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1993.03.21 - Calgary Herald/The Hamilton Spectator - Slash says band still loves to perform

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1993.03.21 - Calgary Herald/The Hamilton Spectator - Slash says band still loves to perform Empty 1993.03.21 - Calgary Herald/The Hamilton Spectator - Slash says band still loves to perform

Post by Blackstar on Mon May 20, 2019 4:15 pm

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Slash says band still loves to perform

The Hamilton Spectator

Despite selling 35 million albums, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash says the group still exists for those two hours on the stage each night.

“There’s off nights. We’re far from perfect. We go out and we take our chances.

But on our good nights, we’re untouchable — and I think I’m speaking on behalf of the other guys as well.”

Part of the public fascination with Guns N’ Roses is their visibility. They’ve survived the departures of drummer Steven Adler and guitarist Izzy Stradlin, documented Axl Rose’s therapy treatments and gone through marriages and divorces that have been covered via newspapers, radios and television.

Slash says it was difficult to adjust to their popularity.

"There were a lot of drugs around and it was very self-indulgent. I’d go to a record store and people would be staring, so it was also intimidating. I had to go through a major growing period. I could overindulge to the point where I’m surprised I’m still here, and then get through that without going to rehab. I basically changed my ways. Then I got back into the music.”

Slash said the departures of both Adler and Stradlin were major obstacles.

“Sometimes I miss him (Izzy), but the major part of his personality I don’t miss. After the whole drug thing was over, he and I — probably being the worst of the band as far as that goes — both sort of quit at the same time, give or take a month. Then there were major changes and Izzy became less involved with the band. He took that different road where he could never be around anybody who had done it (drugs).”

As for Guns N’ Roses’ immediate future, there’s a nearly-complete album of punk covers on the shelf that will come out in July at the earliest — once the Use Your Illusion tour is complete.

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