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2002.02.21 - Loaded Online - Duff FAQ

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2002.02.21 - Loaded Online - Duff FAQ Empty 2002.02.21 - Loaded Online - Duff FAQ

Post by Blackstar on Mon May 11, 2020 4:33 am

When do you think that "Dark Days" cd is going to be released in the States? and what label will it be on?

June on 'artist's direct'

How do you write your songs? Music first or lyrics first?

Always music first ( with a vocal melody).

Do you ever get annoyed or ticked when someone refers to Loaded as Duff McKagan's new band or Duff McKagan's Loaded?

As long as they are talking..who cares, but i hope that we are thought of as a band...because that IS what it is!

Who wrote the songs on Dark Days?

Me and Geoff.

Who are your biggest influences?

Johnny Thunders to Black Flag.

Is the actual line up now going to be the permanent line up? And what is one word to describe you guys as a band?

I hope so because we have become a family!

What is the info behind the title "Dark Days", what does it mean?

It is a song about a friend of mine who just can't seem to clear the shit out of his life.

Do you guys already know where your next tour will be?

West coast with Stargun at the end of March.

There will be any video coming out soon?? If so where can we find them?

On Lori's website (seattle head)

Do you ever get scared of obsessive fans?

Not scared, just kind of blown away.

Does Loaded have a snail mail address?

How can people get a Loaded T-shirt?

We will have them available on tour or the site.

Are any of the guys married or been married before? or planning on getting married anytime soon?

I am (susan is my wife, Grace and Mae are my little girls)

Does each member of Loaded have signature equipment?

Yea...sort of.

What bands were you guys in before Loaded?

Is there a fan club of the band where I can join? Or any of the members for that matter?

What would you say are the highest and lowest points of your career so far?

There are no real low points in a rock band when you look at it relatively with what else is going on out their in the world!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Seattle because it is home, but Europe has some real cool spots!

How would you describe Loaded's music?

What is one thing in life you wish you could do that you haven't done yet?

If one of your children wanted to pursue a singing career,what would be your advice to them be?

Never do it for the money!

Will you ever go back to GNR?

It seems that people mellow with age...we will see.

How many times have you been married?

A couple of times too many!

Why did you decide to play guitar on this cd instead of the bass?

Well. I actually played both on 'dark days'.

How do you feel about fans going to your house?

It doesn't happen.

What is wildest thing a fan has done to meet you?

Flown half way around the world.

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