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1996.09.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash

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1996.09.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash Empty 1996.09.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash

Post by Soulmonster Wed May 14, 2014 8:54 am


Stern: All right, bring in Slash. Let me see Vanessa's reaction. Are your heart beating? You mean he's that sexual, turns you on that much?

Vanessa: I don't think he turns me on, I think he's just good.

Stern: Really?

Someone: [?]

Vanessa: [?]

Stern: Slash, you want to get one of these outfits?


Stern: Hey man. Sit down, Slash. This is Vanessa.


Stern: We'll get the microphone on, Gary. what did you say, Slash?

Slash: It was in passing.

Stern: What was in passing?

Slash: Our meeting.

Stern: Oh really?

Slash: Yeah.

Quivers: So this is more formal?

Stern: Yeah. Anything you want to say, you're never gonna see him again?

Vanessa: I can't think right now.

Stern: You're so befallen you can't think? I don't blame you.

Vanessa: I don't want to say anything wrong and he will think I am crazy.

Stern: Like a dork or something.

Vanessa: Yes.

Slash: Come on.

Stern: But you know, Slash, you are very judgmental.

Quivers: Slash works with Axl, he wouldn't think you're crazy [laughter].

Stern: Yeah, he works with Axl, how can he think you're crazy? That's a good point.


Stern: Axl's insane.

Slash: No.

Stern: Am I right?


Stern: Vanessa, I'll give you a chance to say whatever you want to Slash, I mean, obviously I see that you're that big a fan that you should have a right to say something. You want my intern...

Slash: [?]

Vanessa: No, that's okay.

Stern: Since we don't pay you this could be your payment in a sense.


Stern: Slash, could you be willing to shoot up with her?

Slash: No, I stopped that for a while.

Stern: You did? Good. God bless you.

Slash: You know my story.

Stern: I know your whole story. So is there anything you want to say, Vanessa?

Vanessa: I can't say anything. I don't know... my head's all over the place right now.

Stern: Alright, I gave you a shot.

Quivers: Do you want to give him a little kiss?

Stern: Want to give him a little kiss?

Vanessa: No that's okay, my boyfriend is coming.

Stern: Yeah, but I mean on the cheek. That's okay. Is that okay with you?

Slash: I remember...

Stern: Wanna give him a hug? A little hug, okay. Slash, if it's all right with you.

[laughter and applause]

Stern: Did that feel good?

Vanessa: Yeah.

Stern: Okay, all right, all right Vanessa, thank you very much for coming in. When you were in high school, Slash, did you have that kind of effect on...

Quivers: Did anyone ever faint [?] just to hug you?

Slash: No. All things considered, I can't really hear myself in this thing.

Stern: Oh really?

Slash: I'm going to have this on.

Stern: What, your headphones?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Why can't we get these headphones to work? Every guest who comes in here…

Slash: Because it's always like that.

Stern: Every guest who comes in here says their headphones don't work and I can't get my chief engineer to fix this.

Slash: The other is working now.

Stern: Is that better?

Slash: Yeah.

Someone: Hi Robert!

Quivers: Good morning!

Slash: I was only up [?] for the last three days now.

Stern: All right. Wait, some people want to ask you...


Someone: I just got here, you beat me to it.

Stern: Yeah.


Someone: I heard that Axl's addicted to heroin.

Slash: No, never has been. Axl actually... well, for the most part the only guy who's never been addicted to anything in the band.

Stern: Was Axl? And he's the guy you would think would be?

Quivers: He don't need it, he's already out there.

Stern: What the hell's going on? Just clear the stuff for us real quick. Everyone is a fan of Guns N' Roses. Is it really gonna happen?

Slash: You know what, we're working on it.

Stern: You are?

Quivers: You're in the studio…

Slash: I've been there for the last three and a half weeks.

Stern: You have?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Where is this studio? In New York?

Slash: It's called... it's in LA.

Stern: Oh, in LA.

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: And it's a studio where you guys regularly get together?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: And what happens? Nobody does anything, everyone's just kinda...

Slash: No, we all go there.

Stern: Tell me what happens.

Slash: We get there at 11 o'clock at night.

Stern: Right.

Slash: And then we go to a local....

Stern: Bar?

Slash: Something like that.

Stern: Yeah.

Slash: Around the corner and about 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock we get working. We work till about 4 or 5 o'clock and morning.

Stern: You do?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: So there is actual band work going on?

Slash: You know, people talk about all kinds of stuff...

Stern: You're making it sound like so much work to be a rock star, though.

Slash: No, no, no.

Quivers: Just imagine that your day start at 11 p.m.

Stern: I love that.


Stern: Don't you love that?

Slash: My day starts at 10:00 a.m. and then Guns starts at 11:00 pm. [laughter]

Stern: Because it kind of reminds me of the Stones, you know, to me I always think of Slash like Keith Richards. He always wants to be working and once I have the band going...

Quivers: Yeah, he's cool he wants the tour, he wants it all.

Slash: I drink a lot of these things.

Stern: What is that?

Slash: It's just coffee.

Quivers: Okay, this is amazing, he comes in here with iced coffee in the morning.


Stern: But you know what I mean, you kind of remind me of like Keith Richards, you want to keep the band working, you're a sensible guy.

Slash: You know what, listen.

Stern: You got something good going on and Axl reminds me of, like, Mick Jagger, like, you know, he wants to go off and do something.

Quivers: A solo thing.

Stern: Yeah.

Slash: The best rock and roll line I ever heard was from Keith and it was because Axl showed up late in Atlantic City...

Stern: Right.

Slash: ...and Keith went, "you know, I slept in a chandelier last night and I made"


Stern: "And I'm here."

Slash: And it was classic at the time, you know. And Axl really does try but he's got his own...

Stern: What's going on with him, what's he doing? Is he married now, is he divorced from that girl?

Slash: I actually, to tell you the truth, we just got reacquainted so it's been...

Stern: You hadn't seen each other in a year or so?

Slash: It's been like three years.

Stern: Three years?

Quivers: Really hadn't even laid eyes on him?

Stern: What's going on, tell me the truth?

Slash: I was gone. No, I was gone.

Stern: No, you weren't gone, he was gone.

Slash: No, he wasn't gone. He was in LA.

Quivers: Were where you?

Slash: I was out playing.


Stern: You were willing to back together with Guns N' Roses...

Slash: No, let's not get into all that.

Stern: Of course. Me, I never understand what I...

Quivers: They won't get into it.

Stern: …when somebody has a great band -- you know what the odds of having a great band are?

Quivers: And the way that band...

Stern: ...a billion to one.

Quivers: ...took off.

Stern: Yeah. And Guns N' Roses, popular band, people would buy a record if they put one out.

Slash: Yeah, but... okay.

Stern: They would go see you on tour. It doesn't make sense.

Slash: All things considered, you know, bands have a... there's lots of intricate little tiny things that are going on from...

Stern: Interesting battle [?].

Slash: ...I would say, you know, emotional stuff between the members of the band, like in a family…

Stern: Like actual sick of looking at you and you're sick of looking at him?

Slash: Well, I wouldn't go as far as to say all that.

Stern: Really? But close?

Quivers: But there was conflicts?

Slash: But I mean we have a conflicts of interest.

Stern: Really? You both [?] check or something?

Slash: Conflicts of interest both in the same check.


Slash: How does that work?

Stern: What is the conflicts of interest? Is it a business conflict of interest?

Slash: No, it's just, you know, not like having a meeting of the mind sometimes.

Quivers: On rock music?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: I can't believe that.

Slash: How could you not believe that? Every band has it.

Stern: No. You come in there you.... How does that usually work, you write the music, he writes the words?

Slash: Um, if it was that simple then we'd have sort of a job detail.

Stern: Right.

Slash: It never works that easily. It's a matter of sitting down with somebody that you love very much and like going, "you know, let's try this," and he goes, "that's a great idea" or...

Stern: Yeah, let's be open to it.

Slash: ...but it doesn't always work that way.

Stern: Right.

Quivers: Because he just says, "no, that sucks, I don't want to do that" [laughter]

Stern: And then you go, "hey, man, that's not fair," that's like, "I think it is good," and then you get into an argument.

Slash: And then you get into an argument.

Stern: You got to set it up the way we set it up on the show and quite seriously like...

Slash: Well, okay...

Stern: Let me tell you how we set it up. Let me tell you how we set it up on the show, all right? Robbie and I just do our thing, we adlib, we're live, okay? But when it comes down to me Jackie and Fred writing something, I have the final say. Someone has to have the final say. Someone has to be the boss. Because Fred always gets upset when I reject some of his material and Jackie takes it pretty well, but Fred will get really pissed off and go, "you don't appreciate me"...

Quivers: But there are times when you pick up on their ideas and make a whole thing out of it.

Stern: Yeah! But sometimes Fred will write a whole thing and it's perfect and sometimes I will go, "hey, it doesn't work"...

Slash: It's not always that diplomatic, though.

Stern: But someone...right, because there's no leader.

Quivers:  It's not diplomatic here either when you see your papers getting tossed across the room.

Stern: Sometimes Jackie will send me something and after four pages [?], I go, "this sucks" and "it's not funny" and he'll go, "this kills" [?] "any radio guy would air this." But I mean I'm not any radio guy and it sucks. Now go back and work some more.

Slash: I always wondered how Bob Newhart and like Mary Tyler Moore worked, you know.

Stern: They were never on the same show, that's how they worked.


Slash: No, no. But with their own particular programs I always wondering, like, how does everybody...

Stern: Those two dolts they don't do anything.

Quivers: They are actors, they say whatever somebody puts in their mouths.

Stern: Whatever someone puts on a piece of paper [?] Oh, you had to do that right?

Slash: No, no, I'm sorry. But that was always the whole deal. It's like as long as you can play...

Stern: ...who cares what you're on.

Slash: You know, it doesn't matter.

Stern: Who cares what drug your on as long as you can play.

Quivers: But has that become an issue, too?

Slash: Well, when Steven, when Steven Adler um…

Stern: ...had his problems.

Slash: Who I love dearly. I talk to him all the time.

Stern: Right.

Slash: When it came to a point where he could not play as part of the band, after a while we're just like...

Stern: ...yeah, I always thought it was funny that someone got so messed up that they were kicked out of Guns N' Roses.


Slash: joke about that.

Stern: I mean, what do you have to do to get kicked out?


Slash: But there is, you know, there is a point there as long as you can play, as long as you're part of the group and, like, you show up and you get into it, then everything's fine. I heard that you slept with 15 or 16 chicks the other day and it was outside of the beach and you did, you know, three grams of this blah blah blah but you still show at rehearsal.

Stern: Right. That's fine. That's fine.


Stern: This is Rachel. She has a question for you. Yes, Rachel?

Rachel: Hi. I wanted to know what happened with Gilby Clarke?

Slash: Um...

Stern: Who is Gilby Clarke? The guitar player you mean in Guns N' Roses?

Rachel: Yeah, the rhythm guitar.

Stern: What happened...

Quivers: Didn't he leave the band on his own?

Slash: He got fired.

Quivers: He did?

Stern: [laughter] He did?

Quivers: I thought he left on his own but they fired him.


Stern: Why did you fire him?

Slash: I think it was writing differences...

Stern: Really? Man.

Slash: ...basically. But it wasn't with me. I actually liked Gilby at the time.

Stern: Right.

Rachel: Are you guys still on good terms?

Slash: He and I know... He's suing us so...


Slash: Normally we would be but...

Stern: You know, you're a guy who made it, you know, from nothing. You weren't born into money or anything like that, now all of a sudden you got legal situations, you don't need this.

Quivers: [?] that you worked and worked and worked to get here and then all of a sudden you are suing each other.

Slash: The situation with Gilby is like... um, after the particular time we got involved with him he wasn't doing anything, really, and so we brought him into a situation where he had all, you know, like the obvious, I mean, it was a great position to be in right to be in.

Stern: Right, to be in Guns N' Roses.

Slash: So then he turns around and sues us so I'm a little pissed off at him.

Stern: I see. All right. So there's a lot going on. So the point is...

Quivers: ...they're tough in those meetings, doesn't it?

Stern: Yeah. So you're working with Axl. Axl is a tough guy. Listen this isn't Slash saying, I'm saying, Axl is a tough guy to work with. There's no question. I mean, the guy…

Quivers: Well, you know, now I'm understanding, remember that one song he said "if we don't get that down right I'm quitting rock and roll completely"?

Stern: Yeah, he's always quitting. So the thing is, Slash is trying to get this guy…

Slash: That's not my quote, that's his quote.

Quivers: Yeah right. Absolutely.

Stern: Slash is just trying to keep things together, he knows he's got a good thing. If it wasn't for you the whole band would fall apart, right?

Slash: I'm not gonna say that.

Stern: I'll say it.

Slash: You know a band is one of the…

Quivers: What about Duff?

Slash: ...everybody works together. Yeah, me and Duff and Matt yeah and the whole bit [?] we get in there and jam.

Stern: Right. Here's what we got to do, we got to get Axl in there. We need a front man.

Slash: No, no, he's there too. You know, but the way that we work...

Stern: you end up at the end of the night yelling at each other?

Slash: No.

Stern: You walk out and nothing's on paper, nothing's just sort of completed?

Slash: We don't we don't get into what you call completed…

Quivers: Have you any songs completed?

Slash: Yeah!

Stern: Oh really?

Quivers: Aright.

Slash: Everything's cool.

Stern: Michael Jackson was easier to work with.


Slash: Oh, with Michael I just had to go in and do a guitar solo....

Stern: Right, that was no big deal.

Quivers: But you know, Slash is in there saying, "well, I showed up for the gig" [?] you have come in here and admitted many times that you weren't even playing the same song as everybody [laughter]

Stern: Okay, Greg you're on the air.

Greg: Hey, how you doing? Slash, how you doing, man?

Slash: I'm fine, how are you?

Greg: Doing good, man. I love Guns N' Roses. I've got a question for you. Is your mom really Iman the model?

Stern: Is that right? Your mom is Iman the model? David Bowie's wife?


Slash: No, no.

Stern: I started that rumour.

Greg: I thought I heard that on this show.

Stern: [laughter] Is your mother Iman?

Slash: My mom used to go out with David. No Iman does now [?]

Stern: Oh, I see. That's why there's some confusion.

Quivers: is your mom the one who is in the circus?

Slash: In the circus?

Quivers: No?

Stern: The bearded lady?

Slash: The magazine or...

Stern: Were you goofing on his mother?


Stern: Your mom was in the circus?

Slash: No.

Quivers: ...confused him with someone else.

Stern: I didn't know Bowie went out with circus performers.


Slash: Hey, hey, this is my mom your talking about.

Stern: I know. Your mom must be hot if Bowie was into her.

Slash: She's very good-looking.

Stern: Wow. I'd love to get her [?] turn me onto her?

Slash: My mom?

Stern: Yeah, I could check her out. How old is your mom?

Slash: Um, to tell you the truth she won't tell me, as far as I know she's 17.

Stern: No, really. What's she like, 40 or something?

Slash: She's in her 40s.

Stern: Is she?

Slash: She had me when she was 17....

Stern: But I bet she's hot.

Slash: She's very pretty.

Stern: Mmm, I'd like some of that. Let me meet your mom.


Stern: What's the big deal, dude?

Slash: You're always screwing me. You're gonna make me curse on the air.

Stern: Is her chest holding up? I mean, is everything holding together?

Slash: No, she looks gorgeous.

Stern: Really?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Has she a boyfriend?

Slash: You know what? Okay, all right. Wait, wait, all right. About three weeks ago I get a phone call, I'm in a hotel and my service, my answering service, I'm checking my messages and I hear this music and I get this all the time where people call me up and they leave music on my answering machine.

Stern: Trying to pitch it?

Slash: Yeah. And so I'm playing my guitar so I've got the phone in my, you know, like in the kirk in my neck and I'm listening to this music and it's like really cosmic and really pretty and I can't press 3 because my I got my guitar pick and so on, and it turns out to be my mom playing.

Stern: Really? Your mom's a musician.

Slash: Yes, I played on what is supposed to be her record.

Stern: Really? Was she nude when she was playing?


Slash: No, come on!

Stern: She sounds hot, man, I'd like to...

Quivers: It's his mother!

Stern: What's the big deal man? You can't turn me on to your mother? You have to be protective? Dude, I'll be gentle with her.

Quivers: Some things are sacred.

Slash: If I remember correctly you're married.

Stern: Well, I am.

Quivers: Now, you're not.

Stern: No, he's married.

Quivers: No, he's gotten a divorce.

Slash: No, no.

Quivers: You're still together with your wife??

Stern: Yeah!

Slash: Of course I am. And she's going out with a guy that's bigger than you so I would just leave it at that.

Stern: Could you say that again?

Quivers: His mom is going out with a guy that's bigger than you.

Stern: Oh really? Who? Who is it?

Slash: Um, I don't remember his name. I've only met him twice.

Stern: Oh, you mean bigger, uhm, physically?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Oh, I thought you meant in show business.

Slash: No.

Stern: So out of the group, you've got the hottest mom? Is that what you're saying?

Slash: Oh, I don't know what the other guys' moms look like. Oh, I know how one of them looks...

Stern: Slash's been very nice, he brought in some of the work that he's been doing with Axl late into the night. He wants to play a little clip for us. Here it is.

Slash: No!

[ambient music playing]

Stern: This is the new sound for Guns N' Roses.

Quivers: They are going very mellow.

Stern: Yeah. They start out mellow.

Quivers, Really, keyboards and everything.

[pan flute starts]

Stern: Now, who's playing pan flute? You or Axl?


Slash: Are you kidding? I'm the pan flute guy.


Stern: Are you? [laughter] Very nice.

Quivers: [?]

Stern: So Slash's wife is so hot, man. Such a fine little piece of ass.

Quivers: Oh yeah?

Slash: Oh, wait, okay, no, no, no, Howard.

Stern: What are you saying? You think that's wrong?

Quivers: He meant that in the best sense.

Stern: I meant that in the best sense. Are you a gentleman or something? Your wife is hot, man.

Slash: No, but my wife is beautiful.

Stern: Yeah.

Slash: [?] piece of ass.

Stern: She's not a piece of ass?

Slash: We could talk about it privately but not on this [?]

Stern: I saw her I wanted heroin. I'm telling you, I can see how a guy could get into that.

Slash: You know what, I met her when I was driving down the street in a car.

Stern: And you picked her up?

Slash: I pumped the gas for her.

Stern: Really?

Slash: And then we went for lunch and I bought her flowers…

Quivers: You followed her into a gas station?

Slash: Yeah, and I took her to lunch.

Stern: How romantic.

Slash: And then I took her to dinner and bought her flowers…

Stern: You took her home and did her?

Slash: No, no.

Stern: How long did it take you to get in her pants?

Slash: Um [laughter]

Stern: One day?

Slash: No, no, in all honesty it was about three or four days.

Stern: Really, that's all?

Slash: I'm a gentleman.

Stern: Yeah, but you made out with her on the first day, right?

Slash: No.

Stern: Great.

Slash: I kissed her. That's not making out.

Stern: And on the second date you felt her up? I mean, how far did you get on the second date?

Slash: You  always do this to me and I will not let you.

Stern: Why? What's the big deal?

Slash: Because it didn't happen that way.

Stern: And you hit a home run on the fourth date?

Slash: Listen.

Stern: Are you serious?

Slash: She was a difficult catch.

Stern: Hmm.

Slash: It wasn't like just walking in and going...

Stern: Four dates doesn't sound that difficult. No offence, but you're Slash.

Quivers: You're thinking of days interrupted by work, it was four days intensively.

Stern: Right. Four days he was living by her.


Stern: He wouldn't leave her alone.

Slash: I know we lived in a...

Stern: Like a barnacle.

Slash: We were in a one-room for three months after we finally got everything together.

Stern: Really? You wouldn't even leave each other?

Slash: Yeah. Now as I think the farthest I got from the bedroom was like the kitchen.


Stern: Oh, it's beautiful. I'd love to do that with your wife. Hey, let me tell you something. So Slash is in my movie, you know.

Quivers: Yes.

Stern: Makes a little appearance with his wife.

Quivers: Oh. So that's...

Slash: I gave her my [?]

Stern: Yeah and actually his wife was all dolled up walking around out on the street, we were shooting on location in Brooklyn, and you know it was a neighborhood that was a lot of a black and Hispanic people and they were busy checking out this whitey running around in practically a negligee. It was like I saw a lot of brothers that were, "holy [?], look at this here!"

Slash: You know, I'm half brother

Stern: I know you are, you're black.


Stern: And I was I was afraid they were gonna run off with his wife. When I walked out of my trailer she was running around the street and a negligee or something, I don't know what was going on in Slash's trailer. Those two couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Slash: Well, we had Ozzy in there for a pretty long period of time.

Stern: [?] my movie was a class operation, a lot of the rock stars...

Slash: Are you done shooting?

Stern: Yeah, I'm done shooting.

Slash: Really? So you must feel a lot better, cuz I was like, "to get up in the morning and he does his show"...

Stern: I wasn't looking too good.

Slash: No, you looked fine.

Stern: I did?

Slash: You looked great. I was really... I was gonna say it but I didn't.

Stern: …you were really messed up?

Quivers: No, that wasn't really where he was going, Howard [laughter]

Slash: I was really impressed.

Stern: Really?

Slash: Yeah. I was, like, you know, because I work hard, you know...

Stern: Yes.

Slash: ...and...

Stern: ...not compared to this, though.

Slash: ...but I was like, "this is really impressive"

Stern: Right.

Slash: Like getting up in the morning, talking to God knows how many people, and then going on and being yourself doing...

Stern: …this movie.

Slash: ...this movie, on a daily basis.

Stern: I am dedicated to my craft!

Slash: I know.

Quivers: And he shows up, just look at that.

Stern: Yes, I got to tell you, it was hard work.

Slash: That's integrity.

Stern: Thank you.

Slash: All right.

Stern: Thank you. Seriously,i I appreciate you saying that. About time someone said something nice about me.


Quivers: You know, every rock star has come in here and been very impressed with that.

Stern: Because you you should see... Ozzy I thought was going to jump out a window.

Quivers: I know!

Stern: Like first of all, thank God I was really working on a professional movie because Slash and Ozzy doing me a favor and being in the movie, and they get there and they see at least it's professional, and they're fed and they each had their own trailer and whatever they wanted was available to them. So at least it was a bearable day for them. They were doing me a favor.

Slash: It wasn't that much of a trailer [laughter].

Stern: It wasn't? Really?

[Slash laughing]

Quivers: It was half a trailer?

Stern: Oh, come on!

Slash: It was sort of like a small couch.


Stern: Yeah, but come on! I mean at least it was something.

Slash: And some ice.

Stern: Oh man! So what did you do the whole day? Because what happened with like Ozzy came in and goes, "I'm yours for the day, I'm gonna be here for the day, it's no big deal, whatever you gonna do." So then, like about a half hour later, he comes in he goes, "is it over yet? I haven't done anything, I'm sitting there..."


Quivers: He doesn't know what a day in [?]

Stern: Yeah, and then at the end of the day, I mean because as small as the scene is, it took forever to shoot, every scene takes forever to shoot.

Slash: Which is the reality.

Stern: Which is a reality of moviemaking and Ozzy was like, "oh well, I don't understand we've done it ten billion times!"


Stern: But you were nice about it. You were drinking in the trailer, right? Cuz I think you were pretty smashed by the end of the day.

Slash: No, no, no.

Stern: My theory was that you just were loaded and just didn't care anymore.

No, I was just, you know, sort of like...

Stern: You were feeling a good buzz?

Slash: No, I was pretty sober.


Slash: No, I always look drunk.

Stern: Were you? I think you were drinking.

Slash: No, I was pretty sober.

Stern: Oh, were you really?

Slash: Yeah. I had a couple cocktails.


Stern: Yeah! I knew there was something going on. I think everybody was doing something in that trailer through the day.

Slash: The whole time that we were actually shooting we never left the actual set, so we didn't drink.

Stern: Right. All right. Oh really?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Okay, cuz I didn't know. Cuz I kept saying to the director, "buddy," I said, "look, I'm not a director but I'm telling you right now, you better get Slash through his scene right now because, I mean, you know, it looks to me like he's had maybe a few cocktails." And I said, "it looks like you could lose him." [laughter] I was afraid he was going to lose him.

Slash: No, I was just getting a little frustrated because after two or three takes I'm like, "okay, we're done."

Stern: Yeah, right, I know.

Quivers: That's how you do the video.


Stern: I know, but everyone was feeling the same thing...

Slash: No, but it was fun because of all the people that were there.

Stern: It was fun to hang out with other musicians and all that?

Slash: Yeah, we had a good time.

Stern: Yeah, it was a good time.

Slash: I know it's only two seconds on screen but whatever, 12 hours, two seconds…

Stern: It really is.

Quivers: That's how it works.

Stern: I've actually seen the scene on screen and it's like, "you know, Slash is gonna choke me!" cuz I stood there all day for like, then I walked by for two seconds [?] But it's funny it's funny to see all the guys in it. It was really kind of a neat thing. But I was I was a little nervous because you know what happened? I'm over at the Brooklyn Academy of Music shooting this scene and, you know, rock stars are always late.

Slash: Right.

Stern: So each rock star would straggle in and there was a whole bunch of rocks stars...

Slash: I came on time.

Stern: No, no, no.

Slash: It was your car that picked me up.

Stern: Yeah, I know, I know.

Slash: It was your car that picked me up to take me to your shoot.

Stern: But each rock star was the same, it's like they want to see each other so the first rock star would come in and I'd say, "okay, let's wait for everyone else," and then you wait and everyone's not there. So I start doing... so Betty says to me, Betty starts to explain the scene to one of the rock stars. They look like they're hazed over and nobody looks like they know what we're talking about so I go, "Betty, let me handle this," she goes, "you better handle this because these guys aren't... who knows what they're hearing and what they're not." So I explained the whole scene...

Slash: We just have a bad image.

Stern: Yeah, yeah, right. I explained the whole scene. And then did someone else straddles in and finally like the fifth guy in, Slash...

Quivers: They look like they're not paying attention but they were [?].

Stern: Yeah, right. And then you go, "hey Slash"... but Slash is very accommodating. He really was. I said, "hey, here, you're walking over here." And he brought his wife, he threw the wife in the scene too, and she looked good.

Slash: Yeah.

Sten: She is hot. She wasn't wearing a bra, no panties. She had like a little silk outfit on.

Slash: I know she...

Stern: Shaking her ass in my face eyes about it

Slash: ...excited about it. [laughter]

Stern: I didn't know if she was coming on to me. I didn't know what was going on.

Slash: Because she thought you were coming on to her.

Stern: Did she? I was.


Stern: I wish you would have left. I was hoping you'd get so drunk you pass out I could jump on top of her. [laughter] No wonder you're sober.

Slash: Think again.


Stern: Yeah. My plans didn't work out. Here's another question for Slash. You got a song on the soundtrack of the new Miramax movie, Curdled.

Slash: Right.

Stern: The song is called "Obsession confession."

Slash: Right.

Stern: And it is an instrumental.

Slash: Well there's two different versions, there's the instrumental version, which is acoustic and so on and so forth, which I actually did with a guy named Jed Lieber from LA.

Stern: Well, I'll play the song and I'll be making [?] I'll help you out.

Slash: No, but there's another one which is in the movie, which is the whole, you know, all the the credits.

Stern: Right.

Slash: Right? And that's called 'Obsession' as well.

Stern: And someone sings on it?

Slash: And there's vocals on that by a girl that you would love.

Stern: Really? She's hot?

Slash: Marta Sanchez..

Stern: Did you do her?

Slash: No, but I think Niall did.

Quivers: Are you completely monogamous now?

Stern: Are you monogamous?

Slash: Am I? Of course I am.


Stern: Alright, your wife's hot but I can see you just like turn the [?]

Slash: I mean I don't need to anything.

Stern: Really? Cool. Dennis, you got a question quickly?

Dennis: Yeah, how you doing?

Stern: Yes.

Dennis: Did Slash ever consider playing with, what's the guy's name, from...Sammy Hagar!


Stern: Sammy Hagar? I heard this rumor that you are going to be playing with Sammy Hagar, is that true?

Slash: I've played with him before.

Stern: Right.

Slash: No, we don't have any plans.

Stern: What happened there? You think this Sammy called you since he got kicked out of Van Halen?

Slash: No, I played with Alice Cooper in Mexico.

Stern: Right.

Slash: And his club.

Stern: Right.

Slash: Would Cabo [?][cut] No, we did a live record there.

Stern: Oh, did you? [?] Is it good?


Dennis: Hey, Howard?

Stern: Yeah? Is Gary related to Steve Harvey?

Stern: I don't know. I don't know what that means. Alright, so this movie 'Curdled'.

Slash: Yeah?

Stern: I haven't heard of this movie, where...

Slash: It's right up your alley.

Stern: Really? It's out now, Robin?

Quivers: Yeah, I don't know that much about it, but I did...

Slash: I just came back from a premiere of it in Miami and I had the best time.

Stern: Yeah? What did your wife wear to the premiere?

Slash: She wasn't there.

Stern: Really? You get to go yourself?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Nice. How did you do that?

Slash: Well, because it's a Miramax thing and they just flew me out so I could be there. We did a press conference together...

Stern: Did your wife want to go?

Slash: Yes, she wanted to go.

Stern: Did you say, "no, you cannot go' ?

Slash: Well, they're not gonna pay for it.

Stern: You got a millions of dollars, what's the big deal?

Slash: Yeah, but you know I'm gonna be working, so...

Stern: Right yeah that's how I am too.

Slash: When I work I just work.

Stern: Right.

Slash: And I get it done.

Stern: So, I'll tell you what. Tell you what I want to do.

Slash: What?

Stern: Let me take a little break.

Slash: Okay.

Stern: Come back I wanna hear this song that you...

Slash: What are we going to sell?

Quivers & Stern: We don't even care.

Slash: Let's sell some tires!


Stern: We just might. I want to listen your song and since it doesn't have lyrics I'll write a few lyrics to ot.

Slash: All right. No, this is slow. This is like...

Stern: It's mellow? I'll listen to it, though. A little bit of it. All right?

Slash: All right.

Quivers: But you rock, you don't get mellow. You're not a ballad kind of guy?

Slash: Very [?] This is very romantic this particular version.

Stern: I could play it right now since we're kind of geared up for it and then, and then, we'll...

Slash: [?] one loud version and one quiet version.

Stern: What track is this, 16?

Slash: Mhm, no, that's the loud one.

Stern: I got to find it. Hold on.

Slash: No, it's the second one on the track if you want to plat the mellow one.

Stern: I don't know, which which is the one without the lyrics?

Slash: The first one.

Quivers: So the second one on the track ?

Slash: Second one in the track. It says 'Slash' on it.[laughter]

Stern: Gary just handed me a bunch of stuff. I don't know what... none of it worked. See if I can get something to play. I have no idea what he gave me here.

Quivers: Maybe we'll need to go to commercial break til we figure out what's going on?

Stern: So track 16?

Slash: Well, see that's the electric version with lyrics.

Someone: [?]

Slash: [laughter]

Quivers: Slash doesn't want to play that.

Slash: No, I want to play.... I don't give a....

Stern: There is no track 16 on it, Gary.

Slash: No, it should be like track 11.


[Music starts playing]

Stern: That's you? That's you playing?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: You're good man.

Stern: This is a whole new direction for you.


Stern: What you're saying is you can play to anything.

Slash: I saw the movie [?]

Stern: That's cool, right.

Stern: It's like the Macarena. Is this in English?


Slash: A blonde, Spanish girl.

Stern: With big breasts? I'm the only one who can say that. [?] I apologize.

Stern: I want to hear the instrumental version.

Slash: Well, that's the second one. But wait for the guitar solo.

Stern: Its' coming up?

Slash: It's coming up [?].

Stern: This is a big turn since Guns N' Roses. No wonder you and Axl had a little bit of musical differences. I like that you're into a whole bunch of different things.

Slash: I'll explain it.

Stern: You want to dance with me? I know how to dance to this kind of stuff. Hey, watch this.

Quivers: Mambo? [laughter]


Stern: Did you see me move? Why didn't you dance with me?

Slash: [?] the guitar solo.

Stern: Why didn't you move with me?


Stern: Oh, big deal, so did I. Oh come on. What, are you uptight? Dance with me, for Christ's sake. Did your wife ever dance to this? [?] the Macarena [?]. This is you?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Nice. Is that slide guitar?

Slash: No.

Stern: Sounds [?]You played on a Gibson?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Why didn't you play a Stratocaster?


Stern: Everybody who plays a Strat in a band is famous, died, you know that?

Quivers: Is that true?

Stern: Yep. Loo, Jimi Hendrix played a Strat. Who else? The guy from Nirvana.

Slash: No, he played a [?].

Stern: Did he? Same thing. Who else played a Strat that died? Eric Clapton?

Quivers: He is not dead!

Stern: Buddy Holly? I am serious about this.

Stern: Wow. Nice. Did you play that on Gibson?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Nice. I wish I could play like this. I could quit the radio show. Janis Joplin's lead guitar player had a Strat.

Slash: Haven't gone that far. Now if you play the acoustic version it's completely different.

Stern: I'm gonna sing about your wife. I'll sing like I'm you, singing about your wife. How's that? All right.


Stern [singing]: My wife so fine. My band's a pain in the ass.

Slash: Oh, don't start.

Stern: It's true.

Stern [singing]: So sometimes I have to drink a little wine.

Slash: I'm drinking ice tea.

Stern [singing]: If you hung around with Axl you'd have to drink turpentine.


Slash: Come on, be cool.

Stern [singing]: Sometimes I play two notes the guy yells at me then I have to do a line.

Stern: What do you think of that lyric?

Stern [singing]: Being in a band is a pain in the ass.

Slash: Yeah, generally…

Stern [singing]: Although I met a fine broad and pumped her gas. I hump her slow, I hump her fast. I drank a little Jack Daniels in Howard's trailer so I could last.

Stern: What do you think man?

Stern [singing]: I have to pass some gas.

Slash: I'm a little partial I guess.

Stern: Yeah [laughing].

Stern [singing]: I can't believe...

Stern: Very nice. That's you on guitar? You're pretty good man, you must have taken some lessons.

Slash: No, not really.

Quivers: You can play anything.

Stern: You guys says uh you never took lessons?

Slash: There was a guy named Robert Wollan and I first started. He played 'Stairway to Heaven' for me, in front of me, meanwhile I was learning to play 'Mary had A little Lamb'. I was like, "that's not what I came here for" it and then he played 'Stairway to Heaven.'

Stern: And you instantly picked it up?

Slash: So I left. And I went home and learned off the records.

Stern: Wow.

Quivers: You don't read music?

Slash: No.

Quivers: Wow.

Stern: Me neither.

Slash: Actually when I did this was the first time I ever read a chord chart.

Quivers: Yeah?

Stern: Really?

Slash: Because with the band that we hired we only had the night and, you know, for everybody to [?] these are all professionals [?] so they don't want to waste your time [?] so okay to read the chart. "Read the f-ing chart!"

Stern: Very nice. Have you given it to your wife to this?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Good for you. I'd like to do your wife to this.

Slash: Okay...

Stern: Come on, what's the big deal? [laughter] All right, I think I have gone far enough. All right, listen. You can pick that up, Slash, he has two songs on the soundtrack for the new Miramax movie 'Girdled' and it's called Obsession/Confession is the, I guess, the single.

Slash: Yeah. I just wrote the music. But the rest of the album is really good.

Stern: But we don't care about that as long as you're not on it. We'll just buy it for your tracks.

Slash: It's pretty cool though.

Stern: Where's the rest of these people coming in from? You know what I'm saying?

Slash: There's this guy Joseph that wrote a bunch of stuff there [?] really cool.

Stern: Yeah?

Slash: It was some great stuff too.

Stern [singing]: I love my life but I smoke butts. I am married so I don't need to jump sluts. I work with Axl who is nuts.

Slash: I'm going to start cursing on the air, I am telling you.

Stern [singing]: I'd like to punch Gill in the nuts.

Quivers:  [laughing]

Stern [singing]: My name is Slash this is my song.

Stern: All right, Slash. Listen I want to thank Slash for coming and also want to thank Slash for being in my movie which was real nice of him to do.

Slash: I had a great time.

Stern: We had a good time. And I kept him locked in a trailer and he gets bored about it.

Slash: No actually to tell you the truth, I didn't spend that much time in the trailer.

Stern: Ozzy was in your trailer, right?

Slash: Yeah, then we had this long convoluted conversation that went on [laughter]

Stern: Did you know what he was talking about? Did he start telling you how he can't get an erection anymore and that he's on Prozac?

Slash: No, he... I don't know what... anyway.

Stern: Did you ask him for advice on Axl and all that? [laughter]

Slash: No, he sort of invited himself in but he's a good guy.

Stern: Could you get rid of him or?

Slash: He was fixated on telling me about... I don't know.

Quivers: Well thank God you amuse him because Howard probably would have lost it!

Stern: I tried to amuse him, but there was no amusing him.

Slash: The main thing was like going and shooting the actual scene.

Stern: Right.

Slash: And that's where I spent most of my time.

Stern: Right, right.

Slash: And I had, you know, it was like at first I was a little nervous, it was really hot and so on and so forth, but I have to give you credit, you handled it real well.

Stern: I did? Yeah. I didn't throw any tantrums or get everyone crazy.

Slash: So I was just like, "I'm just here to do my thing" right?

Stern: And you were good.

Slash: "Let's just get it done."

Stern: I'm telling you, people will be surprised that you're acting in this film. [applause]

Slash: All you had to do is this.

Stern: Yeah [laughter] Did Ozzy hit on your wife at all? Was he coming on to her?

Slash: No, I don't think Ozzy could focus on anything.


Stern: Ah, okay. Anyway I want to thank the legendary Slash for coming in. The great Slash who's great guitar player and I wish you luck with Guns N' Roses. Hope you get all that together.

Quivers: Yeah, we've been waiting patiently for this album.

Stern: I'm looking forward to it.

Slash: I am too.

Stern: And congratulations on...

Quivers: It would be nice one day to have the whole band in here.

Stern: Yeah, well [laughter]


Stern: Good luck!

Slash: There's not enough chairs.

Stern: And here is the CD 'Curdled' and you can pick that up in the record stores right now with original music from Slash. Alright and we'll be back with the news. Thanks Slash.

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1996.09.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash Empty Re: 1996.09.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:29 pm

Thanks to @Surge for sending us the audio, as it has disappeared from youtube.

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1996.09.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash Empty Re: 1996.09.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash

Post by Toxic34 Wed Sep 29, 2021 6:38 pm

A lot of people on the YouTube comments of the audio complain that Howard and Robin are being rude and interrupting Slash all the time; and saying "very different from now, when everyone wants to hear what he has to say."

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1996.09.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash Empty Re: 1996.09.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash

Post by ludurigan Thu Sep 30, 2021 5:47 am

Oh fuck I can see Axl listening to this and hating every nano second of it

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1996.09.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash Empty Re: 1996.09.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash

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