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Buckethead Empty Buckethead

Post by Soulmonster on Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:36 pm

Buckethead NeWborder_zpsk3uwcgt1
Buckethead Bucketheadgnr

Real names/sseudonyms/former names:
Brian Patrick Carroll.

Date of birth:
May 13, 1969.

Band position:
Lead guitar.

Time with Guns N' Roses:

Shows with the band:
Brian Patrick Carroll (born May 13, 1969), known professionally as Buckethead, is an American guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who has worked within many genres of music. He has released 264 studio albums, four special releases and one EP. He has also performed on more than 50 other albums by other artists. His music spans such diverse areas as progressive metal, funk, blues, jazz, bluegrass, ambient, and avant-garde music.

Buckethead is famous for wearing a KFC bucket on his head, emblazoned with an orange bumper sticker reading FUNERAL in capital black block letters, and an expressionless plain white mask, which, according to Buckethead, was inspired by his seeing Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. At one point, he changed to a plain white bucket that no longer bore the KFC logo, but subsequently reverted to his trademark KFC bucket. He also incorporates nunchaku and robot dancing into his stage performances.

As an instrumentalist, Buckethead has received critical acclaim for his electric guitar playing, and is considered one of today's more innovative guitarists. He has been voted number 8 on a list in GuitarOne magazine of the "Top 10 Fastest Guitar Shredders of All Time" as well as being included in Guitar World's lists of the "25 all-time weirdest guitarists" and the "50 fastest guitarists of all time". He performs primarily as a solo artist, though he has collaborated extensively with a wide variety of high-profile artists such as Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Iggy Pop, Les Claypool, Serj Tankian, Bill Moseley, Mike Patton, Viggo Mortensen, That 1 Guy, Bassnectar, and was a member of Guns N' Roses from 2000 to 2004. Buckethead has also written and performed music for major motion pictures, including: Saw II, Ghosts of Mars, Beverly Hills Ninja, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Last Action Hero, and contributed lead guitar to the track "Firebird" featured on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie soundtrack.(From Wikipedia, updated August 2016)

Robin: In my absence they were looking to replace me and Josh Freese, the drummer at the time, had brought Buckethead in to essentially fill the slot I had left. They really liked him but he's kind of a stunt guitar player. He does a very specific thing and he has a real genius sensibility about him. But he rarely plays the same thing twice ever and when you're trying to cruise through "Nightrain" that just makes it a little (laughs) too different. So they needed someone to anchor the songs. They kept Buckethead to do what Buckethead does and they needed someone else to play alongside. [Ultimate Guitar, January 2014]

technically amazing[Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette, November 2002].

I don't think there is a better guitar-band out there at the moment. How are you going to top Buckethead and Robin Finck? Playing with those guys has been the zenith of my career

The band has been put in an untenable position by guitarist Buckethead and his untimely departure. During his tenure with the band Buckethead has been inconsistent and erratic in both his behavior and commitment - despite being under contract - creating uncertainty and confusion and making it virtually impossible to move forward with recording, rehearsals and live plans with confidence. His transient lifestyle has made it impossible for even his closest friends to have nearly any form of communication with him whatsoever. Last time I talked to Bucket, he called to tell me he had bought a bootleg DVD off eBay and how proud he was to be in Guns and how impressed he was with everyone's performance. Then, in February we got word from Brain that Bucket had called him and said he was back in Guns!? Apparently, according to Bucket he had been "Gone" but had turned himself around and was really excited to do Rio-Lisbon and a European tour. Somewhere in the following month things changed once again. According to those who have actually spoken with Buckethead it appears his plans were to secure a recording contract with Sanctuary Records which I encouraged my management to make available to him, quit GN'R and to use his involvement in the upcoming Guns release to immediately promote his individual efforts...Nice guy! (...) There is not a member of this camp that is not hurt, upset and ultimately disappointed by this event, and more to the point - if not this individual, certainly this individual's choices. Regardless of anyone's opinions of me and what I may or may not deserve, clearly the fans, individuals in this band, management, crew and our support group do not deserve this type of treatment. We as a whole, definitely feel that we afforded Bucket every accommodation perhaps so much so that it may be that we or more precisely, I may have done Guns a disservice and unintentionally allowed Guns to be put in this position. (...) I would also like to express my gratitude to those who chose to embrace Buckethead's role in Guns and support our new line up. We greatly appreciate Bucket's contributions and remain open to "discussions" as there are obviously several issues to resolve [Guns N' Roses Not Able to Perform at Rock in Rio [press release], Sanctuary Records Group, 2004]

Buckethead going away is the best thing that could've happened to the band. It's gonna be great. I won't get too far into that, because I don't really like slamming people or getting into people's personalities or anything like that. It's a really good thing [This tastes like pretzels - the Tommy Stinson interview, Here Today... Gone To Hell!, 2004]

I really have no idea why he decided to leave, but it didn't come out of left field because he's always come and gone. Even when I do see him, I don't know what he thinks [MTV, June 2004]

Brain, talking about Buckethead leaving: Pretty bad... He's my friend so it was very hard... I felt like I was losing a friend more then a band mate [ManetsBR interview, July 2010]

Being asked if he'd like to beat the crap out of Buckethead: No. I don’t see any reason why I would. At this point I have a hard time even accepting Buckethead is real. I’ve never met him [Slash Answers Your Questions, Guitar World June 2004 Issue]

Bucket's Bucket, you know, and he's kinda been in the same trip he's been before he was in, with us, and now he's out, he's kinda in a world of his own [Eddie Trunk interview, 2006]

He's the best! A true psycho. We never talk or think about what we are doing. Our motto when we play together is "Don't think... Feeeeel [By Steve Sun-Angell, November 2008]

I have no issues with Bucket. It's hard to tell what was real or not in things we were told by Merck. He's more than welcome to tour with us in some form or other provided we're both interested at the time and come to some type of reasonable terms. Personally I have a blast w/Bucket on tour and get a big kick out of the guy. A lot of feelings were hurt on this side of the fence in how things went down and unfortunately others used our silence and the public's not knowing for their own purposes at both Bucket's and our expense [, December 12, 2008]

I'm pro Disney[land]. Go about once a year or so. Went w/Bucket a lot [, December 13, 2008]

Just recently hooked up with bucket again for that disk we did. He's awesome!!!!!!! [NewGNROldGnr interview with Brain, July 2010]

When we brought Bumblefoot in it was trying to find someone that would fill the void when Buckethead left. That is a very difficult task because there are not many people that do that type of thing [, December 2011]

Buckethead and Paul Tobias are truly awesome [Facebook, January 2012]

I set Guns N' Roses up with Buckethead. We could do a whole separate podcast on Buckethead, man. [...] The other day, I was working with a band in the studio, talking about Buckethead, and I go, "You know dude, I've known Buckethead for 20 years". They were online and they were showing me pictures, "Is this him?". All these different pictures of guys. And, "No, no, no, no." They finally found an ad that he had posted, like when he was 16, [...] with a picture of him, but you can hardly see his face, and he was 16, so it hardly looks like him. But every photo it was like, "No, that's not him, that's a tall guy with long hair, and that's a tall guy with long hair, but not Buckethead". When I finally re-tracked him down -- I hadn't talked to him for five years -- the joke I had with Axl is that no matter who you mentioned that I knew, it became an ongoing joke, he'd go, "Yes, so my first girlfriend, Linda, that I met back in Indiana when I was 14", and I'd go, "Oh yeah, I know Linda!". It got that weird almost, so he, "Yeah, sure kid, you know everybody". When Robin Finck left to rejoin Nine Inch Nails, we were looking for a guitar player, had auditioned a few people, and weren't really sure what we would do, and one day I walked into the studio and Axl goes,  "Buckethead! Do you know him?" And I go, "I've known him since 1991, man!" And he's like, "I knew you'd know him! How do we get hold of him?" "Last I talked to him he was hanging up in San Francisco with the Primus crew. Let me call my buddy Dave, the manager of Primus, Dave Leftwood (?)." So I called Dave and the first thing I asked was, "Do you think Buckethead would be into this, he's such a quirky, weird, artiste?" And Dave goes, "Yeah, I think he is tired of the starving artist routine, I think he is ready to make a living". It's funny, but when I talked to Buckethead on the phone the first time [...something about Buckethead asking Josh about not referring to him as 'Brian'] All his friends call him Buckethead. [...] The first time I met him [...] in 1990 or 1991, my friend Warren calls me, "Dude you have to come own and meet this guy, he's a freak, he's incredible, lightning fast, this weird funk-slap style, he's like completely outshining Flea" [...] "He really wants to meet you, he is really impressed that you used to play drums at Disneyland!". Because he is a Disneyland freak. [...] My dad conducted the Disneyland band when I was a kid, [...] and he still does this [...]. And Buckethead was like, "Oh my god!" When I was a kid I played my first gig for three years in a cover band every weekend, at Disneyland, when I was 12 till I was 15, so Buckethead knew that, Warren had told him that, and he was like "Oh my god, my dream is to work at Disneyland" [...] So I didn't see Buckethead for years until I connected with him for the Guns N' Roses thing. [...] He is such a trip, man. He kinda jammed with Guns N' Rsoes 2 or 3 times before he got the job. He played and got a call back and came again. [...] To the audition he came without the stuff [mask and bucket] on. A longs story's short, he was really nervous one night, and I told my dad, "Dad, you should really come up and meet some of the guys tonight [...]". My dad had got in a car accident a few months prior to that, and Axl sent this really nice...kinda as a nice gesture and as a joke -- 'cause he is a funny dude -- he sent this nice, like giant, expensive skateboard and signed it, and made some joke about maybe you should try riding this for a while [...]. So I was like, "Dad, come up and meet Axl and meet Buckethead, he is such huge Disney freak." And Buckethead knew my dad was Mr. Disney. So that night, Buckethead was up there, and we were going to do some more playing, "Man, I am really nervous, I'm really nervous about playing tonight," and I go, "Dude, you are all good, you basically got the gig. You wouldn't be asked to come down the fourth time." "No, no, not so much that! Your dad is there!" [PodOmatic, April 2013].

I love Buckethead, but one of the funniest things about him is his love for Disneyland. [...] When I first met him, I go, "So Warren says you like Disneyland, you go there often", "Yeah", "When was the last time you went there?", "I went there on Monday." It was, like, two days ago. [...] "You know what I do there sometimes, man, I've recorded my own versions of the soundtracks to certain rides with me playing guitar and I go in there with my own walkman or whatever and when I go to the "Haunted Mansion" I listen to me playing the 'Haunted Mansion', and when I go to 'Pirates of the Caribbean' I listen to me playing 'Pirates of the Caribbean'". And I am like, "Shit, man," sitting there, trying not to crack up, "That's cool!" And I go, "What do you do on 'Space Mountain', man?" I was trying to trip him up because there is no music on 'Space Mountain'. "Ah, there's no themes off that ride so it's just me going off, man, it's just me soloing." [Laughter] He's the best, I love him. [PodOmatic, April 2013].

Last time I saw Bucket was in 99, he told me he really dug my Hands album & asked if I'd sing on his music, gave me his #... called a few times, never answered - then heard he had joined GNR, aaaaah. [...] [Shackler's Revenge] was already written when I joined [GN'R], and Bucket had already left, so unfortunately we never got to make music 'together' ;)Hopefully we can some day Smile[REDDIT AMA, December 2013].

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