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2004.08.07 - Kerrang! - GN'R Bassist Lifts The Lid On Frontman Axl Rose (Tommy)

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2004.08.07 - Kerrang! - GN'R Bassist Lifts The Lid On Frontman Axl Rose (Tommy) Empty 2004.08.07 - Kerrang! - GN'R Bassist Lifts The Lid On Frontman Axl Rose (Tommy)

Post by Blackstar on Wed Aug 26, 2020 10:17 am


"You're with him or against him"

GUNS N' ROSES bassist Tommy Stinson has spoken to Kerrang! about the band's reclusive frontman Axl Rose.

"We have a great relationship," says Stinson. "He is very supportive. Hopefully some time soon the press will want to talk to him about the positive shit that is going on in his life now. Not just about drugs and drink like the way they always do. But when people come to see Guns N' Roses, they come to see one person, we know that."

Stinson, a member of GN'R since 1998, also revealed he would be happy if the band's original line-up decided to reform.

"If there was a lot of money on the table for the original GN'R to get back together I would totally back it," he explains. "Axl has been nothing but good for me and good to me. If that was what he wanted to do and needed to do then I would totally back him.

"Having said that I can't see it happening," Stinson muses. "He [Axl] is your best friend until you break the chain and then he doesn't want to know you. There are no half measures; you are either with him or against him."

Fans have been waiting for Axl and co's album 'Chinese Democracy' for over a decade, but Stinson reckons the wait is almost over.

"It's a hairs breadth from being finished," he adds.

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