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"Axl Rose’s twisted melon" - The Sun

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"Axl Rose’s twisted melon" - The Sun Empty "Axl Rose’s twisted melon" - The Sun

Post by Soulmonster on Mon May 21, 2012 3:52 pm

Axl Rose’s twisted melon

The Guns N’ Roses frontman’s backstage demand document states he needs his dressing room filled with “wines, beers, vodka, red and white roses and a square melon”.

Axl stresses that the odd-shaped fruit is an “exotic” item “that absolutely can’t be missed”.

He also requests a custom-made Italian leather couch.

You need somewhere comfy to sit while eating a novelty melon.

I don't know what to think except that The Sun is a shitty newspaper and that I can't take anything they write seriously. I also know that if I were in Axl's position I'd make ludicrous demands on my rider just for fun. I remember Turbonegro demanded one million Norwegian kroner in in payment for their reunion concert a few years back, to be delivered by an ex-junkie in a plastic bag.
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