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1988.09.17 - Texas Stadium, Irving, USA

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1988.09.17 - Texas Stadium, Irving, USA

Post by Soulmonster on Fri Jan 20, 2012 5:52 am

September 17, 1988.

Texas Stadium.

Irving, USA.

01. You're Crazy
02. It's So Easy
03. Mr. Brownstone
04. Patience
05. Welcome to the Jungle
06. Sweet Child O'Mine
07.Paradise City

Axl Rose (vocals), Izzy Stradlin (rhythm guitarist), Slash (lead guitarist), Duff McKagan (bass) and Steven Adler (drums).

Two days after the end of the Aerosmith tour in September 1988, Guns played a strange festival-type gig at the home of the Dallas Cowboys in Texas. INXS headlined and the opening band included the Smithereens, Ziggy Markey and Iggy [Pop]. I was excited to meet [Iggy]. After the show, Iggy and I boh ended up at a party in the hotel suite of Michael Hutchence, the vocalist for INXS. I was nervous as hell to be in a room with Iggy, a guy who had inspired a dream that stuck with me for the rest of my life - a dream that cemented the direction of my life in many ways. So I commenced to get really fucked up. Michael Hutchence was already as famous for dating models and appearing in paparazzi photos as for singing "Need You Tonight," and I think Iggy felt as out of place as I did - so he joined me. We got fucked up together [Duff's autobiography, "It's So Easy", 2011, p. 136-137]
The show was the absolute worst we ever played. For some reason, the guys just weren't into it and the reason was simple: they wanted to go home. [...] To add to our misery, it was raining that day. We were in Texas Stadium, a partially covered arena that had a huge opening over the playing field. From the stag, I could see rain pouring down on the crowd, but we were kept mostly dry, except when it would get gusty. It was the weirdest-looking setup. We played out set in record time. just wanting to get it over with[Steven's autobiography, "My Appetite for Destruction", 2010, p. 174-175]
Slash: You have to give the kids, you know, or the people that comes to gigs, you gotta give them their moneys' worth. And you gotta be your best and be conscientious about the whole thing as a whole, and that's real important with us. When we do a crappy gig, we do like, get bummed out and go through...Sometimes it's funny. There's been funny things happening...

Duff: In Texas, yeah.

Slash: It was so bad, it wasn't...

Duff: It was just... This kid, I don't know if you saw this, it says like... Cause we played at like seven. This kid went home and said 10.15 Saturday night. 10.15 PM. He sent us a broken tape of ours. He broke it in half and sent this letter "I just got back from your gig and you guys sucked. I'll never buy a tape or come and see you guys again". OK...

Slash: If he'd known exactly what had gone on... I mean, see that's the things. There's no excuses, you know. If he'd known really what happened, maybe he'd understand.

Duff: Right. It was just the worst circumstances for a band, any band, that day, we went through. And the hurricane was like, 60 miles south. So, we played Texas stadium, where they have the... not a roof, but it's like, open. So the rain started... just pouring rain. And it came up on the stage and we're falling on our ass. The sound just... was terrible.

Slash: The sound was horrible.

Duff: It was horrible.

Slash: The vibe was bad. I mean, we were playing with somebody we didn't really like. And afterwards people were coming and saying "Great concert, man". And I was like, "Come on".

Duff: Give me a break.

Slash: It was like, the only thing about that was like, a bummer 'cause it was the last gig of the tour. [...]

Duff: Just like, put a needle in a balloon.

Slash: And the thing is... The main thing about that gig, it was, the ax were so diverse that it just didn't yell. The crowd was confused, the bands were confused.

Duff: And we had to walk like, miles to the stage.

Slash: 15 miles to the stage.

Duff: It was miles, you know. So, like you said, that kid, that's the only time...

Slash: I wish you hadn't told me that. That's a drag.

Duff: It was a real... I was at the office when the package came. It was like, "OK" [Interview with Duff and Slash, October 1988]

Next concert: 1988.12.04.
Previous concert: 1988.09.15.
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