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2004.05.30 - - Reloading The Rock With Velvet Revolver (Slash, Duff, Matt)

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2004.05.30 - - Reloading The Rock With Velvet Revolver (Slash, Duff, Matt) Empty 2004.05.30 - - Reloading The Rock With Velvet Revolver (Slash, Duff, Matt)

Post by Blackstar on Tue Aug 25, 2020 2:33 am

Thanks to @Surge for sending us this article!


We hit the Velvet Revolver press conference and got the dirt on the band that brings together three past members of Guns 'N' Roses – Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, together with former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland and ex-Wasted Youth axeman Dave Kushner.

2004.05.30 - - Reloading The Rock With Velvet Revolver (Slash, Duff, Matt) 2004_v10

So, how did a group of musicians from some of the hottest bands that rocked us in the 90s find a frontman to help them unleash their renewed lust for Rock N' Roll fury?

Matt Sorum: Slash, Duff and I have obviously played together before and there is a chemistry that is undeniable. The power and energy brought us back together.

Dave Kushner: The four of us had time to get comfortable with each other, then Scott came in the room [and] we were like 'This is the guy!'

Scott Weiland: I just wanted to be in a rock band with people that want to f**king do it, and go out there and be in a f**king rock band

When the opportunity arose, it just ended up giving me that kinda feeling that I [had when I] formed my first band – and that was just way too exciting to pass up. That was what it was all about. It was like falling in love.

They've all been in successful bands before, so how does this compare?

Slash: What we're doing right now, from the second that it started and now that we're finally touring and getting onstage, I can't compare it to anything. Even in my old days when Guns was still cool, which was a great time in my life - which anyone would give their left/right limb, or even their d*ck, [or] whatever for. And the people - even Duff who I've known forever, it's like a new relationship. It's very explosive and fulfilling. It's like twenty thousand orgasms rolled into one.

Duff: Slash and I met when we were 19 years old and we've basically been connected at the hip since. Now, the 5 of us share that unity.

Scott: Music is like the soundtrack, the energy of life, for musicians anyway. I think that music is the soundtrack for human beings. I believe in my heart that Rock 'N' Roll, for people like us, is the energy that fuels us. It's a volatile mix that creates a chemical reaction and that just inspires me to do anything.

Is a younger generation thirsty for Rock N' Roll?

Duff: I have the unique perspective of [recently] going to university. Kids would come up to me - and it was like they were ripped off. 'Our generation doesn't have a rock band. We don't have Rock N' Roll.' They're buying records that are 10-20 years old cause they don't have anything. So there is this whole new generation that is just starving for something that is pure.

With the advent of [record label] mergers, labels are owned by huge umbrella corporations with stockholders. [In the past, labels] could nurture a band album by album and build up a band. You couldn't do that from 1995 on. You had to have an album that sold a million copies out of the box or you're gone. That, in turn, made all of these pop paint-by-numbers f**king bulls**t garbage. That is what was spoon-fed to a whole generation. There will be revolt at some point. There will be change. Music is about passion and it gives you hope and all kinds of things. It gives you your own special thing when your boss is being a f**king a**hole or when you're getting beat up at school.

Slash: I think most kids would rather get beat up at a rock concert than at school. The think is that music is about a sense of freedom. When the corporate f**kers get a hold of it, all of a sudden it becomes very contained, predictable and loses expression and honesty.

Matt: There is such a resurgence of Rock 'N' Roll. A lot of people missed that part of their lives. A younger audience seems to want that and that's what we have to offer.

So what would these rock gods tell fans who look up to them and want to follow in their footsteps?

Scott: Musicians have a general respect for each other. It doesn't really matter who's on a higher pedestal – there's a giving and sharing of information and general respect.

Slash: Our biggest thing is that we look up to each other. [We want to] always be growing and not get stagnant. That is something we have to do for ourselves. For anyone looking up to us, all that they can do is be true to themselves as far as being an artist is concerned."

Matt: We're inspired by new bands - like Queens Of The Stone Age. They're a great band that came along and actually kicked Rock 'N' Roll in the ass again. They brought back music we needed to hear. It's also nice to hear Jet. I think a lot of problems with younger bands are that they try to emulate one band. They'll want to be the next blink-182. If young musicians listen to more than one thing, they'll stand out.


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