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1995.05.24 - Corsair - Slashing the Snakes (Slash)

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1995.05.24 - Corsair - Slashing the Snakes (Slash) Empty 1995.05.24 - Corsair - Slashing the Snakes (Slash)

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Apr 19, 2016 6:17 pm

1995.05.24 - Corsair - Slashing the Snakes (Slash) Uten%20navn



By Daniel Oliveira

Slash did everything. He played in every single hole-in-the-wall in L.A. He sold millions of records all over the world. He became a superficial idol. He got married. He played in the biggest arenas. He overcame the press and a lot more. Now Saul Hudson (his real name), the Guns ?V Roses' lead guitarist, is back to underground roots.

When Guns N' Roses appeared to go through one of its unpredictable long breaks, Slash could not let his fingers rust. He started composing songs for the band, but GNR singer Axl Rose wasn't too thrilled with his ideas. As the guitarist didn't want to throw his material away, he called up singer Eric Dover (ex-Jellyfish), guitarist Gilby Clarke (ex-Guns N' Roses), drummer Matt Sorum (Guns 'N Roses) and bassist Mike Inez (Alice In Chains). After a series of jams and drinks in Slash's home studio, they recorded It's Five O' Clock Somewhere, and the band was baptized as Snakepit, becoming later Slash's Snakepit.

"It's not supposed to be a solo record," Slash said. relaxing at his record company's press office. "It's a band, I was never interested in doing a solo record. All of sudden, I started to hang out with Matt, Gilby and Mike. We were hanging out with no intention to making a record. We would have a beer, play pinball and write some songs. We started to realize it was a pretty good band. We just decided to go into the studio. I met Eric and we wrote the lyrics the day we recorded the vocals. There was no point to affect the public, we just did what we felt. While everybody was wondering if Guns N' Roses was still together or if Gilby was still in the band, we were in the studio having a great time."

Under such spontaneous song writing, It's Five O' Clock Somewhere goes through a pleasant variety of straight forward rock music. Whether in a depressive blues like 'Neither Can I,' a kick-ass hard rock like 'Be The Ball' or a mellow fingering like "Back And Forth Again,' It's Five O' Clock Somewhere gathers different emotions In a single masterpiece.

"It's a very basic hard rock band," Slash said, reflecting the band's attitude towards its music. "It's the same guitar style I've always used, but it doesn't have the Guns N Roses influences. It's very raw. When we do a show, we play 15 or 16 songs in an hour and a half, jamming all the way through. The guitar sound might be familiar because that's the same old sh**. You have to see the band. I don't really have any preconceptions. Just go and check it out."

It's Five O' Clock Somewhere definitely is not a record under one man's image. Why would the band be called Slash's Snakepit then? "That was a record-company thing." Slash said. "When I finally delivered the tape, they wanted to put Slash on it, just to help people recognize what the band was. It's true I initiated it, because it was my studio, the Snakepit studio. But I told (the record-company) I didn't want the other guys in the band to feel undermined, because they have as much playing as I do. I said OK for this record, but the second one will be Snakepit only."

With this album, Slash is going back to the old times, touring in smaller venues and getting closer to his fans. Still, he feels extremely comfortable regardless of Guns N' Roses monstrosity.

"I approach (the band) the same as I approach Guns"' he said. '"The only difference is that Guns has been around for so long, that I feel more natural to play and improvise the old stuff. When we play 'Welcome To The Jungle,' we're very familiar with its arrangement. This record is new, so it's almost like when Guns first started. When you're playing in a big place, there's a perception that the band is bigger than life. (The fans) look up at you as something almost not human. All of sudden, when you go and do a club, it's very personal. The contact between the band and the audience is right in your face. It's not like with 'Sweet Child O'Mine' that everybody goes - 'yeah!' (laughs). Now they have no idea what the f... we're playing (laughs)."

Slash is free of troubles with Snakepit, whereas in Guns N' Roses he has to face a huge and controversial machine. He handles both, though, with the same passion. "Guns has always blown up out of proportions in the press", he observed.

"When this tour is over, I'll go back and work with Guns. Guns is a very complicated band because it's so fu**ing big. I was after two and half years on the road in the last tour. I needed to do something in a smaller scale, just to feel a little bit more grounded."

As a typical rock 'n roll martyr, Slash still ponders the 'sex, drugs and rock 'n roll' trilogy in the '90s. "There's a lot to be said about drugs and sex, because of the whole AIDS factor," he said.

"That changed a lot of stuff. I grew up in a generation where I managed to take full advantage of that. I did it for so long that I just got bored. I spend more time playing now than anything else, plus I'm married. With the drugs thing, we still drink, do this and that, but within a reason. I couldn't be here right now talking to you if I was completely loaded. I might be tired, I'm not fried (laughs). So there's a point that it just gets old. Either it takes you over or you get over with it."
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