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1988.02.28 - Los Angeles Times - And now here's the news (Axl)

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1988.02.28 - Los Angeles Times - And now here's the news (Axl) Empty 1988.02.28 - Los Angeles Times - And now here's the news (Axl)

Post by Blackstar on Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:36 pm

1988.02.28 - Los Angeles Times - And now here's the news (Axl) JO6Rah3P_o


AND NOW HERE'S THE NEWS: What’s wrong with W. Axl Rose? The lead singer and enfant terrible of Guns ’N Roses, one of the hottest metal-circus acts in rock this year, collapsed before a Valentine’s Day show in Phoenix, forcing the band to cancel the date. The band subsequently bowed out of the much-coveted opening act slot on the David Lee Roth tour, prompting speculation that Rose is either seriously ill or perhaps had suffered a breakdown. 

A spokeswoman for Geffen Records said Rose had been sick, but “it was not drugs or a deadly disease. We don’t know exactly what—his management company says they’re still waiting for test results.” Our bet is that Axl isn’t that sick, especially since he was already spotted at a couple of late-night watering holes last week...

Speaking of Rose, he’s supposed to make a guest appearance on the raucous sound track to “Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years,” which is due out from Capitol Records next month (the movie’s slated for early May). Rose joins Alice Cooper on a new version of “Under My Wheels.” The album also features songs by Motorhead, Megadeth, Lizzie Borden, Metal Church, Armored Saint and Faster Pussycat. . . . And speaking of live—the Coconut Teaszer hosts a benefit Tuesday night for the L.A. Free Clinic. Admission is $5 (though larger donations will be gratefully accepted)—performers will include Bonnie Bramlett, Phil Seymour, Angela Bowie, Marcy Levy, the Drunks and assorted guests.

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