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Welcome to Appetite for Discussion -- a Guns N' Roses fan forum!

Please feel free to look around the forum as a guest, I hope you will find something of interest. If you want to join the discussions or contribute in other ways then you need to become a member. We especially welcome anyone who wants to share documents for our archive or would be interested in translating or transcribing articles and interviews.

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2011.02.16 - mygnrforum - Bumblefoot chats with fans

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2011.02.16 - mygnrforum - Bumblefoot chats with fans Empty 2011.02.16 - mygnrforum - Bumblefoot chats with fans

Post by Soulmonster Fri Mar 04, 2011 3:19 pm

MYGNR has decided to make bumbles responses available again in this thread:

Post: Bumblefoot complaining about DJ

Not gonna watch that lie be spread around, it's absolutely not true.


Post: Bumble did complain about DJ getting paid more.
Bumblefoot's reply: One more time for assholes that don't understand English or want to pull me into their imaginary playworld:

I have never complained about anything about DJ money-wise or anything-wise. Stop fucking with my life and spreading lies asshole.


PS - If you think I'm being prompted or coerced or anything else other than speaking on my own honor, you're a big piece of shit. The truth about me comes from me, fuck bands, music, YOU. My self-respect means more to me than all of this, and you. Understand assholes?

Post: Can you help me find the highly prized version of Shackler's Revenge with the original Buckethead solo? Thank you.
Bumblefoot's reply: Yes, it's on the head of my cock. Sooo, maybe check the back of your throat...?

Haha, I think I'll stay here all night and abuse you fuckers......

Post: @Bumble

You are a douche man, hey these people in these threads (most of them anyway) are the fans of know the people that buy your albums, come to your shows, etc. etc.

don't insult the fans much shit as your boss...and I guess you now, talk on the fans... slash has never insulted us.

Times slash has come to this or any other board to insult the fans: 0

Times Axl and HIS PAID SLAVES have to come to the boards and insulted FANS: At least 3

Bumblefoot's reply: Sunny, gonna make me bitchslap you down a 2nd time? Make you crumble again?

I wasn't attacking the fans, just the little *assholes*. Can totally understand why you took that as an attack on yourself.

Let's count how many times you've insulted people, you fucking little coward.

Back to making music.... and back to watching my life, for you.

Post: Isn't that a cute response by Ron Thal, stepping out of his Bumblefoot act and suggesting doing forceful homosexual things to fans of the band, who might even be underage, we don't know.

Now that is the real Ron Thal, right there. What you see on stage and around the starstruck fans is Bumblefoot, not Ron Thal. It is not the guy with the mask that acts Wink

Multiple people now have those documents and they all confirm the same. When these documents get out for all to see, his replies here will bite him in the ass.

And no matter who someone is, or who they think they are, they can't come here and insult members and then not expect something back in return. And equally the band members can come here and respond too, to whatever they want. In fact, people here are craving for it and seemingly something is holding the band members back. But they must follow the guide lines too, and if they don't, the ones responding to them don't have to too.

Why ban/suspend/warn them for replying back to insults by a band member? Sweersa's return was the best come-back I have seen in a long time, totally wrecked Ron's attempt, lol.

Bumblefoot's reply: Crumbling in the face of accountability? You're a liar, a phoney, and a LOSER.

The real me is nice to good people, and calling out ASSHOLES like YOU.

Nothing you say means anything, you're all bullshit. Keep hiding behind your computer, PUSSY.

Post: Ron, man... ignore them. Easiest solution. They think they're cool for trying to get a rise out of you, not worth the effort. Look at all the folk offering support etc.
Bumblefoot's reply: Nah, I'm enjoying this. Something to do in the commercial breaks while watching American Idol. Lol...

Call out a few Simpson's Comic book Guys for what they barely are.

Post: Ron, the same person saying you are jealous of DJ is also spreading rumors that Tommy is an alcoholic and the band wants to replace him with Duff. I personally think that is a bunch of shit. Could you possibly respond to that (and I am not a hater, I swear).
Bumblefoot's reply: As Tommy said, all's fine.

Post: This guy is a joke. How old are you Ronald? You aren't in middle school anymore, so stop with the insults. Stick to your job and tell Axl to get his ass in the studio.
Bumblefoot's reply: Stick to your job and go make me some fucking pancakes.

Post: In an attempt to ease the tension.... Ron what is your favorite Rolling Stones song? Smile
Bumblefoot: Shelter's one of em..................

Post: Thanx Ron!!!! this is what this place needed......drunken hellos from Finland........You were the highlight of the show last summer when I saw you guys. And to be honest, before that, I was not a big fan of you. Thank you!
Bumblefoot: Yeah, I wasn't a big fan of me before Finland either.

Post: Ron, do you like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?
Bumblefoot: Yeah, great stuff, known a lot of dudes that played in that, all of em fkn killer.

But I came here to fuck with people, not to have a smart convo. I can have those at home. Bring on the stupid.

Mad Bungle / FNM / Patton fan...

Post: 07 Monterrey Mexico you pointed at me, I was the only one singing "Street of Dreams" in my section. That little point goes a looong way for a GNR fan. Thanks! Godbless!!!
Bumblefoot: Excellent man Smile

Post: ron, do you shave your pubes? lol.
Bumblefoot: No. I pluck 'em - and add 'em to my beard.

Post: Hey Ron, if GNR had a terror alert level, what color would it be at the moment?
Bumblefoot: It's a stead yellow. When I post it becomes yellow-orange, like the crayon.

Not an atheist, spirituality is important - *faith* in whatever it is you have faith in, that's your solid ground to build your life on.

Post: Since we know what his salary is in GnR, ask him why he chooses to look homeless on stage.
Bumblefoot: Because twinks like you go for bear types.

Get me, Rob Zombie and Zakk in a room and say that to us. See how long you last, twink.

Someday your testicle will drop, and you'll be able to grow some facial hair.

That's right, testicle.

Post: Do you ever plan on possibly doing one of your solo songs for your GNR live show solos? I've been hoping so for a while....
Bumblefoot: Not planning on it - want to keep GNR shows about GNR...

Post: REPLACEMENT of an icon. You see??

Bumblefoot: Better than being a forgotten replacement of a message board cupcake. Your life is as worthwhile to humanity as a replacement used tampon.

Enjoy listening to the songs I've written on TV every day - and albums I've produced. If you want I'll send you some magazine covers I've been on from the 25 years of making music before I became a "replacement", lol. Something to wipe your tears with for the next 20 years living as the useless contributor of nothing that you are.

Post: quick question.Are you excited to hear the new Radiohead album this Sat???
Bumblefoot: Yeah man...

Post: Ron, why do you keep ignoring the only question that matters right now?
Bumblefoot: Because I'm not a Peeping Tom. Neither should you all.

"What matters right now?"

I've been wanting to put together a fundraiser to help with flood relief in Australia and Brazil. Instead the time I had for it went into dealing with drama. If all of you helped me with making the fundraiser happen instead of indulging in the drama, some family would have been able to rebuild their home by now. Think about it. All of you. Think real hard about it. Then ask me again what REALLY matters in life.

Post: Yeah Ronald some of us can multi task
Bumblefoot: But *I* can't take care of family, be there for GNR, maintain the rest of my life, do special things like that, and get bombarded with drama and negativity. I don't have a team of people, I do everything myself, hands-on. And all the bad stuff eats into what little time there is to juggle for the extra good stuff. That's how life goes. If you want positive progress, distracting with negativity is a great way to fuck it up. And focus is important, especially while getting things done AND answering hundreds of fan emails every day. This isn't a complaint, this is me telling you how my own machine operates. So for me, this stuff gets in the way. And I won't even acknowledge it, for my own ability to keep operating at a good pace.

So, my original thing was gonna be where I auction myself off for a day - winning bidder picks from a list of things: guitar lessons, jamming, writing and recording a song together for them to keep, sushi dinner w/ Penthouse Pets (their donation to it), a photo shoot... they give me a list of things to pick from as well. And all the money goes to a flood relief org.

But if you all have ideas about things that could be done, please let me know. I'm writing, recording, mixing, mastering, merch design & manufacturing, prepping web stuff, contracts, licensing, guest stuff in the studio, other appearance stuff, and a ton of other stuff I'm taking care of - any help is always appreciated, but I also need to have *time* on my end... aint easy folks. But it's doable. And it's great when it comes together Smile

Post: Hey Ron, I have recently been having belly (abdominal) pain. The pain feels like indigestion or like I need to have a bowel movement or pass gas. I feel the first pain near my belly button. Then it moves to the lower right side of my belly. But the pain can be in different parts of my belly or even on your side. The pain sometimes gets worse if I move, walk, or cough. I also have a fever and feel sick to my stomach. My doctor told me it was an appendicitis, but I wanted a second opinion. What do think?
Bumblefoot: I think you may have been putting food in your body from the wrong direction. Supposed to be mouth first, ass last...........

Post: you aren't answering concrete stuff about the current state of GNR and Chinese Democracy II here.
Bumblefoot: I've said often, and said why it in a previous post - I won't address that stuff, rumors, business plans, none of it. You'll know other people's business when they decide it's time for you to know, in the way they want you to know. Frustrating for you, but makes perfect sense to the people who's life and business you want them to expose. I didn't come here to do an interview, I came here to confront a lie that was being spread about me on this board. That's it. As for how I respond, someone goes for my throat they'll get two hands on theirs, that's how I am when I feel like I've eaten enough shit. I'm not running for Congress, I'm not opening a Church. I'm a guy with a family that works hard, gets a lot of shit for nothin', and will react however I choose to.

Post: Ron I mean no disrespect, but how can you say that you can't discuss the future plans of your own band? It's hard to accept everyone as equal members when only Axl is allowed to talk about stuff like the next album, future plans, etc. I get that you like to stay out of the business side of things, but aren't you at all interested when the next album is coming out yourself? Again, not trying to be disrespectful, just something I've always been curious about.
Bumblefoot: I WON'T discuss future plans. It's inconsiderate of everyone else - Axl, management, the band, everyone working on doing things right. I'm not just gonna blab about *their* business without consideration, it's wrong. I've had it done to me in the past and it pissed me the fuck off, felt like it was someone blabbed about a surprise party I spent a lot of time planning. And let's *respect* the fact that Axl started this band, it's his 25-year vision, I'm not gonna act like it's mine to do whatever I want and not consider a dozen folks that were there before me. It's about respect. AND it's about business - ya simply don't squeal about unfinished business, it's wrong to do. So while this thread touched on questioning morals, it would be *immoral* if I discuss things, it's wrong, it's thoughtless, inconsiderate, I won't do it. No 'gag order' or other made up shit, it's simply about having respect. I won't talk about business unless I get everyone's ok, or if it's something that was properly announced. But even then, I really don't want to. Making music = yes, GNR bizz = no.

Post: Everybody remotely famous gets negative comments now and then
Bumblefoot: Now & then, huh. And people burning our family members with cigarettes? And screaming 'whore' and throwing things at our children? And harassing our parents at night? Ya don't know. And I'm nobody's punching bag - try and hit me where it hurts, I may choose to do the same. Like I said, I'm not running for office - I'm a hard-working man that gets a lot of shit for the crime of entertaining people, takes most of it in stride, but will respond when I feel it's time. Tomorrow I'll be made of armor. Right now I'm here as flesh.

Post: I don't mean this to be disrespectful to you, I respect your choice, but it's not rock n' roll, it's not democracy.
Bumblefoot: Appreciate your thoughts. But the reality is that the music is rock n' roll - everything else is business. You wouldn't have any albums or concerts or anything if the business didn't happen to bring you the music. A yogurt is food, but think of how much business goes into it before it reaches your mouth. Your job, to get the money to put gas in your car to go to the store and buy it. Car companies, fuel companies, the store, their distributor, the yogurt manufacturer, the farm that grew the berries, down to the dude that rigged up the cow pumps. All that business had to happen for you to get a $1 yogurt. Business is a necessity for all things, it's not evil, it's part of the process, every process. And in every aspect, there's competition of companies, timing when to release products, a million things that affect how successful or even sustainable things will be. Ya can't fuck with it, ya can't release info prematurely, ya can't give away what the new features of a software upgrade will be too soon, a competing company can hijack your plans. In music, you have to consider other releases and tours when planning your own, for example. There was the old story of how Van Halen was working on their first album, they mentioned covering Ya Really Got Me, and another band tried to record it quicker and beat em to the punch. When I was in my early 20s I shared a demo with another guitar player who then made an almost identical song to mine and sent it to the labels that were considering me to be on their comp CDs, to take my spot. Shit happens, I learned early on - don't talk about future plans, unless 1) you're the CEO of a business and don't have investors to answer to, 2) you're dealing with low-valued things that don't have a big effect on people and their business. I'll talk to you for hours about music. Not business.

Post: It's cool that you are willing to show your weak side, but please don't ask me to pity you, when I think of you, I think one of the guy that was part of the best rock act that I saw live last year. Sorry for punching back at you and not bowing down to everything you say, but I really respect you nonetheless, I hope you will get that, no harm intended and hope your family'll be alright in the future.
Bumblefoot: ABSOLUTELY don't want pity! My best friend is bed-ridden and can only communicate with eye movements, and *he's* not bitching, geez. Point being, *everyone* is human, and everyone is imperfect, and no one has it easy. In fact, happiness is really the only thing that matters in the end - you can have everything but if you don't have that, it all means nothing. And you can live in a cardboard box but if you're happy, all is fine. Smile Stress, drama, random unnecessary acts of hate and cruelty - that shit will poison you, shorten your life. The best thing for your soul is to ignore it, focus on things that make a difference, and keep people out of your life that cause drama - they might as well be stabbing you, they're doing as much damage. So yeah, these days I go out and have a real good fucking time. Balances shit out.

Post: There is a supposed document saying you discussed the return of Duff to the band with Axl. Is there any truth to that?

Did you talk to Axl or anyone else in the band about the supposed documents yet and what do you think of how the fanbase acts about these documents?

Bumblefoot: Anything I say about anything will end up on some other site with a twisted headline and will stress me the fuck out, not worth it, not saying shit about anything. Just aint worth the headache, not now. *Ignore the dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*, ignooooooooooooooooore theee draaaaaaaammmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... I have to ignore it, too much work I need to get done, not enough time to do it. (I'm still here typing instead of doing it... gaaah!!) Razz

Post: Damn man, that's crazy! Smile

Ok, another one: I know that you have the ability to learn a song a few times just by hearing it. How long did it take you to hone that talent?

Bumblefoot: Anyone can do this shit, ya just gotta do it. Focus, but don't force. To see music, don't listen to the notes, listen to the clashing between them, the overtones and secondary waves that occur when combining different notes. The wobbling of strings that are a little out of tune - listen for that stuff. It'll help ya be able to pick up stuff just by listening. But give it time, everything takes time, just let nature do it's thing, and you'll become whatever kinda player you are. And that'll happen from whatever kind of music's in your heart, it's about playing THAT music, that's all that counts...

Post: I drove (solo) from new orleans to toronto last Jan to see you guys and it was awesome. I got there at 11 am and waited with an awesome group of people and we got first row and the show was fucking awesome. that was the first real concert I've ever been to and it was just one of the coolest things ever for me. thanks a bunch I'll always remember that.
Bumblefoot: That's cool as Hell - I think we spoke back then, no? I remember hearing from someone about a drive like that, was it you? Thanks for bein' there Smile

Post: Ron, a quick one:

Did you guys keep that big flag (fans in Brazil gave you)??

Bumblefoot: That was still one of the coolest fkn things ever Smile Not sure who has that now - I have a ton of stuff, shirts, flags, gifts, but not the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig flag...

Post: Just want to try to repost an abridged version of my earlier question with another one, hope you don't mind:

1- Ron, GNR obviously is the main priority in your music career at the moment, and (unfortunately) you have to plan your other musical projects around it.

Just like somebody working in business might consider themselves having reached a peak in their career by being promoted to a 'Senior Manager' or such, do you consider GNR to be the climax of your musical career? If you received an offer to joined a high profile band that was of interest to you, or you happened to become part of a new project that could become a full time success in its own right, could you see yourself moving beyond GNR? I feel sorry that GNR, being the beast as it is, dictates alot of your other musical projects, which I think could be more creatively inspiring to you

2- Does the band ever do any songwriting together? Meaning you guys throwing riffs around to each other and 'submitting' ideas to Axl as such?

Bumblefoot: Ah Ben, that's a bite-me-in-the-ass subject that'll be twisted up no matter what's said... no bizz/future talk Razz

Post: What was the first concert you went to, how many times did you go to L'amour (and did you ever get to play there)? How old were you when you first played a paid gig?
Bumblefoot: First concert was KISS at MSG in 79, amazing........ L'Amour! YES!!! Played there a lot. First time hangin' was in 86, Vinnie Vincent Invasion played that night.

Story about playing L'Amour here:

While we're on guitar stories.... ( from )

As a young child, I would create potions, combining anything I could find. Me and my psychopath friends referred to them as "concoctions." In my backyard, there was a crack in the cement steps near the grass, and there were always ants crawling in and out of the crack. These two key elements in my youth led to my goal in life - to find a way to relocate these ants with one of my special "concoctions." I tried any combination of ingredients that seemed logical - ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, bleach, milk and piss. I'd pour it in the cement cracks and wait. 3 days later, the ants would be crawling in and out, unaffected by my concoction. They obviously had superior strength. I had to try harder - orange juice, spit, baking soda, glass cleaner, glue, shoe polish, and melted crayons. Ya see, the key to knowing a good concoction is the Smell Test. If you smell the concoction in a cup from 4 inches away, you should gag 2 or three times, and then another 2 times from the memory of what you just smelled. If not, you didn't make the shit strong enough. The puke reaction was definitely relative to the amount of onion and garlic powder - mix that with Coca-Cola, some sulfur and other shit from the chemistry set I had (birthday gift), and you're guaranteed 6-and-a-half good dry-heaves - 3 from the actual smell, the third making a genuine hacking sound, another 2 from thinking of the ingredients, and the last one-and-a-half as an instant flashback to the smell, and the hacking sound ya just made replaying in your head. Anyway, back to my story. I had to try harder and I did. I emptied a little bit of everything I could find in the refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, cleaners under the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and anything I can add from my own person. Yo - who the fuck says "my person" - that's asking for a fight. "The shoehorn is on my person." If you regularly use the term "on my person", hit yourself for me. Anyway again, I combined all that stuff and came up with the greatest batch of concoction I could ever invent. I *knew* this shit was gonna work. I was gagging from 2 feet away. I held that shit far away from me and held my breath and brought it out to the yard, trying not to think of the ingredients so I don't gag another 2 times, and poured it in the cracks.

The ants never came back.

My only mistake was that I never wrote down the ingredients. After that, I reached my height of success and retired from the concoction business. It was time to find a new goal.

I forgot why I was mentioning this story - it had something to do with the guitar. Oh yeah - around 1988 I was forced to come out of concoction retirement, in a quest to find the perfect substance to use when building guitars. I came up with this shit that was perfect - the only side effect was that some of the ingredients would travel up your skin and you'd itch for hours, just from touching your finger to the can of it. The main ingredients were sawdust, fiberglass dust, and epoxy resin. Combine that together and it'll outlive your grandkid's roach collection. I put a layer of the stuff onto the guitar neck after I removed the frets, and then stuck a bunch of coins onto the neck. After it hardened, I filed down the sides of the coins that stuck out, and had $4.63 on the neck. I cut away the body some more, and put the Les Paul-style tailpiece at an angle sticking out of the edge of the body, and wired 1 DiMarzio super-distortion pickup and 1 volume knob onto the body. Then I took an old magazine and put pictures of penguins all over the body, and painted over them with polyurethane. I use a thin rope attached to a tuning peg as the guitar strap, because of the light body that makes the guitar "neck heavy". I then typed on a little piece of paper with my Commodore64 computer's dot-matrix printer, and made a label that said "Bad Ronald - The Pensive Expenguin" and polyurethaned it onto the guitar's head. That's the name of this guitar.

Post: Ron quick question, whats your favourite moment of the entire Australian leg of the tour?

Bumblefoot: Sittin' on the stairs outside the hotel for 2 hour after the Adelaide show playin' guitar with fans... loved the Sydney show Smile Taking my wife to a winery, and a wildlife park in Perth to feed the baby kangaroos...

Post: Hey Ron. I know you won't talk business, but seriously, something has to be said, and soon. Maybe you can say something that wiggles around the issue, but still gives us something.

Right now things feel dangerous for us, so something has to cool it off a little. And i know you don't want to get involed, but, you are one of the pillars of this band, and you have the responsibility. You can't ignore that.

I guess I can feel better knowing that you're a pretty highly evolved being, and you can handle this, and that no mater what happens, you'll be able to work it out. I don't know about the others though.

Bumblefoot: I look like I'm the Geico caveman, and I'm the evolved one...! Those poor other guys, lol.... 2 of my cats died last year while I was touring. 3rd one now has a inoperable chest tumor, it's getting harder for her to breathe and to swallow food - I'm in a mindset of dropping all baggage and just giving her a happy peaceful remaining life, which may not be much longer. My dad's slowly developing Alzheimer's - diagnosed last year. He needs eye surgery too. Same mindset - give him a happy peaceful remaining life. Right now I'm dealing with a lot of end-of-life stuff, gives a lot of perspective on what matters. The stuff you want me to talk about just doesn't have that true life-and-death importance where I should compromise my values and disrespect my bandmates and betray their trust and squeal about things that concern and affect other people much more than me, no. Ignore the drama.

Post: what music out there today do you listen/gain influence from or is it all past artists? & bring back the swiss cheese & flying foot guitars for the solo spots!
Bumblefoot: Gonna leave those guitars in retirement, they've been through enough, lol. Harder to find things that move me in today's music... Muse...

Post: IF you take song recording requests, I'm gonna toss my hat in the ring (and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say this) and request that you PLEASE record a cover of "Sailing". The live versions are great but this one just SCREAMS "Record me!"

Ok, I got that off my chest!

Bumblefoot: Would be a sweet one to do....

Post: Even though there weren't some songs that were played live, were you ever worried Axl would've gone "we're doing "Coma" tonight"? or did you all rehearse the entire catalog in case that did happen?
Bumblefoot: Gaaahh!!! A lot of songs did happen spontaneously - Don't Cry, Rosie, Brick In the Wall, the jammy stuff all happened on the spot and some of em stuck.....

Post: I am sorry to hear that, Ron. I have personal experience from this disease and my advice is to to spend time with your dad now while you still have him, all of him. Don't give attention to the rumours, don't give attention to the haters, hell, even ignore business and job for a while, focus on your loved ones.
Bumblefoot: Thanks Smile Took my parents to see the Grand Canyon last August - took em all over Arizona, to the beautiful parks, they loved it Smile They'd never seen that part of the country, glad we were able to do that. It'd probably be our last vacation...

Post: Hey Ron, do you rehearse Riad with the band at all?
Bumblefoot: Yep, had rehearsed all of Chi Dem with the band - was pretty cool playin' most of it in Tokyo Smile

Post: Ron will you be my date in the mygnr prom? Smile
Bumblefoot: Depends. Can you raid your parent's liquor cabinet?
Post: For sure. Whats you're drink of choice? I'm a fan of rum myself.
Bumblefoot: Anything that'll get me laid. lol

Post: Out of interest how long did it take to grow you're beard Ron?
Bumblefoot: Started in mid-June... was gonna let it grow for a year...

Post: A question that means a lot to me because I'm more a Bumble, 4tus and DJ fan than I am a GNR fan : have you guys ever talked of recording some stuff together outside of GnR ? I don't know, have 4tus play on one of your songs or play lead on some of DJ's material or whatever ? Like Dizzy and Richard did on Tommy's song last year ! 👍
Bumblefoot: I would - have thought about it.......

Post: Hey Ron!

Thanks for checking in.

I was always wondering which current guitar virtuoso's music you may dig (apart from yours obviously :rolleyes: )? Also whats your opinion about the afe-fx, I cannot recall if I have read anything about this toy in connection to You?



Bumblefoot: Axe-FX is the best gadget of its kind I think. No connection... I don't listen to much widdly-widdly music, but some great players ya may wanna check out are Mattias Eklundh, Guthrie Govan, Chris Godin, Stephane Alaux....

Post: Are you a Charles Bronson fan?
Bumblefoot: Not liking Bronson would be like not liking Norris. He even kicked ass in the Twilight Zone episode w/ Elizabeth Montgomery....

Post: thanks for coming Ron!

was in first row at the ARC show in PARIS...

took your hand three times...

it seemed you had a blast

Bumblefoot: Had SUCH a blast, thank you!!

Post: Thanks for the chat. Random question. I thought I saw you in the crowd at the Soul Asylum/Stinson show last Feb. at Mohegan Sun. Was it you?? Lol And any chance you will be at Tommy's NYC or Boston shows this weekend? Thanks again for always being so friendly to the gnr fanbase!
Bumblefoot: Nah, wasn't me. Wouldn't mind seeing him in NYC, if I can get enough work done..............

Gnite! Very Happy

(Thank you Sanna & ZoSo) Smile

Post: How very great. Woke up to see another bandmember come here to insult the fans. Axl can really choose his people.
Bumblefoot: Oh great!!!

I don't insult the fans. I insult individuals that insult me personally. Crazy concept, I know!

Post: He calls himself an Aryan Ron, that says all you need to know about Satanisk :rolleyes: How bout my guitar question? Very Happy:D i'll be your best friend and buy you a box of chocolates? :xmasssanta: (laced with rohypnol and drag you to my basement and force guitar lessons outta you! :lol:)
Bumblefoot: Sounds like for the direction you wanna go, it's all about strumming rhythm stuff - use a metronome and start doing strumming patterns, then get more complex by adding accents, a shuffle feel, rests on different hits... it'll get your groove happenin' when ya play.

Bumblefoot: Shit, where were all these great music questions hours ago? Just finished a buncha work, I'm starting to reverse the info in meta tags, that means I hit my mental limit, shutting the 'puter......

Diet - don't drink your calories. More water, less juices, no soda... cut down on fast food, snack on vegetables, and jog on a treadmill a few times a week.

Hendrix - lotta classics on Experienced & Electric, but I think Axis has some deep shit goin' on...

Just used my last brain cell. Gnite folks Smile

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