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2004.MM.DD - Steven Adler Official Fansite - Steven Answers Fans' Questions

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2004.MM.DD - Steven Adler Official Fansite - Steven Answers Fans' Questions Empty 2004.MM.DD - Steven Adler Official Fansite - Steven Answers Fans' Questions

Post by Blackstar on Wed Aug 26, 2020 3:04 am

T-Bone asks: " what if Axl called you today and said, 'Stevie, Brain isn't working out, I want you to come and play with this new GNR I've got going?' Would you jump at it or what?"

I would insist that we do it all together. I wouldn't play with Axl by himself. You could pay me a billion dollars and I wouldn't do it unless it was the five of us. I don't need or wouldn't take the money 'cause it wouldn't be right! It's a shame, if we did it right now, I couldn't see Axl being a part of it. I'm not gonna be a slave. I'm a rock n' roller!


GlennMelissa says: "Hi Steve, big fan, always have been, always will! When you toured Australia years before, what did you think and will you be back?"

I will be back, at least with Adler's Appetite. My buddy Brook gave me a video of  us playin' there in Austrailia back in '88 and I had the greatest time. It's the most beautiful, beautiful country. It's a shame 'cause one time after I got kicked out of the band, I was gonna go see a girlfriend at the time who was modeling out there, and I couldn't get a visa into Australia, because of my reputation with the drugs. They didn't want me in the country. So I had to meet her in New Zealand. Can you imagine not being allowed in the country? And when I arrived in New Zealand they were waitin' for me and strip searched me. But, yeah, I think I'll be back this time.


Sharpshooter says: "Hi Steven. I have been a huge fan from the start of GNR. You have said you would love to get the five of you guys back together again, well that would be too good to be true. What are the chances of that happening again?

Didn't I just answer this? (laughs). Like I said, slim to none and it's sad. It sucks! I want to do it. That's why I'm doing it with my band.  I'm just doin' what Axl was doin'. Y'know, I'm one original member. Only thing is, I'm showin' up. I'm playing all the songs that everybody wants to hear, 'cause I love the songs, too. They're a big part of my life. All the shows that we've done, people have been just stoked. It's going really well. We're going to Europe on the 23rd of June and also that VH1 Guns N' Roses thing, me and Slash were they only ones that were interviewed. That's airing this month.


Matt Young says: Hi Steven! I've got one question that I would love to ask. Given the chance to live your life again but suffer the same implications as before. Would you do the whole GNR thing again knowing that inevitably the drugs would be there?

Yes, because it was everything I ever, always dreamed of. I worked my ass off for it, believed and never doubted, and I believed in myself and I made it happen. It was everything or nothing. I always knew that drugs were a part of it. That's what all my idols did, drugs. Back then you didn't have "Behind the Music". It was just magazines like Creem, and I would read this and it was always just one big party. You didn't hear about the throwing up blood and being sick, y'know. I didn't know, I just wanted to be a rockstar and party just like they all did.


Jimmy Quintero asks: Dude, what do you think of Axl and his new band? Do You think Chinese Democracy will ever come out? One more thing, you are a kick-ass drummer!

Well Jimmy thank you for the compliment. I didn't even know he (Axl) had a band anymore. He had a great band, those guys are amazing players, still couldn't play those songs the way they should sound. You can't go wrong having great musicians, they're gonna sound great. If that album was gonna come out, I think it would have come out already.


Mary McGorrian asks:  Do you think there is a chance of Guns N' Roses coming back? Or do you think your band or Velvet Revolver will tour together, possibly coming to Ireland?

Playing with Slash and Duff, even in different bands would still be amazing. I wanna go to Ireland more than any other place in the world right now. (As for GNR coming back) I still have a prayer in the back of my head for it, but with Axl's attitude and the lawsuits and shit, I don't see it happening and it's a shame. We owe it to the fans who have always been there for us throughout these years. Even if it was one goddamn show, like live on TV, we owe it to them.

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