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1992.04.20 - Super Channel - Backstage interviews at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert (Slash, Duff)

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1992.04.20 - Super Channel - Backstage interviews at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert (Slash, Duff)

Post by Blackstar on Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:38 pm


Klaus Meine (Scorpions): It’s like the whole rock ‘n’ roll family is coming together and joining in for this event. You meet everybody here, it’s the whole industry and you get to meet a lot of friends. I think Freddie would be proud if he could see this, that the whole world is coming together.

Slash: Well, Queen was just one of those bands that we were really into. I mean, it’s one of a handful of bands when I was my teens coming up and getting into this whole thing. You know, they were a, sort of like, model, that this is the model band. And Freddie was, like, an awesome talent as the rest of them all. And the fact that he’s not here is a real drag, you know, and I’m not into it.
Everybody that bought tickets and all the bands involved, it’s a celebration of Freddie, the fact that he has ever existed. And it’s also because the AIDS thing is really heavy, you know? Especially for us musicians. It’s even different for us, because it’s really screwing up our whole... (laughs). I mean, you know how rock guys are. But it’s something that people really need to be aware of and, like, at least have a certain kind of etiquette of how they handle themselves, because it’s different now than it was a few years [ago].

Duff: As far as the drug thing, I will say if you haven’t done drugs still, don’t start. And if you are doing drugs, get some help. But that’s all I’m gonna say.

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