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Q&A with Bumblefoot - November 23, 2010

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Q&A with Bumblefoot - November 23, 2010 Empty Q&A with Bumblefoot - November 23, 2010

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:47 pm

Bumblefoot recently took the time to answer a few of our questions:

Q: You've had custom guitar built for you. If you could imagine your absolute, ultimate Fantasy Dream Guitar, what features would it have, and why would you want it?
A: It would be the same guitar as the double-neck, just 15 pounds lighter. Haha...

Q: Do you see any new trends emerging in guitar playing with the new generation of guitar players that is coming up, or have we come to a point where it's more or less impossible to come up with something novel?
A: I think the playing changes when the instrument itself changes, such as micro-tonal fretting, additional strings or tunings, or the fretless. Also when technology changes, when new FX and amps bring out new sounds. But we only have X amount of fingers, Y amount of frets and Z amount of strings, there is a limit. In the end it should be about making a *song* that affects people, more than the playing.

Q: We all hope GN'R will return to the studio after the tour and put together a new record, and you have said you'd like this, too. With you on board from the start, and contributing on the song writing, what direction do you see GN'R heading music-wise?
A: All the bandmembers are songwriters - considering everyone's styles I think initial jamming and songwriting would sound classic rock -ish. But from there it's all production and how you dress up the music that turns it into whatever style it is. You can write a song on an acoustic guitar and turn it into a death metal song through production - anything's possible, lol.

Q: If you were to choose the musical direction on your own, what would that be?
A: High energy hard rock.

Q: What stops you from entering the stage when the concert start drags out and the audience becomes frustrated, with your guitar to do some impromptu entertainment? Perhaps play some of your own solo material or even some instrumental GN'R songs that would not be part of the set-list anyway? Wink
A: They're waiting to hear Axl sing GNR songs, that's why they're there...

Q: How long did it take you to tab out "Adventures Of Bumblefoot"? It sounds like a helluva job!
A: It was more work than making the album itself....! 6 months of running each part to a tape and listening over and over learning every part, then writing them out, putting it all neatly into old transcribing software... then another 6 months of converting to PDF's and tweaking everything, adding text and photos and turning it all into book form. Absolutely a 'labor of love'............

Q: Do you have any other side projects going on for the moment you would like to tip us about?
A: For about 15 years I've been making electronic -ish music with a dude named Q*Ball... I have some MP3 samples uploaded:

Lately we've been doing a song a month - while I'm touring he works with other people I do the mixing and mastering, and when I'm home I co-write, record it, mix & master it. You can hear 'em at He's also the singer of the band "Return To Earth", they're on Metal Blade Records. I did some backing vocals and some recording for their 1st album, and mixed and mastered it. Here's a sample:

I mixed the newest album "Automata" while on the road with Guns... check 'em out at

Q: Good luck with the upcoming Australian shows!!
A: Thank you!
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