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Welcome to Appetite for Discussion -- a Guns N' Roses fan forum!

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2019.02.22 - Appetite For Distortion - Tommy Stinson talks Lemonheads, New Music, and Russia

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2019.02.22 - Appetite For Distortion - Tommy Stinson talks Lemonheads, New Music, and Russia Empty 2019.02.22 - Appetite For Distortion - Tommy Stinson talks Lemonheads, New Music, and Russia

Post by Blackstar Wed Feb 21, 2024 12:47 pm

We are honored to have Tommy Stinson back on the show. In May he will embark on the North American leg of the Lemonhead's tour, but he has so much more planned. Cowboys in the Campfire, Bash & Pop, solo record, autobiography, Guns N' Roses, your fan questions...we discuss all!
Also joining us as co-host is Jenna from Philly, a listener of the AFD who won the chance to interview Tommy!


Brando: And welcome to the podcast, Appetite for Distortion, episode 107. It is Brandon coming up, part deux with Tommy Stinson. Yes, I mean you may know him, I guess, if you're listening to this podcast, a very interesting era of Guns N' Roses, a very sought after era of Guns N' Roses as far as knowledge and music. So we're going to talk to him about, he's going on tour with the Lemonheads. I mean, the guy's so incredibly busy. Bash & Pop, we're gonna talk about. We're gonna talk about Cowboys in the Campfire. And we'll see what else comes up with Tommy. So I'm gonna be asking him some questions in addition to our very special co-host for the day, AFD show listener, if you were following us on social media, I put it out there, "Do any of you wanna be co-host for when I interview Tommy?" And I was very happy and not surprised to see many of you asked. But Jenna from Philadelphia. She is the winner. So congratulations Jenna. How are you?

Jenna: Good, how are you?

Brando: I'm doing well. I think we heard your once your voice once on the show before with the the pre-recorded question to Doug Goldstein was that you right?


Brando: Hello, Tommy?

Tommy: Yeah.

Brando: Hey, it's Brando from Appetite for Distortion.

Tommy: Nice. I just tried to call you back. I was on the line with someone from Russia. I was talking to Vladimir. Yeah, I was talking to him.

Brando: Do you want this part-

Tommy: [?] the latest, you know, the latest shenanigans.

Brando: Oh man, Tommy, you gotta get into politics. Is that the next move? Cause you're so busy.

Tommy: Hell no. I can't get in politics, man, because all they would do is fucking rate me over the [?] of coals, you know, my past shenanigans and drinking and drugs and rock and roll and all that crap, I wouldn't get anywhere with it.

Brando: Hey, they all did it. You're just honest about it.

Tommy: I wouldn't lie about it, I'll tell you that. It's well documented apparently as well.

Brando: I guess so, I guess so. I appreciate, you know, of course, the last time we spoke about giving me time again. And when I saw the Lemonheads with Tommy Stinson, I'm like, "What? This guy is doing everything. He's like all over the place. He's like the ultimate utility player and headed to the Hall of Fame in some way." So thanks again for your time.

Tommy: Absolutely.

Brando: And also I wanted to bring on, cause everyone loves you. Whatever era it's from, from your career, when I remember of course announcing when I first got you in that episode just the overwhelming like positive response and then now I'm like, "You know, I can't wait to tell people I'm gonna interview Tommy again." And what I like to do on this interview is really involve the listener because that's something I feel is missing from radio and I try to be creative with podcasting so I offered a co-hosting spot for a listener just anybody. It could have been from Russia, it could have been anywhere because of the power of the internet and everything.

Tommy: If you can get Vladimir on the phone, he's probably got some good questions for me. Get a hold of Vlad for me.

Brando: In Mother Russia.

Tommy: I'm just not slightly worried that I got the FBI listening to my phone conversation about me bagging on fucking Vladimir Putin.

Brando: Hey, now I'm an associate of yours or a comrade, so I'm guilty. So we're going down together.

Tommy: All right, good, good. And we're all going to be taped right now, probably, so good.

Brando: Oh, I'm taping right now, one way or another.

Tommy: Perfect, perfect.

Brando: Yeah, so we're all going down in flames. You, me, and Jenna from Philadelphia, who won my co-hosting competition. Hey, Jenna.

Jenna: Hey, nice talking to you. Nice to meet you.

Tommy: You're the second year, the second Jenna, the third Jenna that I know.

Jenna: Really?

Tommy: As a kid, yeah, there's a kid in my building that my little one goes to school with named Jenna, a [?] of mine that went to the restaurant down the street named Jenna and that makes you number three.

Jenna: Cool. I'll take it.

Brando: Top three.

Tommy: That's pretty good. Yeah. Is it short for Genevieve?

Jenna: No, it's a Jennifer believe it or not.

Tommy: Jennifer, okay, all right, all right, that's different. The other older Jenna that I know that works at the restaurant, she's a Genevieve. But she goes by Jenna. It's a long name. So you won the contest. What do you got? What do you guys got for me?

Brando: Well, you mentioned something. Well, Jenna's gonna, of course, have joined me in the conversation, and we're gonna ask you some fan questions, of course, some coming from her. But you said something just now, which is a good jumping off point. You said in your building. So you're still in the Hudson Valley, right?

Tommy: I am in the Hudson Valley. I still live in Hudson, New York. I sold my house and moved into an apartment complex so that I wouldn't have to shovel, mow, or fix anything ever again.

Brando: That is brilliant. Can you imagine that, Tommy Stinson, living in your apartment complex, your condo?

Jenny: That'd be awesome.

Tommy: There's some funny ass people that live here though, dude. I'm telling you, it's great. They're young and old. It's a funny, it's almost like a retirement community.

Brando: You're not there yet.

Tommy: No, but it's just the clientele is a little bit like that. It becomes funny.

Brando: Do people know you? Do people know who you are?

Tommy: There's a few people that have seen me around, there's a few older couples that have seen me around and heard about who I am and they, "Are you that musician guy I've heard about?" That kind of thing. And I go, "Yeah, [?]". Yeah, so that's the name of the building I live in. And it's kind of a funny bit. And it's sweet, I mean, it's innocuous, but nice people.

Brando: This is a really good idea for a Netflix show. You know, just like the old 227[?] but with Tommy Stinson instead of Jack Hay or something like that.

Tommy: Yeah, we'd go down to the gym and work out and talk shit and then go to the spa and get a hot tub and a steam. I mean, it's all that stuff.

Brando: That's awesome. And I know you were... How did the softball tournaments go? The charity events with Cowboys and the, well, I think one was with Cowboys, one was solo, how did that go again?

Tommy: No, what it was was I did two benefits for the Little League Association up here. And the Little League Association of Hudson used to be a really big community event. You know, 20 years ago it was, you know, it was a really big deal around here. And it's kind of died off and, you know, kids and iPads and things like that have made the little league association kind of deteriorate to a certain degree. And so I got involved in it and I did two of my shows. I did one with Cowboys in Campfire and I did one with Bash & Pop and a bunch of my friends came up. You know, I had Alejandro Escavita come up and play a show and I had Jesse Malin come up. And just a bunch of, you know, a bunch of my buddies, you know, just play a show and raise some money for them. And it was a lot of fun and they're asking me to do it again. I think this year is probably going to be a little bit tough because I got this Lemonheads tour coming up. I think it's going to make it a bit hard for me to, you know, apply myself to the whole rigmarole that I did last year with this thing. But I'm going to do what I can to help them anyway.

Brando: Right on. So that's why I wanted to mention it because that seemed like a really cool thing that I would hope would continue. So it sounds like it is, I mean, barring the schedule, but that can't help.

Tommy: Yeah, you know, I had a funny idea about having the cops play the fire department in a softball match and see how much money we could raise doing that and then put some bands out there after, that kind of thing. But we'll see if I can't pull that one together.

Brando: And speaking of, because I'm going to sprinkle in some fan either questions or comments, because you mentioned Bash & Pop. So, Katrin, I believe it's said, Hoedon says, "Thank him for the second Bash & Pop release."

Tommy: Oh, well, wait for the third one. It's gonna come up probably by the end of the year. Or by fall anyway. I've got three records I'm making this year and that's one of them.

Brando: Geez. How do you? I was just talking to Jenna who's still in college and I was like, "Do you," it was hard to find for me a job also while in college. It's frustrating, you know, because I was like, "Oh, thank you for making time." Jenna, she's like, "Oh, no class today, no, I'm not working, everything is good." So how do you find the time to do, being in all these different bands and projects?

Tommy: Are you asking me or Jenna?

Brando: For the group, but I was asking you, Tommy.

Tommy: Well, you know, it's more of a matter of me just having goals. Like, you know, the Cowboys in the Campfire thing is a really good touring situation for me, because just two of us, me and Chip Roberts, and we get in a van and we tour around, and it's profitable, and we have a really good time, and we have sort of more one-on-one experiences with people, and it seems to go a long way. The Bash & Pop thing is my rock and roll band. I gotta have a rock and roll band. I gotta do that. And so we're gonna make a rock and roll record. And then the third one, it's a little bit, I got to kind of keep it under wraps a little bit, but it's going to be more of a... how should I put this without giving away the goat here? It's going to be more of a more of a soul, more of a solo type record thing. But what I've found, what I've found is I can tour. I'm happily doing any one of these things, whether it's solo or the duo with Chip Robbins doing the Cowboys in the Campfire or doing Bash & Pop and not kill myself and still have fun doing them. But I have such a short attention span, it works better for me to have a few different projects that I can work with and tour behind so that I don't get bored and, you know, don't lose my brain.

Brando: Jenna, you're a musician, is this like, does that intimidate you that Tommy has been doing this for so long and still has the hunger to make music?

Tommy: 40 years I've been doing this, man. 40 years.

Brando: Is that intimidating to you, Jenna? Or is that like, do you look forward to that and say for you in 20, in 40 years to be still making music like Tommy?

Jenna: For me, to hear somebody who started this, you know, decades and decades ago and to hear them have the same drive, the same passion, the same energy, and to go out every night or every other night and give it everything they've got. That's incredible. For me, I'm a future music teacher. So I'm doing what you do, but not on stage. And my audience is five and six year olds. But that's great to hear that you still have that energy. It gives me, "Well, this guy out here does all this touring and with these bands and makes these records. If he can do it, I can do it for five and six year olds. Just no record."

Tommy: Heck yeah. I mean, you know, it's all I've done. I mean, I've done other things and I've gotten broke, like [?] jobs or whatever, but this is the main thing that like, you know, I love doing it. And I've been fortunate enough to make a career out of it for, like I said, 40 years now. And it's, it's pretty cool. You know, it's like, what else would I, I mean, I've thought about, "Well, I should try some other things at some point," you know, whether it's working for UPS or whatever. But it's, you know, I do have the passion for it still. And I do still love what I do. And I still like the process of making records and writing songs and stuff. So those things are important to me and always will be. I mean, even if I did decide to go work for UPS or something like that, or, you know, whatever, I'd still have that passion for it.

Brando: Do you find yourself looking forward more now in this stage of your career, as opposed to maybe reflecting on everything you've accomplished? I mean, there's still plenty of new music to be had. You're not at that stage where you're receiving a lifetime achievement award, but still you have enough of a resume to be like, "Wow, this is really cool," but you have so much ahead of you still. So where do you find yourself?

Tommy: You know, I'm always looking forward. I don't really look back at anything. I mean, you know, having been in the Replacements and Guns N' Roses and stuff like that. I don't really sit and ponder it all. I kind of, you know, every day I try to get up and, you know, get myself inspired to get out of myself and go to my studio and work on music. In the winter gets a little bit harder because we all get the blues. But you know, it's, you know, I still strive to do that and still try to, you know, keep myself active and in that. And so having three things I really have as goals this year, I kind of have to get off my ass and get working on them. I mean, I've basically got half of each of these three records that I'm talking about done, you know, they're started. So it's a matter of finishing up each thing and then getting them out there to the people and all that stuff. And lucky for me, I met with my record company yesterday in New York City and talked to them about this stuff. And they're like, "Cool. All right, sounds great for us. You know, that last Bash & Pop record, still selling them. So it's a good deal for us, you know, and whatever, you know." I got encouraged by that, but you know, at least I got someone wants to put them out when I get them done and stuff. I just got to, you know, get them done.

Brando: You were in the city.

Tommy: I was in Manhattan yesterday.

Brando: Oh man. We should have met up.

Tommy: No, I didn't even know that. And I honestly, I was supposed to come down Wednesday, but the weather was going to be so crappy, I just decided to push it to the next day and I had a doctor appointment the next day. So I had to go to the doctor yesterday morning and I came down the city after that and spent the day hanging out with Fat Possum folks.

Brando: Oh, nice. Okay. We got to get to you on an iHeartRadio tour. This is a little bit more intimate, I guess. But yesterday I did one, and it's gonna be a future episode, I know recording and dates is confusing, but with Richie Faulkner talking about the new tour, new album, we have a rock division, and if you're here in the city often, you could talk to stations all across the country.

Tommy: Wow, so let me ask you, where are you guys located? Are you guys up in that like, XTN, not XTN, are you guys located in the Sirius building? Where you guys at?

Brando: Tribeca, Tribeca, kind of near the Freedom Tower-ish.

Tommy: Okay, cool. And you guys do like live performances and stuff like that? In the studios and all that?

Brando: Yeah, I think that, is there one going on tonight? Hold on, cause Breaking Benjamin's been here, Disturbed has been here.

Tommy: Disturbed. [?]

Brando: Well, Nickleback's been here as well. Nickleback's been here, and by the way, I always make sure that I take a picture with everybody, so there's definitely a picture with me with Nickleback. I don't know, it might be some country thing going on downstairs, but yeah, we get it all the time. Keith Sweats has been here, you know, so we have a little... And we also have like a Midtown office, but this is where all the radio stations are and everything like that. Given how personable you are, I'm waiting for the Tommy Stinson book one day to come out for something else for you to promote. So it's all-

Tommy: I'll talk to you all about that particular thing at the end of the year. But in the meantime, I'll come down there with Chip and we'll play some Cowboys in the Campfire for you and throw him out there and we'll do a little interview, do a thing.

Brando: That would be amazing. That would absolutely would be amazing. Thank you in advance, Tommy.

Tommy: Why the hell not?

Brando: I don't know. It's so funny. I was telling Jen off the air. That's why I like having quote just regular people on, because I'm a regular person who just happens to have a platform and made this my career. I could be doing like you use, for example, UPS. I still have a second job where I listen to... You ever hear that recording that says this phone call maybe monitored for quality assurance?

Tommy: Yes, yes.

Brando: I work for a company that does that, the monitoring. So Jenna, stay in college for as long as you can. You're never gonna stop working.

Jenna: No, no problem.

Brando: So I'm just a regular person. And I'm like, yeah, I spoke to Tommy before, he was nice, but I still find myself a little nervous, why? And then you come on, from the get-go, you're just such an overwhelmingly nice person and you're offering to come down here to the studio. So it's like, and I'm just letting my feelings out right now, Tommy. Just trying to-

Tommy: Good, good. Well, let them flow, man. Okay, it's okay. You are among friends here.

Brando: Right on, so that would be amazing. I mean, obviously, happy to have you here on the phone and obviously Jenna on the phone as well. So it's all gravy. You know what, this might be-

Tommy: Very cool.

Brando: Over your long career-

Tommy: Let's do this again, let's do this again. Get more contest winners and a have a chat with Tommy and then I'll come down and I'll play, we'll get them all in the room together.

Brando: Hey, if I can get a-

Tommy: [?] and videotape it, you know?

Brando: If I can get approval for that, they always do that at Power 105, taping stuff, so why can't I do it, you know, so.

Tommy: You should totally be able to do it. You can put that stuff on the internet, man. People are just, you know, "Look at this goofy day. Here's Tommy and Chip and, you know, doing, just saying, you know, iHeart[?] radio, you know?"

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2019.02.22 - Appetite For Distortion - Tommy Stinson talks Lemonheads, New Music, and Russia Empty Re: 2019.02.22 - Appetite For Distortion - Tommy Stinson talks Lemonheads, New Music, and Russia

Post by Soulmonster Sat Apr 13, 2024 11:05 am

Brando: I would certainly love it, I know my listeners would. But I couldn't help again but think about, talk about everything over your career and how grateful you still are. People still want the records and people still do. But I was talking to Jenna before about how she's 26 and her introduction to you was Guns N' Roses. And I was thinking about this actually on the way here, that my introduction to Buckethead was to Guns N' Roses. So, I mean, that's very... I don't know, Jen, tell the story about your first show. Yeah, I don't wanna tell your story, you tell it.

Jenna: No, I appreciate it, but I'm young, like you said, I'm 26, so everybody constantly reminds me, "Oh, you missed all the fun," and all that kind of stuff, which I disagree with, but I happen to go, you guys came to Pennsylvania, you played the Sands Casino, it was Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, it was a sold out show. 8,000 people, everybody's going nuts. And there I am, I must've been probably like 21 or 22. And you guys hit the stage with such ferocity, such energy. And this is my first time ever seeing Guns N' Roses. I hadn't seen any of the other shows or anything like that because I'm so young and school and whatnot. But finally just getting to see you guys play was amazing, for lack of a better word and it was just the energy you had like I couldn't believe it that this band existed that this band was real. Yeah. Wow. I'm still in awe. That was my first-

Tommy: Well, very cool. I mean that was you know that was a very good gig for me. I have nothing but good things to say and I'm really stoked that like you know Axl and Slash and then that back together was a very big deal. Even to know those guys or to know Axl for as long as I have, it makes me happy that, you know, they have put their stuff aside and they're fucking out there doing that thing again. Is it bad for me to swear on this?

Brando: Nope. Nope. It's fucking okay.

Jenna: I asked that question too.

Brando: It's all good.

Tommy: No, you know, like I said, it was great gig for me for the 17 years it lasted, but I'm really happy that they're out there doing that thing. It was a big, big deal for anyone that knows those cats, them getting back together, it's, you know, "not in this lifetime," you know, it's well beyond that, that they actually got it together and went out there and are still, you know, out there playing together again, and that's great. It's a great rock and roll story to me.

Brando: Right. Right on. And before we get to some fan questions, I want to know how the Lemonheads thing came together, because they're of course another legendary band. How did you join up with them? How did that friendship happen? How did you decide to go on tour with them? Tell us about it.

Tommy: I have no idea.

Brando: All right, moving on.

Tommy: No, no, no, no. Evan and I have been trying to get together and work on some songs for a while when we've crossed paths, and just hasn't worked out timing-wise. And so he actually made this covers record down by me. I wasn't around when he was making anything. I think I was on the road when he was here making the thing, except to the last day and I still didn't even make it up there because I had my kid. But the whole thing with that really is just that we've been trying to hook up and write songs and do things for awhile now. And we have the same manager. And he was going to go out to Lemonheads and do the tour behind this record. He's doing great in Europe and stuff like that. And the show's here already starting to sell out. And John, our mutual manager, John Gassner, was like, "How about I throw you on the bill and you just go out and play solo? I'll put you on the bus with them. That'll be cheap. You and Evan can bond and do a thing and hopefully you'll produce a record." And that was the idea. The idea really was more that I needed to work this summer. Because daddy's gotta make some money, if you know what I'm saying. So that kind of was the impetus for it. But also there's a bigger hope and a bigger prospect if all goes well.

Brando: Okay. So, I mean, if I can dig deeper and you can say no comment, but perhaps recording with them is in the future?

Tommy: You know, I mean, it's funny. I was just talking to a kid from Russia that had heard the story already somehow.

Brando:  Those Russians, man! I'm a third Russian, so I can say that. But that's, wow.

Tommy: They tapped me into my phone lines here listening to my intimate conversations with my manager. I mean, really? But no, you know, the thing, you know, we've been trying to do this for a while, him and I, and it just hasn't worked out timing-wise or whatever yet, and song-wise, et cetera, et cetera. It's very possible that we, you know, at some point I'll be making a record with that kid and, and we'll do something really cool, at some point, you know, more likely than unlikely at this point, I would think, but we have nothing, you know, etched in stone or even anything him and I have discussed past the last time we talked about it.

Brando: All it takes is a will and a dream. Sorry I said that.

Tommy: Keep them all guessing, keep them all guessing.

Brando: Awesome. So if you don't mind, I guess I got some fan questions for you. This was from Jared who was disappointed, Jenna, that he did not get the co-hosting. But what I should tell you, Tommy, what Jenna just said, because everyone came in with a bunch of questions and just seemed so prepared. Jenna's like, "Oh, that would just be a dream come true. I don't know what else to say." There was something about that that spoke to me. That's it.

Jenna: My lack of writing.

Brando: I don't know. Something about that spoke to me. So Jared asks, cause I've had Brain on the show, you know, who you played for during your 17 years in GN'R.

Tommy: Oh yeah, I miss that guy. He was one of the funnier cats I've ever met.

Brando: Oh, I got to play the soundbite from Brain. "It's Rad." He says "rad" a lot. "It's Rad." See? All right, I'll stop. It was like his peewee word of the day. It was just like "rad" all the time. Anyway, so with Jared, so he refreshed my mind because we interviewed Brain a little while ago and he was great. He told the story about the first two times that they jammed together, you and Brain. And he talked about the first meeting not going so well to him being not prepared. He was very honest and candid about that. And the second time he was given the job after one song. And I think it was you that really lit a fire. So, Jared would love to hear your side of the story. If you wouldn't mind.

Tommy: You know, he was very candid about being ill prepared. And we were about to go on tour at some point soon after. And I had this guy... kind of got rid of the rest of the band for probably, it might've been like a good week or two, where him and I just hunkered down and learned the songs the way they had to be done and worked together. And I had to kind of, you know, get him in the shape and in the gear to do this stuff. Cause you couldn't just, those songs have so many parts and so many dynamics to them. You can't just kind of wing it. You got to learn the goddamn song. And so that's what we had to do. And I had to kind of strap him down and, you know, get him to that point.

Brando: Were you, because obviously you developed a friendship, but at that time when that happened, did you, were you, I don't want to say annoyed, but what was your view of it? Because obviously he is and was very talented and very good at what he does, but did you just think maybe, you know, it's like a sports team, we all just got to practice more, or, you know, what did you think of that at the time?

Tommy: You know, I was not annoyed because I loved him from the moment I met him  because he is such a funny guy. So it was more like, "Okay, we got to hunker down and learn[?] the ship and get it right so at least we are good," because guitar players don't really follow drum and bass so well in these bigger rock band scenario [?] so I had to kind of beat up on him a little bit, [?] maybe the first one to tell you, I was pretty, "Let's do it again. Run it again. Here we go." You know-

Brando: He was appreciative of it. He was appreciative.

Tommy: Yeah. I mean, we had to, because literally we're going to go out and tour. It's like, and it wasn't that long, you know, a way that we had to get this together and I saw the quickest way for us to do this is just, "You and me sit down. We're gonna listen, we're gonna play, we're gonna learn these parts, these songs, and then we can play as a band. We'll have it down. Hopefully it'll go good."

Brando: Is that something that you have like a leadership quality or some sort of mentoring quality that you have in whether it be Guns or any band that you kind of just have this, I don't know, professional, not only professional, I guess, but you have this certain sort of way to handle yourself, that maybe you need to corral other people and take charge at times?

Tommy: You know, it happened with that particular band just because someone needed to do that. And someone needed to do that and someone needed to, you know, kind of, like you said, corral the whole thing. I did it by just by, someone had to. And so I took the role. And I worked with it. And I can do that and I can, you know, lead a session. I can do a thing. I prefer to work with people that already know their shit. And, you know, when we first started playing together, I was in a room full of guys I normally wouldn't even been in a room with playing because we were all from vastly different backgrounds musically. And, again, like I had to kind of just, I just did my best to grab the bull by the horns and try and guide it to, you know, so it sounded good. The last thing you want to do is get in front of - you know, I think our first gig was, you know, playing Rock In Rio in front of, you know, 300,000 people - the last thing you want to do is get up there and suck. So it was leading up to that, that it was, you know, we had to really kind of hunker down, you know, and take it seriously. And we had three guitar players. And if you have any idea what it's like to play with three guitar players at once, you'll know somebody outside of the six string guitar realm has to run the show a little bit. The last thing you want is a guitar player running the show. [laughs] I'm kind of kidding. Just kind of kidding. But Jenna, that's a little tip for your class there.

Brando: That's exactly what I was thinking.

Jenna: Don't let the guitar players run the show.

Tommy: Lead guitar players make lousy leaders, just I'm telling you.

Jenna: Oh, noted.

Brando: This is a question from Alex Mendoza, super fan. I don't know, maybe you know the name. "Can you please ask him to give Terry Reed a call and have him on the next record? I've talked to both Tommy and Terry about this. And last I saw Terry at NAMM, he still wants to hear from Tommy about it, thanks."

Tommy: I just saw Terry about a month ago in Maryland. And it was great, I hadn't seen him in years. Still love the guy, he's great. And I'd love that. I actually was gonna try and get him on a Cowboys in the Campfire song when he was in town, but I could not get a hold of him. I had a few people that kind of knew a number, but it was an old number, so it didn't really kind of pan out. But I still hold hope that I could probably get him on something and would love to, because he and I have crossed paths so many times over the years, you know?

Brando: That's the cool thing and the interesting thing about what you do and what we spoke to Richard Fortus about and Alex Grossi, people who are in multiple bands. Because it's not like you all consider aside a block of time to play with your friends or to someone you wanna play with. You all have different schedules. It's difficult. So, to manage that part of it is... Like, is there anyone that you've been trying to play with? Obviously, the Lemonhead's finally happening, but you've wanted to play with that you just haven't found the time to play with yet?

Tommy: Well, there's a few people, Richard Fortus is one of them. I talked to him recently and I was like, "Dude, I think I might come down to St. Louis and hang out with you, work on some music or something and hang out." Cause I haven't seen him in ages and he's one of my best friends. So, you know, I'm thinking of going on to see St. Louis at some point, having a visit with him and the family and work on some stuff. But, one of the other people that, that's, you know, sort of been in that category is John from Deertick[?]. He and I have talked periodically about different things and him and Marshall Crenshaw are friends. And so there was an idea like him, Marshall Crenshaw, and I starting a band together and doing a thing. I'm like, "I'm in, I'm in, I love Marshall," you know? That'd be great. And then my dear friend, Nicole Atkins, who produced a single from Bash & Pop that we did, that she did a great job on, she's probably going to produce the solo record that I'm going to do at the end of the year, which is one of the things I was going to keep under wraps. But she's one of my dear friends and one of my favorite singers right now. And she had an idea and I think I'm going to, you know, take her up on it. And at some point in the end, by the end of the year, I should [?] the year I should be able to get some songs together with her for that. But she had a good one and we're gonna put one out.

Brando: Awesome. One more fan question for me, and then I know Jenna has a another another good one. This is from Dan on Twitter, rain dogs 70, interesting one. "With all the attention of Woodstock of the 50th concert 50th anniversary concert, are there any festivals planned in the Hudson Valley as an alternative?"

Tommy: You know, God, I heard that the Mountain Fest thing just went away. I heard they're not going to do that anymore. Or mountain-

Brando: Mountain Jam?

Tommy: Yeah. I guess that's not going to happen anymore. But someone's I hope I'm wrong, but I think I heard about that. I don't really know, and I'm not really much of a festival goer. I play festivals, but I don't really like to go to them. I have a hard time with being on that side of the stage with lots of people around, you know?

Brando: I'm kind of the same way too. That's why I like being behind the microphone and not being on a stage with a microphone. So I completely understand. Jenna, go ahead with your question, the other one that you had.

Jenna: I just had one where I'm a bass player. I don't play very well. I don't play like you, but I'm getting there. And I wondered, because the way the music industry is changing, YouTube and things like that, and I've heard so many musicians saying how different it is and things of that nature. Do you have any advice for maybe younger musicians who are trying to make it in the business or, you know, who are just playing for, you know, something that they love? Do you have any advice that you could offer us?

Tommy: The only advice I really have given, and I've had to give this to my oldest daughter who is a great singer and writes music on her own and stuff and has a great job in New York City. Actually, and I mean, she's not in New York City, she works in the company's in Jersey, but she has this office in Manhattan. The thing that I always say to kids is that if you really want to do it, you're always going to want to do it. And you can do it anytime you want when you got the time. But you have to remember one thing is that you need to make money to pay for a rehearsal space or you need to pay a musician if you want to make a record, you know, possibly unless you've got kids that you've grown up with that you've got a band with that, you know, you don't have to pay them. But if you can make money as a band, you can, you know, augment your income with that. You just, you have to know that going in you can't look at it as like, "Okay, this is how I want to make my living." I think it's way smarter to do it out of the love in your heart and a hope that you get the break that, like I've gotten, like, I'm one in a million. I tell you that right now, sincerely, there are not a lot of people that have been as lucky as I have that are way more talented than I am and that I know as musicians are way better than I or that I think are better than like even the Replacements or Guns N' Roses. But we've been very fortunate in this life, myself I'm speaking of particularly, in that we got lucky. And we got lucky at the right time, right place and worked hard at it, you know, young on, but you can't count on that. And you know, you always... The one thing is you just kind of if you want to do it, you're going to do it anyway, but you know, have fun with it. The whole thing of playing music is it's an art form. And most of the greatest artists in the world have become famous posthumously. So you have to consider that kind of thing, whether it's, you know, Picasso or whoever, you know, or, you know, Beethoven, and you can think of all these things, all these different art forms that had become famous and popular later, you know, after their dead. And you got to kind of just kind of consider that, you know, and do what you want to do and love it and have fun with it. That's what you really can do it. Because, you know, I'll be honest with you, there's, there's millions and millions of very talented people out there that are trying to do the same thing, and there's just not enough of a place for everyone. So everyone that wants to make music should make music if they want to make music, but just keep your expectations in check and do it for the right reasons.

Brando: Very well said. I appreciate your question, Jenna, and especially your answer, Tommy. That's my approach to radio, and I think that's a lot of people. You should do something that you love and realize it may not pan out the way that you want, but if you're happy, you surround yourself with the right people, you know, good environments, you gotta, you know, not to sound corny, but just counting your blessings for what you do have in a way.

Tommy: Yeah, exactly. And you know what? Maybe you get lucky too, like I got lucky, you know? And like my other friends have gotten lucky, but, you know, it does take a lot of work and luck, I mean, really, I mean, there's still a good amount of luck involved in it, you know?

Brando: Yeah, no, I'm lucky the fact that I'm on the phone with you right now for the second time, now that we're amongst friends. Jenna won the luck of the lottery to be my co-host. So I just really appreciate your time, Tommy, and looking forward to the new Bash & Pop, a potential solo record that may or may not happen. We don't know yet. So you-

Tommy: Cowboys in the Campfire, that's gonna be the first one.

Brando: Yeah, so Cowboys, what are the dates, like what's going on with Cowboys right now?

Tommy: Well we're finishing up that record. That's the first record that can be finished up here right now. And that's just Chip Roberts and myself, I got John Doe from X played upright bass on some of it, which was interesting because he hadn't really played upright bass on a record before. We had a ball. And he just showed up ready to go which was fantastic. Ad being that he's been a dear friend of mine for ages. it helps. Yeah, now we're gonna put that out probably sometime soonish. We get a couple songs to finish up and mix and master and put a whole plan together for it. And hopefully that'll come out, you know, by the time I'm done with this, you know, Lemonhead's record, or Lemonhead's tour, I should say.

Brando: Right on. And you're jumping on that, what, in May, right? When they come back to the States?

Tommy: Yeah. Yep.

Brando: Because I'm hoping to see you where Richard Fortus just played with Headtronics. You're going to be in my neck of the woods, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bowl. And you played there with GN'R, right? Was that you?

Tommy: No...

Brando: You were not with that line up?

Tommy: I don't think that we, no, did we play Brooklyn Bowl? Jeez, I mean we might have.

Brando: I know GN'R did.

Tommy: We might have, been so many. We might have been that, might have been a thing, that might have been on there.

Brando: I'll get my producer on that, that doesn't exist. And you're coming to Jenna's neck of the wood? I'm looking at the dates right now. Where is the Philly date? Didn't you say yet you were looking at that? Oh, I see it, Lancaster in June.

Tommy: You gonna make it out, you gonna make it out there or what?

Jenna: Yeah, I'll do my damnest.

Tommy: Well, you come on out, you can be my guest.

Jenna: Oh, wow. Thank you so much. That's wonderful. You were talking about being lucky. I'm lucky. Oh my gosh.

Brando: Very cool. So Tommy, I really appreciate your time and Jenna, anything else you want to say before we let him go and get back to talking to his Russian spies?

Jenna: I've got one more. If you don't mind, you don't have to answer, but are you able to give us one funny story that sticks with you from your days at GN'R? Are you able to do that or should I keep mum?

Tommy: You know, I should probably keep that mums for the book.

Brando: Okay.

Tommy: Actually, I can't think of anything that comes off top of my head, otherwise I'd share it with you right now.

Brando: All right, because sometimes it's like this silly story you may not think of. It doesn't have to be anything, you know, like, The Dirt movie coming out, doesn't have to be any dirt, but I don't know, maybe one day sleepwalking, Axl sleepwalked naked into your room by accident. Okay, just making sure.

Tommy: No, that didn't happen, but yeah, a lot of those stories start with a bad thing that turns funny. I don't know if I wanna go down that road right now.

Brando: No, that's fine. Actually, I like the answer of the book. Hopefully, you know, that wasn't a metaphoric book, but you actually do put out one because not just with your musical resume, but like the answer you just gave as far as advice, I know it would come out really well written and inspiring. So I look forward to the future autobiography from Tommy Stinson.

Jenna: Yeah, same.

Tommy: Very cool. Well, hey, let's do this again next month. Get another contest winner up there.

Brando: Next month? Sure. Tommy, anytime you wanna do this.

Tommy: Let's do them once a month.

Brando: I would do that. Now I'm like, I'm flustered. Cause you're officially, now I have to play this to soundbite to make things more awkward. "Bad apple." You're a bad apple. That's what I call my listeners. Like Jenna's a bad apple. You're a bad apple too, Tommy. So yeah, we can have the monthly residency of Tommy Stinson, I have no problem with that.

Tommy: I'll give you the updates as they occur.

Brando: Cool, fine by me. Send me whatever, you can bring Chip on next time, of course, anything you wanna do. You can be in Jenna's spot and play co-host and perhaps there's somebody you wanna interview. We can go-

Tommy: Oh yeah, no, that sounds kinda fun. Yeah. I gotta dig that, yeah. We'll call up Red Miller. We'll give him a piece of our mind. [laughs]

Brando: Oh, that's awesome. Cause I did that with former, I guess former manager of yours, cause I forget how long Doug Goldstein was in there. It was, Doug was my cohost and we interviewed the Use Your Illusion chiropractor, the tour chiropractor. And it was awesome.

Tommy: [laughs] Wow, how long ago was that? Oh my God.

Brando: Just a few episodes ago, maybe a month ago.

Tommy: Really? How was he doing? I haven't seen that guy since I joined the band.

Brando: Dr. Steven Thaxton? Dr. Steven Thaxton?

Tommy: I don't know him. Doug Goldstein was the one I was wondering.

Brando: Oh, that's who you're wondering about. Okay, forgive me. Doug is doing well right now. I think he just moved to Texas. He's working with opioid addiction, he's working with something called Matthews Hope, good traveling the country, talking about opioid addiction. Yeah, so I know people may have their opinions on Doug, but he's been nothing but a sweetheart to me and he's been on the show a couple times. From your voice, you sound like you have good memories of him, a good time with him?

Tommy: You know, when I joined the band, he was the manager and he went out kind of in a blaze and it was kind of messed up. But, you know, I'll leave it at that. But I wondered, I often wondered about him. Like, you know, I don't think he's a bad guy, I just think things just got kind of screwed up, you know, for all of it.

Brando: He's on... Well, I don't think your team is active on social media. He's on Twitter, but otherwise, I mean, if you want, off the air, I can give you his number. I know he would really appreciate it. He says nothing but love to, you know, the band, he's a fan of the podcast. He's just, it's been, you know, in addition to talking to you and meeting cool strangers like Jenna, I mean, it's Doug was another, somebody just calls me randomly sometimes. It's quite surreal.

Tommy: Wow. Very cool, man. Awesome. Well, hey, you figure out how you want to do this next month and give me a call, right?

Brando: You got it. No, I appreciate everything, Tommy. You have a great day and I'm looking forward to just your whole platter of projects coming up.

Tommy: All right, man, I'll talk to you soon.

Brando: You got it, Tommy, you take care.

Tommy: Have a good weekend, you guys. All right, bye-bye. Bye.

Jenna: Have a good weekend.

Tommy: You too. All right, you, bye-bye.

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2019.02.22 - Appetite For Distortion - Tommy Stinson talks Lemonheads, New Music, and Russia Empty Re: 2019.02.22 - Appetite For Distortion - Tommy Stinson talks Lemonheads, New Music, and Russia

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Translated this.
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2019.02.22 - Appetite For Distortion - Tommy Stinson talks Lemonheads, New Music, and Russia Empty Re: 2019.02.22 - Appetite For Distortion - Tommy Stinson talks Lemonheads, New Music, and Russia

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