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2002.11.29 - 97.7HTZ FM Radio - Interview with Dizzy

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2002.11.29 - 97.7HTZ FM Radio - Interview with Dizzy Empty 2002.11.29 - 97.7HTZ FM Radio - Interview with Dizzy

Post by Soulmonster on Thu May 10, 2012 9:01 pm

97.7: Joining us on the telephone is Guns N' Roses Keyboardist Dizzy Reed. How you doing man?

Dizzy: I'm doing great man..

97.7: Talking about how long it has been since they been to Toronto

Dizzy: You know I am thinking about 9 years

97.7: Oh man, 9 years? Whoa.

Dizzy: Yeah.

97.7: Well, we have some catching up to do and a lot of questions. I am going to be honest with you, when the news about Guns N' Roses going on tour and the concert announcement came down about you guys coming to Toronto came out, I don't think we seen the phone ring that much!

Dizzy: Really..

97.7: Everybody is really interested in what you guys are all about. We have to kind of go back and ask you a simple question.... Why is it taking so long for you guys to make your return?

Dizzy: We had a lot of set backs and a lot of it had to do with people quitting... sort of like 1 at a time. And then having to be replaced... was like a 1 step forward 2 steps back kind of thing going on so. That's one of the main reasons you know there were some issues couldn't be resolved along the way and people quit on there own accord and once we replace them and try to move on. And during that time we been putting a lot of great songs down in the studio.

97.7: We get bits and pieces and it's really difficult to sort through what truth might be, you know you have been recording for a long time and then it gets scrapped or you know... What's going on here man? Lets start off with guys quitting the band here.... why? Artistic differences? What's going on?

Dizzy: I think probably... I don't know if it's artistic differences but I think sometimes you know .... Some of the older guys just wanted to keep doing whatever Guns N' Roses was doing and I think the band needed to grow and change musically so if that's artistic differences then cool, I think it might have been a case of not wanting, some people not wanting to put as much work in than other people and that probably has more to do with it.

97.7: Along the way we heard that there were different producers and maybe even the members of the new lineup changed a lot on the way. Why did it take 9 years for a new record to come to us?

Dizzy: Umm well haha...

97.7: When I say new record, we don't even have a record before Guns N' Roses actually returned to stage 2 years ago right?

Dizzy: Right... I really can't answer it. It's just we want to make sure it's right. Yes we gone through a few different producers. That each person that come along has contributed something to sound you are going to hear when the record does come out, everybody has kind of put there stamp on it but... When you spend a few years on something, you want to make sure it's right. So that's what we been doing. Just making sure to give you guys the best record that we can.

97.7: Dizzy, who is in the band, we saw you guys on the MTV music awards, it was exciting, it was really exciting to watch you on stage...

Dizzy: Cool.

97.7: But I was like who are these guys!?

Dizzy: Umm, the lineup of the band?

97.7: Yeah, who is in the band now?

Dizzy: Start with the drummer, we got Brain who was in Primus, we have another keyboard player - Chris Pitman, Tommy Stinson of The Replacements is on bass, and then we have 3 guitar players. We have Richard Fortus, Robin Finck who was in NIN, and Buckethead ... I think that covers... Oh and Axl and myself

97.7: I have to admit when I watch you guys what a weird assortment of characters are on stage, boy each of you have a certain look and a different feel. Have you found that chemistry yet? Or is that going to take a couple of more gigs before you find it?

Dizzy: Everyone is good enough. Each one of those guys is a great player in his own right and so its works no matter what. But as far as chemistry? Yeah you know we are a few shows into it now and you can tell, you can feel it. I think you can rehearse as much as you want but when you put something together like this, you need to go out and play and feel it. And some of us been working together for a while now in the studio and we're a few shows into it now and it's really starting to feel cool. People are losing their minds man, it's been going great.

97.7: Listen, we have got to set the record straight on one thing and then I want to talk about your new record. What happened in Vancouver? Can you please set the record straight because there are probably half a dozen different versions of the same story?

Dizzy: Well, I can tell you this. I was at the building and Axl was in route to the building. Well, the owner/manager of the building found out that Axl wasn't there yet, he like freaked out and pulled the plug and make an announcement saying "Tonight's show been cancelled, the band didn't make it to Vancouver" which I found pretty funny or ironic I guess, because I was sitting in the building when he make that announcement. That's what happened, a few kids decided not to leave and get rowdy with the police, unfortunately people got hurt and that's horrible, but whatever they showed on TV made it look a lot worse! It was really only a couple dozen kids that hung out and they were saying it was like a thousand and most of the people said bummer and went home.

97.7: Well, that's too bad. One thing about Guns N' Roses if you are a promoter the word patience should be kept in mind when you are dealing with the guys. So how many show have you done so far?

Dizzy: I think we are about 14 shows into it right now.

97.7: and how does it feel?

Dizzy: Feels Great! It's been fantastic you know we been busting all over the place.

97.7: Let's talk about this new record here. Is it still called Chinese Democracy?

Dizzy: That's still going to be the title, yeah.

97.7: And when do you think we are going to see this thing?

Dizzy: Umm, next year.

97.7: Alright, next year... Alright. Ummm, you mentioned earlier perhaps a change was necessary in the band to continue on and to evolve. So we only have a couple Guns N' Roses albums in our hands. We got Appetite For Destruction, and the Lies EP, and Use Your Illusions, and Spaghetti Incident and that's pretty much it for Guns N' Roses.

Dizzy: Yeah.

97.7: It's 9 years later and we do have 2 things we have had since. That would be Oh My God up on the End Of Days Sound Track and that is very different than the Guns N' Roses that we are used to and there's that track Madagascar that was available on your website back about a year ago from the RIR. What's the band sound like now?

Dizzy: Like we were talking about earlier like how there are these different guys that come from different places, pretty much everyone has contributed to this record. It's definitely a band thing that we are doing and when you put the guitars on top of it and you put Axl on it, it sounds like Guns N' Roses. But it's a little more diversified and a little more spread out and there is a little bit of something for everybody. That's the only way I can really describe it, kind of like an adventure in music I guess.

97.7: What is the most thing you are excited about the album?

Dizzy: Umm, well, I want it to come out hahahaha

97.7: hahaha yeah it's nice when it's out there and people can pick it up right?

Dizzy: I would like to hear it on your radio station

97.7: You can count on that.

Dizzy: Alright.

97.7: That's it eh? Dizzy, thank you very much! What time are you onstage?

Dizzy: Sometime after Mix Master Mike we should be on!

97.7: So when is that though? Around 8 o' clock?

Dizzy: I think a little bit later than that! Come on down it's going to be a party! Peace!
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