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2003.MM.DD - - Fan Questions/Slash Answers

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2003.MM.DD - - Fan Questions/Slash Answers Empty 2003.MM.DD - - Fan Questions/Slash Answers

Post by Blackstar Sun May 31, 2020 7:08 pm

Fan Questions/SLASH Answers - 2003

SLASH sent a few more replies to some of your questions! The first one here is from John who writes, "I am in a band with another guitarist, and I am the main lead guitarist. He gets a small solo here and there, but I play 95% of the solos. When we play certain songs and are both doing solos, he starts playing with his teeth and other stuff like that. His style is really sloppy and he never plays in tune with the song. When I play, I play behind my back and jump off the drum risers, amp and stuff like that, but I constantly work on my style and playing. I can play fast and accurately, and a lot of people tell me my style is like yours and/or Zakk Wylde's. I'm 16; he's 17. Should I stick to my guns and constantly work on my style and technique, or should I work more on showing off? Thanks!

SLASH replies, "John, playing and sounding is the first and foremost important thing. 'Showing off' should be an extension of how good you're playing." Thanks SLASH and John! This next question from Rainfox is one we have wondered about also.

Rainfox writes, "What physical activity do you do if any? Or do the shows and rehearsals keep the blood going?"

SLASH (putting Thighmaster aside) replies, "Touring keeps the blood going, but constant activity and exercise along with some stretching is good for keeping in good physical condition." Thanks, SLASH and Rainfox!

SLASH managed to answer a couple more questions from fans. The first was sent in by our friend Randy from Texas. Randy asks, "How many rhythm guitar tracks do you record for a typical song?"

SLASH replies, "Randy, I usually use just one."

Next question is from another SLASH fanatic, Rui. Rui is from Portugal, and he asks, "Hi, SLASH! First of all thank you for being around through all these years creating such good music. Please come here to Portugal on your next tour. One thing I noticed is that your guitar tone has changed. You don't use anymore a particular tone that you used in the early 90's (the Illusion albums and guest albums like Alice Cooper's "Hey Stoopid"). What changed in your gear and what made you change your sound?"

SLASH replies, "The only thing in "gear" that changes is the studios and the producers. My personal equipment hasn't changed, but where I record and who does the recording changes."

Thank you, SLASH, Randy and Rui! Good questions!

Simrin writes, "I'm in England (your biggest fan there)and a few years ago, I was listening to XFM, one of the London radio stations. The 2 presenters I was listening to were talking a lot about Snakepit and GNR. Finally, they played a Snakepit song. They said, 'Here's a song by SLASH's Snakepit, and it's simply called 'SLASH's Snakepit''so naturally I thought, 'What the hell? There's no song called SLASH's Snakepit!' because obviously it was not on the debut album. They played it, and it literally blew me away; it rocked my socks off, man! I just wanted to know how these guys managed to get a copy of it, why wasn't it on the album and is there any way I can get hold of it? Thanks for everything, SLASH, your music truly makes life worth living!"

SLASH replies, "Simrin, I don't know what they were playing either. Maybe you can find out and let ME know!"

Here's one without a name. "SLASH, I was wondering what type of guitar strings you use on your acoustic guitars?"

SLASH replies, "Ernie Ball Medium/Light Acoustic Strings".

Here's a fan question for SLASH from Ray. Ray asks, "In your great performance with Michael Jackson during his 30th anniversary show, you used your BC Rich Mockingbird. I noticed it had a tremolo bar on it. I've never seen you use a tremolo bar. Do you ever use one?"

SLASH replies, "I use a tremolo on certain songs. But only then. My BC Rich is my main tremolo guitar".

Thank you, SLASH and Ray for unearthing another guitar fact!

This question is from Ricardo in Brazil. He asks, "What is the model of the wah-wah pedal SLASH uses. It's the Dunlop rack mount wah-wah, but which model? There are 6 crybaby wah-wah models, so it could be any of these."

SLASH replies, "I don't know what model it is, but it is definitely a rack mount."

This one is from the webmaster who asks, "SLASH, I do a lot of reading, mostly fiction; and I have always wanted to know if you enjoy reading also. If so, what kind of books do you like...fiction/nonfiction/both? Are all the books you like to read of a certain type, for example, books on reptiles? Is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas still your favorite book?

SLASH replies, "I like educational books, fiction and nonfiction. I don't like biographies, though. Fear and Loathing... is still one of my favorite books."

Thank you Slash and Ricardo.


Here's another SLASH Q&A; to go. Brigit must be a Madonna fan as she writes, "SLASH, you played at Michael Jackson's stage show anniversary. You also did a guest appearance on his album. You said you love to work with him because he is one of the best performers. I would like to know if you would also like to work with Madonna? What do you think of her work?"

SLASH replies, "Brigit, if Madonna asked me to play on one of her records, I'd like to hear it first. But if it was the right kind of tune, I would love to play on one of her songs. She's more than just talented, she's a pop icon, and she definitely deserves her place in the music business."

Thanks, SLASH and Brigit!

Brian asks, "Obviously, stage presence is important to you. Is there a guitarist who influenced you with stage presence alone?"

SLASH replies, "Brian, there are a lot of guitarist that have stage presence that I like, but I also like their playing. To give you some examples: Joe Perry, Pete Townsend, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, Mick Ronson, Jeff Beck, just to name a few."

Thanks, SLASH and Brian! Clint sent in the next one. He asks, "SLASH, would you cite Buddy Guy as an influence or inspiration? Have you ever jammed with him? If not, would you like to at some point?"

SLASH replies, "Definitely - Buddy Guy is one of the best rock and roll blues guitar players there has ever been. I jammed with him a couple of times at his club in Chicago, and it was great. He was this huge, blistering lead guitar player, and there aren't many of them left."

A very interesting question leading to some additional information on SLASH. Thanks, Clint and SLASH! Connan writes to SLASH from France, "I'm sure you will never break one of your guitars on stage. What do you think of bands that explode all their instruments at the end of the show?"

SLASH replies, "Connan, I try not to break my guitars on stage if I can help it. When The Who used to destroy all their equipment, it was cool because it was an outlet for their enormous amounts of energy, angst and anger that they had."

Connan, that was another good question. SLASH seems to get rid of his extra energy by running and spinning around the stage. Our last question for this evening is from Florian in Germany who writes, "I always thought that the musical 'quality' of a song and even a band shows best when it's unplugged. Do you agree?"

SLASH replies, "Not all the songs need to be unplugged. It all depends on the type of song." Thanks, SLASH and Florian. A special thanks to Arlett who typed and forwarded SLASH's replies.


The first question is from James in the UK. James asks, "SLASH, now that you are getting back into a band will you be re-issuing any of your signature equipment?"

SLASH replies, "James, I'm really not sure. The Les Paul will probably keep re-issuing." Thanks, SLASH and James! The next question comes from Syrrah in Hungary, " What was the best and the worst thing that happened to you on stage?"

SLASH replies, "Syrrah, the worst thing that ever happened to me onstage was probably stage diving at the Limelight in New York. The crowd parted like the Red Sea, and I landed flat on my back on the cement floor!" Thanks, SLASH and Syrrah! Angelica writes, "SLASH I wanna learn what do you think about music called neu-metal (alternative music [e.g. Limp Bizkit, Korn, Sum 41, etc.]...); I mean do you like this new kind of music (I call them 21st century digital kids). Best wishes to the most wonderful guitarist on this earth.

SLASH replies, "Angelica, I'm not necessarily into all the new digital music that's out, although I do like Nine Inch Nails. Limp Bizkit I'm not really fond of. Thanks, SLASH and Angelica! Linda from Pittsburgh asks, "Before The Project got going, you were working on a solo album with musical influences from other countries. There were to be guest players, and you said it would be similar to the tracks we hear you do on other artists' albums. How far did you get on this project, and is it just waiting for your return or have you decided not to do it at all?"

SLASH replies, "Linda,it didn't really get far at all. I will probably come around to doing it at some point, but suddenly The Project started, and that was it." Thanks, SLASH! Next is one from Jeff in Stow, Ohio. Jeff asks, "SLASH, when you played with GNR, who was easier to play/record with, Izzy or Gilby? How about Snakepit? Gilby, Keri or Ryan? Thanks!"

SLASH replies, "Jeff, it was easy to record with Izzy because we have a natural chemistry, with Gilby I never did record except with Snakepit, and that was fine. But as far as who I can play with, I can pretty much play with anybody." Finally, here's one from Greg, "SLASH, you have always had a busy schedule of touring and such. Do you have a special diet you keep in order to have energy and keep yourself looking thin and healthy? What do you usually eat when you are on the road, and do you work out at all?"

SLASH replies, "Greg, I actually don't eat that much when I'm on the road, and I actually never have worked out on the road. But the Snakepit and GNR tours were definitely a workout!"

Taimur asks, "How does it make you feel that your music has traveled all the way to places like Pakistan and India? Did you ever imagine that Snakepit (or GNR for that matter) would have such a global impact?"

SLASH replies, "You never think about the fact that your music reaches all the corners of the planet until you hear from fans that they enjoy your music in those far corners of the world. The best way to realize your impact is to actually play in those foreign countries."

Thanks, SLASH and Taimur! Matt's from Essex, England, and he asks SLASH, "How or what is the best way I can build up my muscle in my ring and pinkie fingers as I want to be able to play hammer and pull offs with ease?"

SLASH replies, "The best way to build up your muscle in your ring and pinky is to practice. Lots of practice." Thanks, SLASH and Matt!

Michelle asks, "Reading your opinion of the tribute album Appetite for Reconstruction (note: SLASH was very negative about this album) made me wonder what he thinks of the Strings of Fire guitar tribute."

SLASH replies, "I don't know what that is. I'm not familiar with that album at all." Looks like you'll have to get him a copy, Michelle!

Simon is from Italy, and he says, "Hey, Mr. SLASH! What's up? I'm a f*ckin big fan of yours from Italy. We met in Budapest in '96. Do you remember I said to ya: 'SLASH is the best of Budapest!' I play a hard rock guitar style, and so I need to be wireless on stage. So I gotta question for ya... In your equipment page, there is all the stuff, but the name of the brand of your radio mic for the guitar (to play without the wire - not sure of the name). Please could you give some information on it?"

SLASH replies, "It is a NADY wireless".

This one comes from Rachelle. "SLASH, how was it working with Rory Gallagher, and could you tell me what songs you played with him?"

SLASH replies, "I don't remember what songs I played with him at the Roxy, and it happened so quickly, but it was a real honor to play with him in the first place. After the show, we jammed some blues in his hotel room which was really great."

Rod sent in a question he says he's been really wondering about. "Hey, SLASH, 'Coma' is such a brilliant masterpiece...On the credits it has yours and Axl's name on there as writers. I'm just curious in finding out which one of you guys wrote what in that song? Did you write the music, and Axl wrote the lyrics; or did both of you write the music and the lyrics? I love that song sooooo much, a phenomenal music video could've sprung from the song, I think.

SLASH replies, "Axl wrote the lyrics, and I wrote the music."

This ends the 2003 Q&A;'s with SLASH.

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