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1993.01.25 - Rockline - Interview with Izzy (and Jimmy and Rick from Ju Ju Hounds)

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1993.01.25 - Rockline - Interview with Izzy (and Jimmy and Rick from Ju Ju Hounds) Empty 1993.01.25 - Rockline - Interview with Izzy (and Jimmy and Rick from Ju Ju Hounds)

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:15 pm

Bob Coburn: Tonight Rockline is pleased to present an evening with former Guns N' Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin along with some Ju Ju Hounds tonight, so get your questions ready and call us toll-free at 1-800-344-ROCK, that's 1-800-344-7625. One number, toll-free from anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Izzy Stradlin left Guns N' Roses just as they were about to become a true rock 'n' roll phenomenon. Now this took a little courage, conviction, confidence, a little craziness, or maybe a combination of all the above. Nonetheless, the new band, Izzy Stradin and the Ju Ju Hounds have a solid CD out that's getting a lot of radio airplay, and let's welcome from the band, Izzy Stradlin. Nice to have you here!

Izzy: Thanks Bob.

Bob Coburn: Good to see you. And also we have the guitarist from the band, Mr. Rick Richards, welcome to Rockline!

Rick: Hi Bob, how ya doin?

Bob Coburn: Good! And the bass player is here as well, Mr. Jimmy Ashhurst. Welcome to Rockline, Jimmy!

Jimmy: Thank you Bob.

Bob Coburn: It's nice to see you guys with instruments in your hand. I assume you'll be playing live a little bit later later, so stick around for that. Izzy, gotta ask you the question everybody wants to know: Why'd you leave? Really, what's the answer? Why'd you leave the band?

Izzy: Guns N' Roses it just got... to a point where I didn't, uh... it didn't make any sense to me. It just, it...

Bob Coburn: In what way? Musically? Chemistry wise? Just...

Izzy: Uh yeah, I mean where it was going, and uh... yeah where it was going and... you know the things that were happening...  while it was going wherever it was going.

Bob Coburn: Was it hard for you knowing the success was coming and it was gonna be even bigger it seemed than it was gonna be?

Izzy: Well, it was just one of those things that you have -- you have to make a decision on it, you know? Whatever happens happens, you know, and it was -- it was a big decision, but I'm glad I made it.

Bob Coburn: That's what I was gonna ask, now you can look back, there's some time between, you did the right thing, you think?

Izzy: Yeah, sure.

Bob Coburn: Yeah? No hesitation there...

Izzy: No.

Bob Coburn: ill feelings about "Oh man, I wish I hadn't done that"?

Izzy: No, no I mean we had some great times in that band... put out some good stuff.

Bob Coburn: Now how'd you assemble this band? How'd you find these guys, and how'd you know they were right guys you wanted to work with?

Izzy: Uh, well Jimmy's a friend, from way back and I hooked -- I called him up, and he... hooked us up with Charlie Quintana, the drummer, and gave Rick Richards a call, and we just sort of got together and started playing, and... writing, and recording, and...

Rick: ...It just turned into [a] band kind of overnight.

Izzy: Yeah.

Bob Coburn: Now how'd you feel, Rick, when you got the call? What did you think first of all?

Rick: Well first of all, I thought uh, this was kind of right up my alley because I'd... met Izzy previously and I was... kind of familiar with uh, his roots, and uh, they really coincided with mine as well, so it was uh, it was a match made in heaven.

Bob Coburn: Sounded attractive to you, huh?

Rick: Yeah, right.

Bob Coburn: Jimmy, what about you? How'd you feel when you...?

Jimmy: Well considering I was at the time working at a record store, I was pretty pleased to receive the phone call... But um...

Bob Coburn: Have you quit that day job?

Jimmy: (Laughs) Yes. Yes, sir I have. But, uh... no, I was uh, I was real exited, you know. I'd always, uh... I'd known Izzy for a number of years and I was always, you know, we were always kind of hung out and jammed together and things, and it was great, you know. It was great to have an opportunity to play with good friends, and good musicians.

Bob Coburn: Now "Ju Ju Hounds." Never heard a name close to that. Where'd that come from? Who's got the story behind that?

Izzy: It came out of a song, one of the first songs that we tracked. It was called "Out of Your Blood." And uh... there was a line in there, "Ju Ju Hound," we just kinda pulled it out of the song, and... kept it as a name.

Bob Coburn: Is it harder or easier to start a band from scratch than you thought it might be? I'll let anybody take this one. I mean you've been through it Rick, with...

Rick: Yeah, well in...

Bob Coburn: ...and so have you, Jimmy, and so have you, Izzy.

Rick: In this case it was uh, relatively simple. As I said earlier we were all pretty much versed in the same kind of music and we all had the same kind of idea about how we wanted it to sound. So it really wasn't that difficult, plus we all got along tremendously well.

Bob Coburn: Comes in handy, doesn't it?

Rick: Yeah it does, man.

Izzy: Yeah.

Bob Coburn: Izzy what's the best thing about being the boss in your own band, and the worst?

Izzy: Best and the worst... I don't know, Bob. (Laughter) I don't know! It's a'ss...

Bob Coburn: Probably the worst is having to answer questions like that, huh?

Izzy: (Laughs) Yeah.

Rick: He's a good boss. (Laughter) He's a good boss.

Bob Coburn: That's what I was gonna ask you guys next, how's it working for him? I think we know what the answer's gonna be on that one.

Rick: He's a... he's a bit of a tyrant but uh otherwise he's real easy to get along with.

Bob Coburn: Every solar system has to have a sun! (Laughter) Hey, I think I hear somebody knockin'. Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds on Rockline.

("Somebody's Knockin'")

Bob Coburn: Just about to hit the phones, before we do we'd like to take a moment and welcome a new affiliate into the Rockline family of stations, Q94 in Bend, Oregon. Just around the ol' bend.

Izzy: All right!

Rick & Jimmy: [Unintelligible]

Bob Coburn: We've got Mark on the line in Dunn, North Carolina, listening to 92.9 WZNS in Dylan, South Carolina. And Mark, you're on the Rockline!

Caller: Hey, how you all doing?

Izzy: Hey, good Mark!

Caller: Uh, great. How long did it take to complete the new album?

Izzy: I think it took us three, four months?

Jimmy: I guess off and on it was yeah, it was about three months off and on. We were doing a couple of tracks at a time, and then we would sort of break and jam some more and come up with some new stuff. So it wasn't a steady, straight through recording process.

Bob Coburn: So you did some at Emway, right?

Izzy: Yeah.

Bob Coburn: And then some...Chicago, I think it was?

Izzy: Chicago, right.

Bob Coburn: Chicago's got such a great feel to make music in.

Izzy: Yeah, it was cool!

Bob Coburn: Yeah, and then you go to Copenhagen...

Izzy: Yeah, yeah.

Bob Coburn: ...or Copenhahgen, if you want to be European and mixed the thing. Eh, it sounds like a pretty good way to do it.

Izzy: Yeah, it was a good trip...

Bob Coburn: Yeah I bet! (laughter) I bet, yeah. Close to some pretty fun cities there, huh?

Izzy: Yeah!

Bob Coburn: Mark, thanks a lot! Uh, we have a caller now named Trish and she is in Paddock Lake, Wisconsin listing to Laser 103 in Milwaukee and Trish, you're on the show!

Caller: Hi guys, what's up?

Izzy and Jimmy: Hi, Trish.

Izzy: Uh, nothin'.

Caller: Um, I'd like to know where you shot the video for "Shuffle It All," and what your next video will be.

Rick: Well "Shuffle It All" was shot, uh mainly in Chicago, I believe, right?

Izzy: Yeah it was. All of it, yeah.

Rick: All of it was, yeah. Indoors and outdoors, different places around town... in the studio, and then in the rehearsal hall.

Bob Coburn: And the next video, is it already shot?

Izzy: I... no... well we've got some footage from the European tour, and I think maybe we'll just throw that together and... colorize it or something, you know? (laughter)

Bob Coburn: Yeah, there you go!

Rick: Or cauterize it...

Izzy: (Laughs)

Bob Coburn: Give it to Ted Turner, he'll do it for you! (laughter)

Izzy: Splice!

Bob Coburn: What, what song will it be for?

Izzy: Uh, I imagine "Somebody".

Bob Coburn: Yeah, that would make sense.

Izzy: Yeah.

Bob Coburn: That's the current emphasis track. Trish, thank you very much, it's Stacy's turn, in Auburn, Alabama. Stacy is a listener of Rock 103 WVRK in Columbus. And she's on now! Hi Stacy!

Caller: Hey, Izzy!

Izzy: Hey, Stace.

Caller: What's goin' on, guys?

Izzy: Ah, just hangin'...

Caller: Man it was great to see you and Rick get together, both of you are just awesome artists, I enjoy it.

Rick: Thank you!

Izzy: Seriously.

Caller: Izzy, the songs you wrote while you were in in Guns N' Roses?

Izzy: Mm hm?

Caller: And now on your solo album, they're so different. Did you do this on purpose to differentiate yourself from Guns N' Roses, or was this just like a natural evolution in your songwriting ability?

Izzy: Yeah, it was more of an evolution. And... ah, it's a lot to do with the... players, you know? It's a little bit different approach, I think... different sounds... you know. It's more basic I suppose.

Bob Coburn: Just the absence of someone you've been working with will make a difference, let alone someone...

Izzy: Yeah...

Bob Coburn: coming in, and it really changes everything, the whole atmosphere, doesn't it?

Izzy: Yeah, it was an... yeah. Refreshing sound.

Bob Coburn: Yeah. Stacy, thanks! We're gonna talk with John now in Patomic, Minnesota? Maryland. That makes more sense. And uh, that's a listener of 98 Rock in Baltimore, Maryland and John, you're on!

Caller: Hey Izzy, how's it going?

Izzy: Hey John, good!

Caller: Hey I heard you were asked by Rich Robertson to join the Black Crowes, is this true or...?

Izzy: No that's not true. We were gonna hook up and do some jammin', but it never happened, because...some other things I had to take care of, you know?

Bob Coburn: Rick, were you ever asked to join the Black Crowes? You'd be a natural too, man! (Laughter)

Izzy: Lives right down the street, don't he?

Rick: Yeah, lives down the street. I don't think they hire people from... that live on the same street they do.

Bob Coburn: (Laughs) Did they play too loud in the middle of the night? Did they keep you up? That's what I want to know!

Rick: Ah... no, no. They're, they're a good bunch of fellas, man. Great guys.

Bob Coburn: Thank you John. We're gonna play "Pressure Drop" right now. This is the most different version of this song I have ever heard. It's a reggae song, but it sure doesn't sound like reggae, does it Izzy?

Izzy: Uh, just at the end.

Bob Coburn: Just at the end, yeah, you've got a point there. And also this was a, a CD... was this European only, this Pressure Drop uh, 4 song CD that came out?

Izzy: Yeah, I believe so. I think Europe, maybe Japan...

Bob Coburn: Europe and Japan?

Izzy: Yeah.

Bob Coburn: And Pressure Drop which is on the current album uh, Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds is on here, but there are three songs that are not on the CD in the States.

Izzy: Yeah, there's another reggae track on that as well. And there was talk of putting that out, uh, during the summer here while we're out touring. Maybe put those four songs out, you know.

Bob Coburn: Yeah. Did you do this...have you toured Europe yet?

Izzy: Oh yeah! We've been on a three month...

Bob Coburn: (Interrupting) That's where you've been and you put this out to kind of drum up a little interest over there?

Izzy: Yeah, it was like a, you know jump start.

Bob Coburn: Well, Toots and the Maytals, wherever you are...Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds with "Pressure Drop" on Rockline.

("Pressure Drop")

Bob Coburn: Rasta, mon. (Laughs) "Pressure Drop," Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds on Rockline. Lets hit the phones, you guys. We go to Austin Texas...Scott's on the line and our station's KLBJ, FM 94. Hello there.

Caller: Hey, How's it goin' Izzy?

Izzy: Hey! Good, Scott.

Caller: All right man, my question's for you. id you use any different guitar techniques on your new album compared to any other techniques you may have used in Guns N' Roses?

Izzy: Mixed 'em louder.

Bob Coburn: (Laughs.)

Izzy: That's about the only thing. Old Les Paul Juniors... Boogie Amps... Fender... amps... but it was... I think mainly the big difference is its, its more presence. Both mine and Rick's guitars. We made it a point to get the guitars up.

Bob Coburn: Does that answer surprise you, Scott, or did you have something else you thought you were gonna hear?

Caller: No, that's probably just what I wanted to hear.

Bob Coburn: OK, well, good!

Caller: Sounds about right.

Izzy: Yeah?

Bob Coburn: Well, we've got Scott satisfied.

Izzy: OK, Scott.

Bob Coburn: Good, thanks for calling! It's Marilyn's turn in Lathan, New York, a listener of Picks 106 that's in Albany, and Marilyn, you're on!

Caller: Hi guys! I, I love the album.

Jimmy: Thanks!

Rick: Thank you.

Izzy: Thanks, Marilyn.

Caller: I have a question for Izzy?

Izzy: Mm hm?

Caller: I'm looking forward to seeing you live, and I'm wondering what we might expect from you in concert? Will you be doing "Dust N' Bones" or "14 Years," any of the songs you did with Guns?

Izzy: Uh, you know at this point we haven't done it yet. And uh... kind of playing it by ear you know, to see what people want to hear, you know? People insist on us doing it, we'll do it.

Bob Coburn: Are you consciously avoiding it, or just waiting to see how people react?

Izzy: Well, we've got a lot of new material from the album we tracked about twenty songs for this album, and you know ten are on the record, and ten are in a can... and we do some covers and things too live. So we just really haven't touched on the past much.

Bob Coburn: Yeah and who knows what you guys are gonna play live a little later and something else I think we're gonna play live is an old Howlin' Wolf song called "Highway 49" and maybe a couple of "wolfers" tonight, huh? Yeah, we'll see what happens. Marilyn thanks for the call. It's Kim's turn, Kim is in Pacifica, California listening to 97.3 KRQR in San Fransisco. Kim, you're on the Rockline!

Caller: Hi Izzy!

Izzy: Hi there!

Caller: Hi guys!

Rick and Jimmy: Hi!

Caller: OK, this message is just for Izzy, though. I was wondering how's he feel about playing smaller arenas and clubs, and does he feel like he's starting over?

Izzy: Yeah in some ways it's starting over you know. You have to kinda build it from the ground up I suppose. The sound's great, and the gigs we've done... we've just got back from a tour we were out for about three months, and... real happy with the way the tour's gone. Good response.

Bob Coburn: You're playing larger clubs, and smaller theaters...

Izzy: We've, we've played from like a hundred people to three thousand people. It's been real mixed. And uh, overall it's been really great though.

Bob Coburn: And in a way it is like starting over, Isn't it?

Izzy: Yeah! Sure, bec...

Bob Coburn: You're gonna out there and establish your name, and your music.

Izzy: Yeah, people can figure out who and what.

Rick: It's good fun because you can really get in touch with the people that are there in a smaller venue. Really, really put it across to 'em.

Jimmy: What did Keith Richards say... said, it sounds better with four walls and a roof. (Laughter).

Izzy: Good point, yeah.

Bob Coburn: Keith is... he's got a way, doesn't he?

Jimmy: Yes, he does.

Bob Coburn: Very succinct. Kim, thanks. Ryan, it's your turn, he's in Harrisburg listening to 93.5 WTPA in Pennsylvania. You're on.

Caller: Hi.

Izzy: Hi.

Caller: I was wondering what it was like working with Ron Wood?

Izzy: Ronnie Wood... oh that was a lot of fun. Lotta fun. It was the latest night we had, too, recording.

Bob Coburn: That sounds like Ronnie. (Laughter) That's Ronnie all the way. And why did you choose to do the song you did from uh, I've Got My Own Album to Do? That's been around for awhile.

Izzy: Yeah, it was one of those tapes that was layin' in the van for weeks and weeks, and Jimmy came down one night and said, "Hey, Woody's up in Hollywood mixin' an album," so we called him up you know, and he said you know "You come on over to my house and watch Spartacus and we'll do the recording." (Laughs) Sounds like a good deal!

Bob Coburn: "Do you like gladiator movies?" (Laughter) You know it's funny, you tend to think the artist has so much control over things, and Ronnie was in here a couple months ago, and that album has been reissued... with a whole new title!

Izzy: Yikes!

Bob Coburn: And he didn't even know it!

Izzy: No, man! I didn't know that either!

Bob Coburn: I mean, it comes out with a new title and he had no clue!

Izzy: Well, pick it up!

Rick: Cancel Everything, I think it's called.

Bob Coburn: That's exactly what it is!

Izzy: Yeah?

Bob Coburn: Yeah, that's exactly what it is.

Izzy: That's great stuff.

Bob Coburn: We'll take a time out, we'll be back in just one moment. It's a good evening with Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds with Izzy, and Rick, and Jimmy from the band, I'm Bob Coburn, call us toll-free at 1-800-344-ROCK, it's Rockline.


Bob Coburn: Welcome back to Rockline, I'm Bob Coburn. It's an evening with Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, including Rick Richards and also Jimmy Ashhurst. And uh, we have a call from Chapachet, Rhode Island. It's Tom, a listener of 94 HJY in Providence, and Tom, you're on.

Caller: Hi, how you doin'?

Izzy: Good!

Caller: Hey Izzy what's up?

Izzy: Ah, just hangin' out here, talkin'.

Caller: Cool. I just wanted to ask... I'm looking at the album cover--

Izzy: Mm Hm?

Caller: ...and it's an awesome album cover.

Izzy: Thanks.

Caller: I wanted to know who designed it and everything, and uh, you know how you get... you know, why you put it on the album, why you used it.

Izzy: It actually came out of an airline magazine of all places. The actual picture.

Bob Coburn: Really?

Izzy: Yeah, and I think it's a Caribbean... Puerto Rico... for their Christmas down there, they dress up in costume and walk on the stilts and they have a celebration. And the picture just struck me as kinda cool.

Rick: We were gonna do it ourselves but we kept falling off the stilts. (Laughter)

Bob Coburn: I was gonna say! "Let's Party! Where's the stilts?"

Izzy: (Laughs) Yeah!

Bob Coburn: Did you see a lot of artwork beforehand and uh, you know cull through it and finally go "Yeah, this is cool, you know?"

Izzy: It was something I stuck in a bag and carried it around for months, and when it came time for the artwork I was like "Hey, I got this, this magazine tear-out here, maybe we can use that," and they called the guys up, you know, shot it and all that.

Bob Coburn: Any trouble getting it from the guys who shot it or were they eager?

Izzy: Uh... no, not that I know of. I'm not too involved in all that side of it but I think everything went alright.

Bob Coburn: Well, you got it, and that's what counts.

Izzy: Yeah.

Caller: That's a good call, Tom. Thank you very much! It's Mary's turn, she's in Janesville, Wisconsin, and she's listening to 104.9 in Rockford, Illinois...that's WXRX of course.

Izzy: All right! Rockford!

Bob Coburn: And Mary you're on the Rockline!

Caller: Hi Izzy!

Izzy: Hi there!

Caller: Um, I was wondering how you feel being compared to Keith Richards, because I've heard that comparison like a lot in the media and stuff about you... and I was wondering how you feel about that.

Izzy: It's better than Barry Manilow. I suppose. It's... it's alright, you know?

Bob Coburn: Barry had nice things to say about you, Izzy. Come on!

Izzy: Yeah... Got nothin' against the guy, but... hey...

Bob Coburn: I mean Keith in a way is Mr. Rock and Roll. I mean he's got all the licks down, I mean... Anybody that could go back to Chuck Berry and say, "Well I think it would sound better this way..." (Laughter) You know?

Izzy: Yeah, and you gotta respect it 'cause he's been around doin' it for a long time...

Bob Coburn: A certain vocal style that you share with him as well, and to me I hear a little Dylan in there, anybody ever mention that to you?

Izzy: Sure, yeah, I like Dylan.

Bob Coburn: Yeah?

Izzy: Yeah.

Bob Coburn: I can hear that as well. Mary, that's another good call, thank you very much. Ron, it is your turn, thanks for being patient. We head to Columbus Ohio, QFM 96 our station there, and Ron, you're on.

Caller: Hey, Ju Ju Dudes, how you doin'.

Bob Coburn: "Ju Ju Dudes"? (Laughts)

Caller: Hey listen, I got tickets to see you guys in Columbus on February 16th and I am pumped.

Izzy: Cool, man.

Caller: My question is: I guess it kind of got elaborated on a little earlier but were you able to retain control of the songs that you've written for Guns N' Roses, Izzy? Um, I mean, I love the new album, I love all your stuff, but, I've been a big fan of yours since I first heard Appetite for Destruction.

Izzy: Mm hm?

Caller: And I really do hope you play some of your old stuff.

Izzy: Yeah? Which songs in particular?

Caller: Oh, "Dust N' Bones", one of my favorites.

Izzy: Really?

Caller: Yeah, oh yeah. I just... I tell ya... I just admire everything that you've done!

Izzy: Cool, man. Thanks a lot!

Bob Coburn: He's doing market research right now Ron... in case you hadn't figured out!

Izzy: (Laughs) Did you guys get that?

Bob Coburn: "Which one is it that you'd like to hear, yeah, and how many of your friends would like to hear it as well?" Thanks for the call Ron. We're gonna play something that was recorded,... we're gonna play "Time Gone By," I should tell you guys what we have.

Izzy: "Time Gone By," there you go.

Bob Coburn: Recorded in Ireland, is that the case? In Dublin?

Izzy: Yeah, yeah. That was... from the tour, yeah.

Bob Coburn: Tell us about what you remember about the show. What was it like playing over there? What stands out in your mind? Anybody? Rick?

Izzy: Tanks...

Rick: That was, uh...

Bob Coburn: Tanks!? Whoa...

Rick: Uh, tanks? It was a new club as I recall. Brand new club, I think they hadn't even plastered the walls yet. But it was a great crowd, and it was a great evening, as I, as I recall.

Izzy: That was Dublin, I was thinking of...

Jimmy and Rick: Belfast.

Izzy: Belfast, sorry.

Bob Coburn: Belfast, yeah. Northern Ireland would be where the tanks are. Dublin should be OK.

Izzy: That one was great.

Bob Coburn: They hadn't even plastered the walls yet?

Rick: Nah they were in the process of just getting the club together, so...

Bob Coburn: How can you write graffiti on no plaster? I mean come on!

Rick: Had to chisel it in...

Bob Coburn: Is this rock and roll or what here? "Time Gone By," Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, on Rockline.

("Time Gone By")

Bob Coburn: Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, "Time Gone By," recorded live in Dublin. They may not have had plaster on the walls, but the sound in there was apparently pretty good.

Rick: Aye, it was! (Laughter)

Izzy: Aye!

Bob Coburn: Sounded pretty good. Now the album was co-produced with Eddie Ashworth, and of course you know having the band uh, Ashhurst and Ashworth and....

Izzy: Yeah...

Bob Coburn: ...thanks a lot for us who interview you guys... Mounds of notes on that one. He co-produced, and did he have any involvement in mixing that live track?

Izzy: Yeah, yeah. He was over in Ireland, with us and he mixed that. He also played mandolin on the album and... some of the live stuff. He played with us with Keith the other night, right? Yeah, he was... Eddie came up to 'Frisco and we opened up for Keith you know and he played mandolin. So whenever he's around he'll show up and... it's been cool.

Bob Coburn: How did he become co-producer? Why did you choose him?

Izzy: I met him down in South Bay and we just hit it off real well, and I think he had a real good idea, of what we were trying to get out of the, the album, you know? Keep it soundin' natural... pretty good.

Bob Coburn: And you did the one show for Keith in San Fransisco, but, but that's it, correct?

Rick: Right.

Izzy: Yeah, right.

Bob Coburn: Would have liked to have you on stage with Keith this Saturday. Soul Asylum was good too...

Izzy: Yeah.

Bob Coburn: ...but a triple bill would have been nice.

Rick: Sure!

Izzy: Yeah, sure.

Bob Coburn: Wouldn't have minded that at all. Your tour is about to start here in the states uh, soon, real soon, right?

Izzy: Yeah, the sixth.

Bob Coburn: Are you starting in Mexico? Is that, is that correct?

Izzy: Yeah, I believe Tijuana?

Bob Coburn: Iguanas in Tijuana?

Izzy: Iguana... Iguanas? Tijuana?

Bob Coburn: Boy, those people have been hurting down there. Bring 'em some good music.

Rick: Oh yeah.

Bob Coburn: You've been out of the country maybe, but you know bad floods in Tijuana...

Izzy: Yeah, we've... seen.

Bob Coburn: They could use some good rock n' roll, so take it to 'em. We're gonna talk to Dave, Dave is in New York, New York, listening to 92.3 KROQ, Dave, you're on the Rockline.

Caller: Ya mon, how's it going Izzy?

Izzy: Hey Dave!

Caller: Hey man listen, I can't tell you how amazing this record is, I love it to death. It's fantastic.

Izzy: Thanks.

Caller: But I'm just curious, I'm really into the reggae...

Izzy: Mm Hm?

Caller: ...and I was so excited when I saw you cover "Pressure Drop" by Toots, y'know, and I was just curious, how'd you decide on that song, and, can we look forward to seeing some more jammin' reggae classics uh, at your shows?

Izzy: We've got a couple numbers that... well they're not... they weren't actually released in the States, but we've done a couple other reggae numbers that are on EP's and, and whatnot. And sometimes, yeah we play some of that stuff live. We mix it up.

Bob Coburn: And there's some references to those guys in "Shuffle It All" too. Couple of lines that have gone by mention some reggae guys in there? Or is that just my ears deceiving me?

Izzy: Oh yeah... yeah yeah! Peter Tosh, yeah.

Bob Coburn: Yeah, yeah there you go. You are a big reggae fan, aren't you?

Izzy: Yeah... sometimes we change that line to Mama Cass (laughs) and all kinds of things, but that is Peter Tosh.

Bob Coburn: With Mama Cass it might be Peter Nosh!

Izzy: I dunno if you guys caught that live... "Yeah, Mama Cass... smokin' Wood..."

Bob Coburn: Oh, man. Alright Dave, thanks. Jason, it's your turn, he's in Chicago, listening to the Loop.

Caller: Hey, Izzy how you doin'?

Izzy: Good, man! How's Chicago goin'?

Caller: Oh, great! Uh...

Izzy: Cool!

Caller: I'll tell ya one thing, I just took one look at the video of "Shuffle It All" and I didn't need anyone to tell me that it was filmed here in Chicago.

Izzy: All right!

Caller: I hear you really liked Chicago.

Izzy: Yeah, we dug it. We spent some time there this last year working on the album. Really enjoyed it.

Caller: Oh yeah, I just wanted to ask you... what was basically the influence for that song? Was that song maybe about traveling or something?

Izzy: Yeah! You hit it.

Caller: Yeah, I could just tell from the lyrics.

Izzy: Mm hm.

Caller: Did it have anything to do with your departure from Guns N' Roses?

Izzy: No, not so much. Just about traveling, like you said. you know... sor so long... for a long time. Jimmy started that song with the bass riff... the music came before the lyrics, and it ended up being a travel tune.

Bob Coburn: Travel tune...that's a good way to put it. And you are prominent in that, Jimmy. You really shine in that one.

Jimmy: Oh thanks! Thanks.

Bob Coburn: Chance for you to step out. We're gonna play it in a second, after we talk to Jim in New Haven, Connecticut. He's a listener of I95 in Danbury, Connecticut, Jason, thanks for your call and Jim, it's your turn.

Caller: Izzy man, what's up?

Izzy: Mm, hi.

Caller: Hey man, I think it's cool, like Rick was saying, the roots is where it's at, you know?

Izzy: Mm hm.

Caller: And this album is filled with 'em. I see that Ian McLagan's playing keys, you think that he could be on out the road with you at all?

Izzy: Have to ask Rick, he was hangin' out with him last night.

Rick: He didn't mention anything to that effect but there's always a possibility of... if Ian's not busy or whatever his schedule permits, which certainly would be a pleasure to have him up there 'cause he's brilliant.

Izzy: Yeah, he is.

Bob Coburn: He is all over this record, too.

Izzy: He is, yeah. Him and Nicky Hopkins.

Bob Coburn: Yeah? And adds a lot to it. What's he been up to besides this record, Rick? Do you know?

Rick: Yeah, he's just got... he's just gotten back from Japan, doing the Ron Wood tour. He was on tour with Woody, and I think he's been back maybe a week and a half, couple weeks, from Japan.

Bob Coburn: A Faces mini-reunion there, you know?

Rick: Yeah.

Bob Coburn: And uh, Ian McLagan a great keyboard player, for many many years, and he's featured on this song, as well as the gentleman we just spoke with a moment ago, Jimmy, who's gonna start us off on bass on "Shuffle It All," on Rockline, on the Global Satellite Network. Why don't... play a lick or two on the guitar live here.

Jimmy: I don't think I'm turned up here yet... oh here we are... (plays short bassline from "Shuffle It All")

Jimmy: Hey, hey! That was live!

Izzy: Hey!

Rick: Fabulous!

Bob Coburn: That was it! Okay, drive carefully, thanks for coming, ladies and gentleman!

Rick: Put some light on this guy!

("Shuffle It All")

Bob Coburn: "Shuffle It All." Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, on Rockline, I'm Bob Coburn. Let me remind you, if you'd like a chance to win one of our '93 Rockline AT&T calendars signed by all of the guests that appear on the show during the month of January, just send a postcard with your name, address, and the station you're listening to right now and mail it to '93 Rockline Calendar, PO Box 4383, Hollywood 90078. That's '93 Rockline Calendar PO Box 4383, Hollywood 90078. The '93 Rockline calendar is brought to you by AT&T the right choice. Come on back with Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, more for your calls and they're gonna play live too! Comin' up, on Rockline!


Bob Coburn: Welcome back to Rockline, I'm Bob Coburn, it's an evening with Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, with Izzy we have Rick Richards and Jimmy Ashhurst, and everyone who gets a chance to speak with the guys tonight will receive their very own autographed copy of Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, courtesy of the guys in the band and Geffen Records we're appreciative of that. Our next caller is in Los Angeles, his name is Ian, he's a listener of 95.5 KLOS. Hello Ian!

Ian McLagan: Hi, how ya doin?


Izzy: Heeey!

Rick: (Laughs) Hi, Ian.

Bob Coburn: Boy, we sure fooled the three guys in the band, didn't we?

Ian: I wanna ask are those guys, are they... do they wear wigs, or what?


Izzy: It IS Ian!

Bob Coburn: Ian McLachlan, they told me they borrowed your wigs, actually! Is that the case?

Izzy: Oh!

Ian: (Laughs)

Izzy: You havin' a good hair day today Ian?

Ian: Actually, I had a good hair day the other night when you were my date, Rick!


Izzy: WHOA!

Rick: We did date last night, night before last. It was a... I wanted to call you up and tell you what a special time I had, Ian.

Ian: Hey, Izzy, how you doin'?

Izzy: Good, man!

Ian: Good!

Izzy: Good to hear you!

Ian: It's so nice to hear your voice. So, really, are you... do you really... you three guys, right? It's your real hair, right?


Jimmy: Remind me to give yours a tug next time I see you.


Ian: Hey you Ju Ju Hounds, when you playin' LA?

Jimmy: Aw, man!

Izzy: We don't know, man. We're playin' Tijuana on the sixth, you wanna come down?

Ian: The sixth?

Izzy: Yeah!

Ian: Of February?

Jimmy: Yeah, man!

Izzy: Yeah!

Ian: Yeah I'll be there!

Izzy: Two weeks!

Ian: I got a green card, I don't care!


Bob Coburn: They'll let you out, but they won't let you back in, Ian. (Laughter) Stop you down at the border there. I'm still back in the thing with you and Rick, ya know? This is how rumors start, Ian!

Ian: Well, you know... he was, he was lonely, he was havin' a good hair day (Laughs) and I was in the neighborhood, and we went to see Keith.

Bob Coburn: Ian, how was it playin' with Ronnie? Mr. Wood?

Ian: Ah... great fun.

Bob Coburn: And how was it with these guys? You're all over their record.

Ian: The same kind... same kind of fun.

Jimmy: (Laughs)

Ian: It's just like fallin' off a log. It's no problems.

Jimmy: All right!

Bob Coburn: I think that a lot of rock n' roll bands that are back to the roots rock and the bluesier rock owe a lot to the Faces. I think the Faces...

Izzy: Yeah, man.

Bob Coburn: ...really were one of the trendsetting bands--

Izzy: Sure.

Bob Coburn: ...way back when. Back then, Ian... did you guys have any idea that you'd be emulated like this or were you just out there havin' a good ol' time?

Ian: No I don't think anyone's emulating us. We were having more fun than was legally allowed. There was no question in our minds... no one was acually paying too much attention except, y'know, people were payin' tickets, but... critics hated us! They still do!

Bob Coburn: Yeah, but people were buyin' tickets, weren't they?

Ian: Yep!

Bob Coburn: Ian thanks for the call. Ian McLachlan, still wanted in thirty-three states, ladies and gentleman.

Izzy: See ya, Ian!

Bob Coburn: Thanks, Ian, OK?

Jimmy: See ya Mac!

Bob Coburn: All right, he's gone. That was very cool of him to call.

Izzy: Yeah, way cool!

Bob Coburn: Yeah... Hannah's on the line, Hannah is from Kingston, North Carolina listening to 105 FM WXQR in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and Hannah, you're on the show with us now.

Caller: Izzy, how's it goin'?

Izzy: Ah... good, Hannah.

Caller: All right, great! I just wanted to say I think y'all are totally cool, and I can't wait for y'all to start touring. But my question is I was wondering if, like if you had any brothers or sisters and, I mean do y'all still hang out if you do, and are you close to your family?

Izzy: Oh yeah. Yeah, real close. Yeah, I've got a couple brothers, one in Indiana, and one's out in Phoenix right now [unintelligible].

Bob Coburn: Do you like to get back there when you can? Get back to...

Izzy: Oh yeah, sure! Anytime I get a chance to hang out with, y'know, brothers or family I do.

Bob Coburn: I heard during a little time off you had you picked up surfing in Florida.

Izzy: Yeah. Was doing it last year too, while we were makin' the record. It was a lot of fun.

Bob Coburn: Yeah. You get up early in the morning, and do the whole routine? It's more fun that time, isn't it?

Izzy: Sure, yeah... yeah, less people. Sometimes.

Bob Coburn: There you go. Thanks for the call, Hannah! Eric, it's your turn, Eric's in Chicago. Gettin' a lot of Chicago calls tonight.

Izzy: Cool!

Bob Coburn: A listener of the Loop, and uh, welcome Eric!

Izzy: The Loop!

Caller: Hey Izzy!

Izzy: Hey man!

Caller: How ya doin'?

Izzy: Good!

Caller: Hey can't wait to see you whe you come to Chicago!

Izzy: Yeah, we've got a gig there...

Jimmy: Metro.

Izzy: ...comin' up, yeah, at the Metro.

Caller: Cool. Hey, I just wanted to ask you I understand you did a lot of travelin' after you left GnR...

Izzy: Sure did.

Caller: ...and I was just wondering, what interesting places that you went to when you were out on the road.

Izzy: Ah... Grand Canyon, New Orleans, Florida Keys... up to Atlanta, back to Indy.

Bob Coburn: That'll do it.

Izzy: You know...

Bob Coburn: Sounds like "Shuffle It All", doesn't it?

Izzy: Yeah. Good scenic... two-week drive.

Bob Coburn: There you go. Eric, you done?

Caller: That's it! Thanks a lot!

Izzy: All right man, see you the 26th, we're gonna be in Chicago.

Caller: Okay buddy.

Bob Coburn: We've got Yvonne on the line now in Andover Massachusetts a listener of WAAF 107.3 in Boston and Yvonne you're on with Izzy and the Ju Ju Hounds.

Caller: Hi Izzy, what's up?

Izzy: Hi, not a whole lot.

Caller: I really love you and I miss you in Guns n' Roses but I love your new stuff as well it rocks.

Izzy: Thanks.

Caller: I'm proud of you for, for y'know... going for what you wanted and I hope that you're happy now.

Izzy: Sure am.

Rick: He's beaming! (laughter)

Caller: That's great. I really love you guys.

Izzy: Thanks!

Rick: Thank you.

Bob Coburn: He has that radiant glow, doesn't he Rick?

Izzy: (laughs) What's up now?

Caller: My question was I was wondering 'cause I'm a guitarist myself. I was wondering how you got into playing rhythm guitar rather than lead?

Izzy: Mmm... just litening to records, lots of Ramones stuff and... you name it. Radio, anything. It was just... it came easier for me, I think, playing rhythm.

Rick: A lot of people think rhythm guitar is... a lot of people take rhythm guitar for granted but it's quite an, you know, art form to learn how to do it, you know...

Bob Coburn: ...To do it correctly, yeah.

Rick: Do it correctly, yeah.

Bob Coburn: You better believe it, yeah. And there are only a few guitarists that can play rhythm and lead at the same time and pull it off. And that's really a rare achievement, I think. I'm gonna mention a couple of concert dates, I don't have all of them but I'll give you the few that I do have. Iguanas in Tijuana that we mentioned on the 6th of Febrary, then at the Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas on the 8th, Bangles in Denver the 11th of February, The Lone Star in Kansas City...that should be in Texas, shouldn't it? Anyway, that's on the 12th, The Ranch Bowl in Omaha, Nebraska on the 14th, Newport Music Hall in Columbus on the 16th, that's Ohio...Roxanne's in Toledo on the 18th, and The Intersection in Grand Rapids Michigan the 19th, and a coupla more that I'll mention quickly; the Ritz in Roseville, Michigan on the 20th of February, Pierre's on the 22nd, that's in Fort Wayne Indiana, and Indianapolis the Vogue on the 23rd, Peabody's Down Under in Australia--no that's Cleveland...(laughter) that's Cleveland Ohio there...

Izzy: Psych!

Bob Coburn: ...and the Mirage in Minneapolis... you may think you're playing there, but you're really not! (Laughter) What are you gonna play for us live? You've been workin' on something that sounded pretty good!

Izzy: Yeah, got somethin'.iI's called... Willie Dixon, right?

Bob Coburn: Yeah, Willie Dixon!

Izzy: It's called "Spoonful".


Bob Coburn: Yes, Indeed, there we go! Yeah! Willie Dixon's in heaven somewhere going "Thank you! They did it justice! They did it good!" Nailed it guys, good job! Being a big blues freak I might have to steal that and play it on my local show one of these days.


Jimmy: All right!

Bob Coburn: No problem with that?

Rick: No problem with that.

Bob Coburn: No problem at all. Good version of "Spoonful". You know he never does tell you what's in that spoon... All these years I've wondered could it be this could be that...

Izzy: Yep.

Bob Coburn: ...[and he] never tells you what it is... got a coupla guesses though. (Laughter) Chris, we're gonna talk to you in Waterloo, Ontario. He's a listener of Q107 in Toronto, and Chris, you're on the Rockline with Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds.

Caller: Hi guys, how ya doin'?

Rick and Jimmy: Hey Chris!

Izzy: Hey Chris.

Caller: That sounded excellent!

Izzy: Thanks, man.

Caller: What I was wondering, I know you guys are comin' up in the Michigan and the Ohio area, any plans to come across the lake and into the Ontario area here?

Izzy: We don't have any gigs set up yet but we sure plan on comin up there!

Jimmy: That was the first I'd heard of where we were goin'... right when Bob said it! So...

Bob Coburn: By the way Jimmy I have your tour itinerary in the car, your hotels and all that? Might want to see me before you leave!

Jimmy: Yeah at least I'll know how to pack, right? (Laughter)

Bob Coburn: Chris you want 'em to come up there, obviously?

Caller: Yeah, sure, why not? I'd love to come and see 'em! And the band, it's gotta have one of the better names in rock n' roll in the last little while, "the Ju Ju Hounds". I have to hand it to you guys.

Bob Coburn: There you go.

Izzy: Cheers.

Rick: Or as they say in France, the "Yu Yu Hounds"!

Bob Coburn: "The Yu Yu Hounds"! (Laughter) That's wonderful. Chris, thanks for the call. We're gonna talk to another Chris, in College Station, down by Texas A&M a listner of 101 KLOL in Houston, Chris you're on.

Caller: Yeah, how ya doin', Izzy?

Izzy: Good!

Caller: Great pleasure talking to you.

Izzy: Good, you too Chris.

Caller: (Shouting in the background) I wanted to ask...

Izzy: Is that your dog, in the background? (Laughs)

Caller: about a couple of songs on the album, well one's not on the album, I wanted to ask you about my favorite track, "Train Tracks"?

Izzy: Mm hm!

Caller: (more background shouting)

Izzy: (Laughs)

Caller: Is that autobiographical about you and Axl growing up in Indiana?

Izzy: Yeah it's about me, yeah. In Indiana. Train tracks that's where we all used to hang out and... hang out.

Rick: (Laughs)

Bob Coburn: And hang out and do what you do when you hang out!

Izzy: (Laughs) Yeah that's right.

Bob Coburn: That's right, yeah. I think he's either got a cattle prod or something in the room with him there, I don't know what was goin' on! But if that's your favorite song there Chris, we'll play it for ya right now "Train Tracks" on Rockline.

("Train Tracks")

Bob Coburn: Just doin' what you do when you hang out by the train tracks. Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds. We'll return with the guys in just a moment on Rockline on the Global Satellite Network, I'm Bob Coburn. Call us toll free at 1-800-344-ROCK.


Bob Coburn: And welcome back to Rockline I'm Bob Coburn; it's an evening with Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds. We're gonna play another track off of the CD by the guys, the debut CD. This is called "Cuttin' The Rug." Who wants to tell us about this song? Where it came from, and uh, what it's about and all that?

Izzy: Throw-together rocker, in Chicago. Just one of those refreshing moves, we moved out there and started working and lots of stuff happening there, lots of clubs and lots of music, and lots of people jammin'.

Bob Coburn: "Cuttin' the rug" is an old phrase, but it still applies, doesn't it?

Izzy: Yeah.

Bob Coburn: People having a good time, huh?

Izzy: Yeah, the hotel we stayed at they had uh, some bands or something every night and we'd come in there's people dancin' and... carryin' on you know?

Bob Coburn: That's Chicago man.

Izzy: Yeah.

Bob Coburn: Great music city. And let's listen to it right now. This is Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds on Rockline on the Global Satellite Network.

("Cuttin' The Rug")

Bob Coburn: "Cuttin' The Rug" with Izzy and the guys from the album Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, the debut. There'll be more, you can be guaranteed of that. We're headed to Lincoln Nebraska. now on Rockline to talk with Jennifer, a listener 106.3 The Blaze. Welcome to the program!

Caller: Oh, Thank you!

Izzy: Hey there!

Caller: Hey Izzy, how's it going?

Izzy: Ah, good!

Caller: I was just--wanted to know what kind of environment do you like to write in?

Izzy: Just about anywhere, really. Toilet's nice. Living rooms...

Bob Coburn: Nobody bothers you at least, you know?

Izzy: (Laughs) Couches... just about anywhere, you know? Anywhere, I would say.

Bob Coburn: There you go. Jennifer, thanks for the call. Let's head to Izzy's home state, Indiana. We have Paul on the line a listener of Q95 in Indianapolis.

Izzy: All right!

Bob Coburn: Paul, you're on.

Caller: Hey Izzy how's it goin'?

Izzy: Hey, good man!

Caller: That's good. Lookin' forward to seeing you the 23rd at the Vogue!

Izzy: Yeah, we'll be there!

Caller: All right. I guess I got a comment, and a question.

Izzy: Mm hm?

Caller: You said you had 20 tracks for this new album.

Izzy: Yeah.

Caller: Uh, why not go out and play all those, and your old songs and just... kick butt for however long it takes? Why not?

Izzy: Which old ones do you like? Which old ones?

Bob Coburn: Market research going on again... market research happening...

Izzy: Yeah, you know, whatever uh... we could do that.

Jimmy: Yeah let's! (Laughter)

Bob Coburn: You're gonna be persuaded by somebody before the night's over here, man! Anything else Paul? Let's make sure Paul's done here.

Caller: That's about it!

Bob Coburn: All right! Good... way to go Paul!

Izzy Stradlin: Thanks Paul!

Jimmy: Thanks Paul.

Bob Coburn: Good job, man!

Rick: Yeah, man.

Bob Coburn: We're gonna play something that is not on the album and again from the Dublin session recorded live there. This is "Highway 49," why'd you guys pick to do this song? This is a good old blues song here, too. Who came up with this one, anybody remember?

Jimmy: [Unintelligible]

Rick: That was Izzy's idea, but I just pulled out the slide for it, you know. We only had one other slide... well two other slide tunes so we thought we'd threw in another one and see how it flew.

Bob Coburn: We'll slide right into it right now.

Izzy: Yeah... can't miss that riff.

("Highway 49")

Bob Coburn: "Highway 49" got a little funk in there too, some slide guitar action. Steel or glass for you there Rick?

Rick: Heavy brass.

Bob Coburn: Heavy brass, yeah. I knew I wouldn't get it right. We'll be back in a minute on Rockline.

Izzy: Came off a tank!


Bob Coburn: Now that was a quick 90 minutes, to say the least. Thanks to everyone for listening and calling tonight. Coming up in the next few weeks, Roger Waters, Lynard Skynard with a brand new album, Dan Baird, also Brian May, The Archangels, Jethro Tull, and Paul Rogers. Some special thanks tonight go to Alan Niven and Stephanie Brownstein from Stravinsky Brothers Management, Warren Christiansen, Alan Orman, Robert Smith and Denise Cox from Geffen Records, Eddie Ashworth for his very special help, and finally to our guests Izzy, Rick and Jimmy from the Ju Ju Hounds. A...a great record and you got a lot more that you didn't put on the record that you're playing live, and you got an American tour about to start and uh...good luck you guys! Man, you sounded good playin' live in here tonight too.

Izzy: Thanks.

Rick: Thanks Bob.

Jimmy: Thanks.

Bob Coburn: With what you went through with this record this time around, I mean, LA went through floods, earthquakes, riots... at one point, I hear Izzy you were in the studio with headphones on and lightning hit the building!

Izzy: Yep. Shut me down.

Bob Coburn: (Laughs) Yeah I bet it did! And it's gonna take that to shut this guy down, I have a feeling. Thanks for coming you guys, it's been a fun, fun night.

Izzy: Cheers man, thanks for havin' us!

Rick: All right, thank you!
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