They won't let us over there, either.

LP: Are you serious?

CS: No-

LP: Like literally?

CS: Well, cause we got Dalai Lama connections. That's why.

LP: Oh wow. Didn't think about that.

CS: They don't like that. And there's been, with your band, there's been weird [?] stuff like that. It's just any, you know-

CS: Yeah. You got your dick out anywhere, they're not having you.

LP: That's why Sesame Street, [?]

CS: You got to swear words. too many "fucks".

Duff: Sexual [?]

CS: Yeah, anything like that. Yeah. Yeah. You're right.

Duff: So then to Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg.

CS: That'll be fun.

Duff: Yeah. And-

CS: Do you go to Cape Town or no? Skip Cape Town?

Duff: No, I've done that a couple of times.

CS: I love that place.

Duff: It's great. It's really nice. Good yoga in Cape Town.

CS: Really? Good surfing. That's just such a beautiful place.

Duff: It really is.

CS: Well, that's quite a globe hopping... that's like an Iron Maiden, you know, plane kind of thing where they just go all over the crazy place and put all their gear on the plane and Bruce Dickinson flies them everywhere.

Duff: Kind of what we're doing. We got the crew and the band and the yachts[?], not all of the gear. This time we're using local gear on some of these places which will be interesting.

CS: I wonder what kind of [?] they have in Taipei. Do they have Marshalls or shit? What kind of guitars do they have? Yeah, you should just do it and just see what happens. No, you can't do that. He's a professional, he wouldn't do that. But like, yeah, like lights and maybe some like, like some of the PA and stuff.

Duff: Yeah, yeah, and some staging. But some staging or getting local things, which would be interesting.

CS: But dude, the pyro over there might be insane.

Duff: Could be, yeah.

CS: Like some Hong Kong pyro? Come on.

Duff: You can't get all that pyro anyhow.

CS: Exactly, look, that's a saving, that's a money saving cost right there.

Duff: I think you're right. Okay, so Chad, you're gonna you're gonna text me a song list.

CS: Yeah, brother.

LP: Can you give me any hints?

CS: Well, all I can say is that Brad Paisley wants to do some Stones and he hasn't told me what Stones songs. I've suggested, and I mean, these guys, these singer people, don't really like to get right back to you, like cool bass players and cool guitar players and drummers, but I know they're busy, but I got crickets from old Brad and I just hear through his management, "Oh he wants to do a Stones song." "Okay, well, that's cool but I have other guys that need to kind of know to go over them." So he was just kind of like, "Oh when we get into rehearsal we'll just see what everybody can play and wants to play."

Duff: Don't we just have one day of rehearsal?

CS: With Brad yeah, but we can rehearse, yes.

Duff: I like to show up knowing my stuff.

CS: I know, that's why I told him, I go, "We're professionals. Believe it or not." And, but, so I'm still trying to pin him down. I can only do as much as I can do, Duff, I'm trying to, stuff that's in my control, I can do, that's out of it.

LP: Can I put in a request for the Stones song I want?

Duff: Go ahead.

LP: Before They Make Me Run.

CS: No.

LP: No? Why? It's a good one. It's my favorite, it's my favorite Stones song.

CS: Duff's gonna sing it if Brad Paisley doesn't want to. There it is. Sounds great. Done.

Duff: It's a great song, actually.

CS: Sure. You can't, I mean, there's a whole, they got quite a canon. So we'll see. But, yeah, I told him we do Sway, and, you know, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Honky Tonk, you know, the usuals, but let's see what he comes up with, and hopefully it's nothing, you know, too crazy, and I'm sure we can learn it.

LP: Are you sticking with a certain decade? Are you...

CS: Funnily enough, I don't wanna give too much away, but it turns out Brad Paisley's kind of a classic rocker, and an 80s.

LP: I approve.

CS: Yeah, he likes, he's been going down that right now.

Duff: [?] was the eighties.


CS: That'd be so awesome. But Paisley could do that. Come on.

Duff: We know some stuff [?], don't we, Chad?

CS: Yeah, we do, bud.

Duff: Come on.

CS: Well, dude, it was so great when you texted me like back at the hotel. Wow. Piece of work, right? I was like, "You think?"

Duff: Yeah, that must be [?].

CS: Yes. Is the Showbox... I saw that where they had some kind of vote or something on the Seattle venue. You know what happened?

Duff: In the past. It's gonna be part of like the Pike Place Market zone for now. You can't make the guy unbiased[?] or the evil corps are called Omni Group. You can't make them unbiased[?]. A lot of "you can'ts", but Seattle has successfully saved a bunch of places that need to be set without trying to you know, dick people out of money. But [?] doesn't need another 40 story condo complex with a Target on the first floor right there. It just doesn't. Chad, you've been there, you saw the cranes and construction.

LP: Congratulations on at least [?] free for now.

Duff: For now.

LP: Hopefully. We need to take a break. Duff, can you stay on the line and come back with us in the next hour?

Duff: Okay. I can.

LP: Is that yes? Cool. Alright, stay on the line, we'll be right back with Volume West.

LP: But yeah, 27 years ago on today, not only did Nevermind come out, but also Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic, and...

CS: It was a good day for rock and roll!

LP: And a week before that in '91, Use Your Illusions I and II by Guns N' Roses came out, so that was a good two weeks.

CS: Four good records.

LP: So yeah, 27-

CS: Oh, he's back.

LP: We'll continue that discussion later, but hey, welcome back, Duff.

Duff: I don't know what happened.

CS: You had to take a call. I know.

Duff: How did you guys find that song, Kill the Internet?

LP: That was Nick.

CS: Nick is our man behind the, you know, the great Oz behind the curtain over here and he found it. Sounded good, didn't it?

Duff: Yeah.

LP: Thanks Nick.

Nick: You're welcome. You're welcome guys. I always try to find stuff that you're doing now that you want to get played and I felt that'd be great for you.

Duff: God dang it, Nick.


Nick: Well, you're welcome.

LP: It's such a mood.

CS: Oh, Duff, I was thinking on a break. I want to go back to when we first kind of hung out and I was interviewing you for your record and I had my little podcast thing and what happened was there was too - according to the podcast people - there was too much background noise, clinking and eating and hotel noise, that's what they told me. And I feel bad because I liked dragged this poor guy out and he's like, you know, just got out of the shower. He's on the road and he's just so, you know nice to come and talk to me and it was really great. And they didn't run it and they didn't fucking run it. I was like, "What happened there?" like, "Oh you couldn't... it was too noisy," and, "you couldn't hear you guys."

LP: If it makes you feel better Duff, Chad once ate a plate of linguine and clams on the air on volume West, it was very smacky.

CS: No, it was just clams. There was no linguine, just clams. So I'm not really a professional when it comes to that. So it was probably me like marble mouthing with like you know crunching down on ice cubes or something, I don't know. But I want to apologize for that.

LP: I would still listen.

Duff: You didn't actually want to do the podcast, you did everything to kind of destroy it.

CS: I sabotaged... "Well, this isn't going too good, I better start clicking glasses around and shit." No.

Duff: Fucking guy.

CS: I know, can you believe it?

LP: So what else you have going on these days besides the stuff you're doing with Shooter Jennings and stuff?

Duff: Well, you know, we just put my daughter in school back in New York. That was a big, our youngest daughter, it is a big thing for parents, like myself.

CS: What school?

Duff: Working on new music on a lot of different fronts, which is cool.

LP: You know where I'm going with this. I know you get asked this all the time. But given the success of the Not In This Lifetime tour that's taking you to Jakarta and beyond, do you have any plans to do any new Guns music in the near or distant future?

Duff: As I said, Lindsay, working on a lot of new music on a lot-


CS: Let me reiterate my last... you sound good, like you've been in court before.

LP: Hey, I tried.

CS: You tried. "Do you remember?" "I don't recall."


Duff: That band is clicking so well. It's the best it's ever been and it's the funnest it's ever been. You know, like that stuff doesn't really happen and it happened to us and I'm super... What's the word? Pleased? No, it's too kind of stale. But it's just one of those things that happened and it happened in my life that was really great. It happened for all of us at the right time. And new music would probably be a logical thing and we'll see.

CS: Cool. Do you see or are you in contact with any of the... any like, Steven or Izzy or any of those guys? Or has it been a while?

Duff: Steven [?] He came out and played with us a few times which was fun. And, you know, Izzy, I stay in touch with when I can. And there's never been a beef or any sort of thing. This makeup of this band is what it's supposed to be now and it's really good. It feels good and it's the right mixture of people.

LP: Hey, I just realized that didn't Guns N' Roses and the Chili Peppers get inducted into the Rock and Roll Fame on the same year?

CS: We did.

LP: Do you have any memories of that night?

CS: I do have memories of that night. It was fucking long.

Duff: It was really long.

CS: It was like six hours. Well, because as you know, Duff, everybody says their speech and thanks their fourth grade gym teacher. A lot of it's really great and soulful and, you know, really great. But it's every person, there's no playoff music, you know, it's long and there's performances and the performances are longer than you see on the television show. It's super long and we were last but whatever but... Yeah, I was happy that Guns were there and I was happy that the Beastie Boys as well, those two great bands. Very cool, it was good fun.

Duff: Hey, did you get a Macintosh [?]?

CS:  I did. I have it, yes, I did. [?] the thing like the stereo, like they're really nice.

Duff: Yeah, yeah.

CS: Yeah, you got one too? Nice. I know I love it. It cranks for a little thing.

Duff: But I did get back for a rehearsal for something and Cleveland is not to get back to LA, it's a two-flight affair, isn't it?

CS: We were on tour, but yeah, probably. Yeah.

Duff: I just fly like to Salt Lake or Denver. And then I wanted to go into Burbank because I wanted to go straight to me. You get on one of those little planes that's like getting there. You know, I was like, I was just at the Rock and Roll of All Fame, I think I'm going to die. I may die. Crash into the rockies on this little plane.

CS:  Nah, yeah, no, that was good. That was a good night. We had good fun.

LP: The Faces were inducted that night, too.

CS: The Faces, yeah, and maybe Donna Summer. I can't remember if that was the Donna show.

Duff: It was kind of stressful night in my-

CS: What was, if you don't mind?

Duff: Well, it just wasn't the full band, it wasn't there. I told them, I said, "Give it five years [?]".

CS: Now? Everyone would, yeah? Right? That's how it happens.

Duff: But I thought it was nice having you guys there and really [?] because it was like some guys we know and didn't feel so all alone and out there.

CS: No, no. I thought it was great. Some younger bands often, you know, it's, you know, youngish bands as far as 25 years go and sometimes it can be a little heavy on the older groups.

Duff: Okay, guys, I'm gonna go meet Bill Mash, the bass maker for a cup of coffee.

CS: Yeah, man. Duff, I'll see you in a couple weeks brother.

Duff: Yeah, sold out, dude.

CS: Because they know me and you in the fine print. It was the Dead Circle Jerk mentioned.


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2018.09.24 - Sirius XM Volume West - Interview with Duff  Empty Re: 2018.09.24 - Sirius XM Volume West - Interview with Duff

Post by Soulmonster Thu Mar 14, 2024 3:35 pm

Transcribed this.
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