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Loaded to perhaps perform surprise club gig as part of CBGB Festival Next Week?

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Loaded to perhaps perform surprise club gig as part of CBGB Festival Next Week? Empty Loaded to perhaps perform surprise club gig as part of CBGB Festival Next Week?

Post by puddledumpling on Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:12 am

I saw a tweet from Duff in the side bar here in good old A4D and followed up with a google search and found this I copied from below the tweet:

"DuffMcKagan "@cbgbandomfug: @DuffMcKagan no one kicks ass like Loaded so we better find a place in Manhattan that holds 100,000 people for July 7!" Hint 4 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite"

Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has been announced as the keynote speaker for the upcoming CBGB festival that is set to take place this July in New York City.

CBGB was one of the most legendary venues in the history of rock prior to closing its doors for good in 2009. Just a few years later, the club is being celebrated in a number of ways. One being the upcoming CBGB festival, which goes down July 5-8 at various venues in New York City and Brooklyn, including a concert in Central Park on July 7. The itinerary includes performances from Wyclef Jean, Superchunk, Agnostic Front, Fishbone and will feature keynote speaker Krist Novoselic, who will also engage in a Q&A with the audience as part of his appearance.

CBGB will also get the big screen treatment soon, as pre-production is underway on a film that will document some of the more notable moments is the famed venue’s history. Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has recently been added to the cast and is set to play Iggy Pop.

Novoselic contributed to the latest Foo Fighters album, ‘Wasting Light,’ and will appear in Dave Grohl‘s upcoming documentary on Sound City Studios as well. A song featuring Novoselic, Grohl, Butch Vig and a mystery guest has already been confirmed for the project’s soundtrack. There hasn’t been official confirmation as to whether Hawkins is on the soundtrack or not, but he can be seen beating the skins in the trailer for the expected 2013 release.

I guess I put it here because I really really really would love to see/hear Loaded live but I can't go so maybe some clips and pics and a review of the show will surface and I can post them in here - attend vicariously as it were. Anyway, thanks for the tweet bar Soulmonster. Duff seems to twitter for fans. I found out Loaded is opening for Alice Cooper for UK dates this coming fall from Duff twitter too.

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