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Post by Soulmonster on Sun May 31, 2020 9:20 am


I don't think anybody will understand [Guns N' Roses]. […] Everybody likes to make assumptions, people like to make up all these stories […]. It's never accurate. So it's made up like they're talking about somebody else altogether. The only thing you can go on is what's actually printed correctly in the press, quotes that are actually accurate, which isn't too often, anyway.


This section will present the history of Guns N' Roses, from its beginning in 1985 to today. Although all posts are by me, I wouldn't have been able to do this without the massive help from @Blackstar who corrects my mistake and has done an incredible job adding to our interview archive.

Each thread in this section will deal with a time-period, and the posts will be cross-referenced to the interview and article databases. I will aim to avoid unsubstantiated rumours and myths, and instead focus on what is actually known about the period based on biographies, interviews, articles, etc, and focus on primary sources with direct quotes from band members and those who were there, over anything else. In those cases where the sources disagree, I will aim to present every side to the story.

We welcome anyone with first-person account of the band to voice their opinion, especially if they disagree with the story as it is told. There is no agenda behind this work, besides trying to present an objective account of the history of the band.

The section is currently under development. Each post will be improved as new sources are consulted. I am doing this chronologically, and the sources that have so far been included is displayed here: . As new interviews and sources are made available, the thread will be updated. As such, it is a living document that can be adjusted and revised at any time as new stories and quotes emerge.

Hopefully, in the end, this will be the most comprehensive source to the history of the band, and will supplement the other sections of this site. It will be the go-to site to delve into any particular chapter in the story of GN'R. And the associated database of articles and interviews will be valuable to anyone who wants to emerge in the history of the band.
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