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1990.10.30-12.05 - Los Angeles Times - Reports on the "wine bottle incident" (Axl)

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1990.10.30-12.05 - Los Angeles Times - Reports on the "wine bottle incident" (Axl) Empty 1990.10.30-12.05 - Los Angeles Times - Reports on the "wine bottle incident" (Axl)

Post by Blackstar on Sat Sep 08, 2018 6:28 pm

LOCAL : Guns N' Roses Singer Arrested

October 30, 1990|
From Times Wire Services

Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose was arrested today for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly striking a West Hollywood neighbor on the head with a wine bottle, authorities said.

Rose, 28, apparently believed that the woman, Gabriella Kantor, 37, had called police after complaining of loud music in his home, police said. Rose was arrested at his 12th-floor condominium at 2:30 a.m. and booked for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon. His business manager, Doug Goldstein, posted $5,000 bail.

Rose and Kantor got into a heated argument in the hallway over loud music he was playing in his apartment, a sheriff's spokesman said. Rose allegedly grabbed the woman's keys and tossed them off a balcony. He then allegedly emptied a bottle of wine and swung it at her, the spokesman said.


Singer Axl Rose Accused of Assault : Dispute: A neighbor alleges the Guns N' Roses rock star hit her with a wine bottle after an argument. He says she is the one who has caused problems.

October 31, 1990|

Heavy metal rocker W. Axl Rose was arrested early Tuesday for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly clubbing his next-door neighbor on the head with an empty wine bottle, Los Angeles County sheriff's officials said.

Gabriella Kantor, 37, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after complaining of a possible concussion. A hospital spokeswoman would not comment on the extent of any injuries Kantor suffered, saying only that the woman was examined and released in good condition about two hours later.

Rose, 28, was released from custody after posting $5,000 bail.

According to sheriff's investigators, the lead singer of the band Guns N' Roses was arguing with Kantor in the 12th-story hallway of their condominiums when Rose took Kantor's car keys and threw them out his sliding glass door to the ground below. He then allegedly took a bottle of wine from Kantor, poured out the contents and struck her on the head.

The argument began over loud music Rose allegedly had been playing in his apartment, sheriff's spokesman Bill Linnemeyer said.

Kantor did not return telephone calls from a reporter.

Rose gave a different version of the argument. He said the complaint by Kantor is one of a longstanding series of run-ins between the two, which began shortly after the rock singer moved into the high-rise, luxury condominium in West Hollywood.

Rose alleged that Kantor, whom he described as a Guns N' Roses fan, has caused several late-night disturbances since January, 1989, when he bought a unit in the building just north of the Sunset Strip.

Interviewed Tuesday afternoon in the living room of his condominium, Rose said that he has repeatedly complained to the building's homeowners association about what he described as Kantor's own loud music-playing. Rose also claimed she behaves like an overzealous fan.

"It's really weird, she cranks my music all the time," Rose said.

He said that about 1 a.m. Tuesday he and a group of friends were gathered in his condominium "being really quiet" when he heard Kantor yelling.

Rose said he went into the hallway and said to Kantor, "Shut up."

He said she retaliated by swinging a wine bottle at him. When Rose took the bottle away from Kantor, Rose said, she flung her keys into his apartment. Rose said he went inside, closed his door and threw the keys over the balcony.

"She was pounding on the door, trying to get in. . . . If she has any bruises, it was because she was throwing herself against the door. She was doing it to herself," he said.

During the 20 minutes that Kantor allegedly pounded on his door, Rose said, he instructed the building's night manager to call the Sheriff's Department.

"The (deputies) didn't come until later--after Gabby (Kantor) called them," Rose said.

Rose said he has often been blamed by residents for loud music that does not come from his condo.

On Aug. 1, sheriff's deputies went to Rose's home after receiving complaints about loud music, Deputy Linnemeyer said. Immediately after the incident, Rose filed a complaint with the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station, stating that he was being targeted for harassment by deputies.

Arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 29 at Beverly Hills Municipal Court, Linnemeyer said.


SHORT TAKES : Axl Rose Wins Restraining Order

November 21, 1990|
From Times Wire Services

Axl Rose, lead singer of the rock band Guns 'N Roses, won a temporary restraining order against the West Hollywood neighbor he is accused of hitting over the head with a wine bottle.

Gabriella Kantor, who lives in the same condominium complex as the rock star, was ordered Tuesday to stay away from Rose, his wife, Erin, and their guests.

A judge will decide Dec. 4 whether to make the order permanent.

Rose was arrested Oct. 30 for investigation of assault after an altercation with Kantor. No charges have been filed, although Rose has been accused of hitting her with a bottle.

Rose's lawyers described Kantor as "a potentially dangerous rock 'n' roll groupie . . . upset that she is not a part of (Rose's) social and or professional life."


SHORT TAKES : Axl Rose Urges a Test of Truth

November 27, 1990|
From Times Wire Services

Singer Axl Rose today challenged a West Hollywood neighbor he allegedly hit with an empty wine bottle to take a lie detector test about the incident.

Prosecutors are expected to decide Thursday whether to try Rose, the lead singer of the rock 'n' roll band Guns 'N Roses, on felony charges stemming from the Oct. 30 incident.

In a statement released today by Geffen Records, Rose's record label, the singer said he passed a polygraph test when telling his version of his confrontation with Gabriela Kantor, 37, and that "my truth rating was so high there wasn't room for doubt."

Now Rose is offering Kantor, whom he describes as an obsessed fan, the chance to take a similar test at his expense.

Rose was arrested and jailed for four hours before posting $5,000 bail after Kantor told sheriff's deputies he confronted her outside his condominium.

Kantor said she knocked on Rose's door and when he came out "he was in one of those crazy moods and he attacked me." She alleged Rose threw her keys off a 12th-floor balcony, grabbed a wine bottle from her, emptied it and then struck her with it.

Rose, 28, denies the allegations.

"I never touched her with a wine bottle or anything else," Rose said. "I only asked her to stop making so much noise in the hallway because my wife had been ill and was sleeping. Kantor was banging incessantly and hysterically on my door--which still has the marks to prove it--and threatened me!"


D.A. Won't Prosecute Singer Rose

November 29, 1990|

Citing lack of evidence, the district attorney's office said Wednesday that Axl Rose, lead singer with the heavy metal rock band Guns 'N Roses, will not be prosecuted on charges of assaulting a neighbor with a wine bottle.

Rose, 28, had been scheduled to be arraigned today on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. . But Deputy Dist. Atty. Elden Fox said after reviewing the evidence, "It just doesn't appear (Rose) struck her with a wine bottle."

The singer was arrested Oct. 30 after his next-door neighbor in a high-rise West Hollywood condominium, Gabriella Kantor, 37, complained to sheriff's deputies that the singer had taken a wine bottle from her and struck her with it during a hallway argument over the playing of loud music.

Kantor was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, complaining of a possible concussion. The hospital said she was examined and released in good condition.

Meanwhile, Rose had been arrested for investigation of assault. He spent four hours in jail before winning release on $5,000 bail.

Rose later complained in an interview with The Times that the incident was only the latest of a longstanding series of run-ins with Kantor, which started shortly after he moved into the condo. Rose charged that Kantor was an overzealous fan who had been harassing him. He said he had complained to the condos' homeowners association about what he described as Kantor's own loud music playing.

"It's really weird, she cranks my music all the time," Rose said.

Rose recently won a temporary restraining order barring Kantor from contacting him or his wife.

Rose--a high school dropout from Indiana who moved to Los Angeles in 1980 and virtually lived on the streets for years--has recently bought a $800,000 home in the Hollywood Hills, sources say.

Since 1985, Guns 'N Roses has sold more than 12 million records.


SHORT TAKES : Axl Rose, Neighbor Restrained

December 05, 1990|
From Times Wire Services and

Guns 'N Roses singer Axl Rose and his next-door neighbor agreed to avoid each other to chill a simmering feud marked by the rocker's arrest on an assault complaint, Rose's lawyer said.

Rose, 28, and Gabriella Kantor, 37, entered an agreement stating that "she stays away from him and he stays away from her," attorney Jeff E. Scott said Tuesday.

The agreement was filed with Santa Monica Superior Court on Nov. 29, Scott said.

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies arrested Rose at his West Hollywood apartment on Oct. 30 following a dispute with Kantor, who said the musician was blaring his music.

Rose spent several hours in jail before posting $5,000 bail. Prosecutors declined to file charges, citing a lack of evidence.

Kantor claimed Rose confronted her outside his 12th-floor apartment, threw her keys off a balcony and hit her on the head with a wine bottle.

Rose denied striking Kantor and suggested she hurt herself by repeatedly pounding on his apartment door.

Both Rose and Kantor have obtained temporary restraining orders against each other.

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