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2004.10.DD - Hit Parader - Interview with Slash

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2004.10.DD - Hit Parader - Interview with Slash Empty 2004.10.DD - Hit Parader - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:03 am

Interview with Slash

HP: Reaction to Contraband has been somewhat mixed, with most fans loving it, and a few callong it too retro. How does that make you feel?

Slash: I don't think Im going to be too bothered when people have reacted to the album exactly how we wanted. I don't think it's really designed to be retro or whatever you want to call it. This is suppose to be a great Rock n Roll album.f some people find that to be a dated concept, then that's more their problem than mine. We just made the kind of album we wanted to make, And thankfully virtually everyone I've spoken to has really gotten into it.

HP: obviously there are some strong Guns N Roses influences in there, but how do you feel your music has progressed over the past 15 years?

Slash: I've stayed true to my musical beliefs. Ive never been that interested in trying to be part of the latest cool trend. I know that playing guitar solo's, or doing some of the other thinks we do, aren't suppose to be done in 2004. But as far as I'm concerned if they worked in 1969, and 1979, and 1989, there is no reason why they cant work now.

HP: Because of the bands sound- especially your guitar work- Contraband has drawn more GnR than STP comparisons. Does that bother you?

Slash: I'll always be proud of the work I did in that band. Its a major part of who I am as a musician- especially in the eyes of alot of fans,. So I take those comparisons in the best sense that they have been offered. If we can receive the kind of reaction that GnR initially enjoyed, that would be great. I just hope things would keep building from there... instead of taking a wrong turn like they did with GnR

HP: Did the GnR experience leave a permanent scar on you?

Slash: I hope not, but perhaps in some ways it did. It made me very wary of certain things that are said and of working with certain types people. Ive said it before, and Ill say it again, I never want to get involved in a situation like GnR again if it means going through all the other crap that happened. Its just not worth it either in an emotional or financial sense.

HP:It seems like Velvet Revolver is coming along at just the right time with "real" rock n roll making something of a comeback thanks to bands like Jet and the Darkness.

Slash: I don't know if I accept the notion that is making a comeback, because I don't think it's ever really been away.Rock n Roll is one of those constant things. It may fall out of fashion now and then , but its always around. You've just got to look for it a little harder. If we can help bring it back into the spotlight, that'll be fine by me.

HP: How relieved were you when you learned that Scott would be able to tour with the band?

Slash: Obviously, we were all very relieved. Even while we were recording the album we knew there might be a problem because of some of his recent off-stage problems. But we never lost hope or belief in one another. We've all been incredibly supportive, and it's all worked out well for us. Everyone in the band has been there at one time or another, so we can relate to what Scott has been going through. But we know how he feels about this band, this album and this tour. He's so focused on what we are doing, that I know he doesn't want to jeopardize it in any way.

HP: How is Scott to work with... especially in comparison to Axl Rose?

Slash: (laughing) Where do you want me to begin? the differences are night and day. What makes him different is that he is cool to work with and a good friend. At the end of the day, that might be the most important thing. Duff, Matt and I have remained friends throughout everything we've been through Axl was just too high strung and unpredictable for that. He didn't need least in his mind. Scott is a total pleasure, especially in comparison to that.

HP:Now that the band has an album out and a tour underway, are you enjoying the entire experience as much as you thought?

Slash: Im really digging it-- just as much as I'd hoped.... if not more. It feels great because it's happening for all the right reasons. People are interested in us because they know we can make some great music, and we know they're right. We've proved that on Contraband. Just hearing the way fans have reacted has been an incredible experience. There are people I remember meeting 15 years ago with Guns, and there are fans who probably weren't even born at the peak of the bands success. It really runs the gamut, and that's exciting.

HP: You're playing a few old Guns and STP songs, why?

Slash" Hey , why not? We tried a few out when we were doing a few acoustic radio stops to promote the album, and the people seemed to love them. When we headline, we need to stretch the set out a little, and I cant think of a better way to do it. I love STP stuff like Interstate love song and sex type thing, and Scott has no problems with any of the old Guns stuff, Its a lot of fun for us to play.

HP: Have your musical goals changed over the years?

Slash: Ive always said the important thing to me was having a long, successful career... not being famous. I always admired bands like the Stones who've done it for years and years. That's the goal for me with any band Im in. And that's the goal of Velvet Revolver.

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