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2001.06.DD - Kerrang! (Spanish Edition) - Interview with Izzy

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2001.06.DD - Kerrang! (Spanish Edition) - Interview with Izzy Empty 2001.06.DD - Kerrang! (Spanish Edition) - Interview with Izzy

Post by Blackstar on Mon May 11, 2020 12:21 am

Kerrang! Spanish Edition
No. 91 - 2001
Spanish version typed by Elaine Prieto
English version by Nicole Lenard
[NOTE FROM THE TRANSLATOR: The article was originally in Spanish and was translated using software. I don't speak Spanish myself, so this translation may or may not be accurate. You Have Been Warned. -NL]



In the heat of gunner incandescence the gawky guitarist that contributed to compositions like "14 years", "Double Talkin' Jive. or "You ain't the First" releases "River", a record with the classic influences of all of them. He displays to us a certain distrust at the same time he speaks of his old band, showing when he cannot elude Axl in the conversation.

Hours after chatting with Izzy, the writing becomes a swarm of the news and rumors in relation to his parent band and those that were his companions. From his company in Spain he does not announce that he's taking advantage of the arrival to "The Sales"[?] of Axl and his freaks, who will reedit the complete discography of the band for a cheaper price, in addition to the live CD that appeared the last year.

The rumor that comes to us immediately after that Slash was suspending the final section of his tour with AC/DC is that wasn't a pneumonia as the reason, as it was announced, but a relapse in the drugs. As of today this has not been confirmed or denied, so we do not give him too much credit. Especially considering the excellent moment that the guitarist was crossing when Marshall, travelled to London to have a long meeting with him and to see him to act with his band.

For any fan of Guns N' Roses that it's no secret that the protagonist of these lines was the most introverted member of the group. Laconic in words, Stradlin nevertheless is not cutting or wild, when we touch on thorny topics in our conversation, he comes close to them with simplicity or avoids them with an irony that is likeable, essential virtue stops to take on his solo career after having been in one of the more important bands of all time. Izzy has gone on from big stadiums to the clubs without trauma, nevertheless his retirement is insured, and he is not in the habit of being very given to speaking with the press even at the moment of promoting a disc. To him what indeed matters for him is to play, maximum restlessness that compares with his ex-companion in all six strings Slash.

In "River" there come together those styles that the guitarist of nasal incorrigible voice gathered, his Stones stamp already is not so evident, the predisposition to drop himself by the Reggae that he popularized with "Pressure Drop", or the taste of country that bridges with rock and roll.

KERRANG: Already with Ju Ju Hounds you did a ripple of this type, but specially in this "River." I estimate very much weight in the music that reggae is one of your notable influences?

IZZY: Yes, definitely, I love reggae, especially the old reggae of the seventies, the most primitive style.

What it has been strange to me more is that also at certain moments you drop yourself by country is that the unknown facet of Izzy?

I think that mainly it must be Rick and his slide, he has that style.

What happened with the Ju Ju Hounds?

Rick was in Ju Ju Hounds and he is still with me. I started playing with Duff again in the rhythm section together with Taz, a Texan[?] that deals with the drums. I have been working with them on the last two or three discs, I only used the Ju Ju Hounds for the first album and later I stopped doing it.

Speaking of Duff what's he doing now?

Now he's been living in Seattle, Washington, for many study sessions and also goes there to the school to continue learning.

Will you be touring with the same line-up as the album?

Yes, including Duff.

In a recent interview Slash said to us that the music business does not interest you at all. Is this true?

The music itself interests me more. The best thing about it is when you go with the band and stand in front of an audience to play, and the worst thing is to wait until you can do it.

Do you still like big audiences of the years in Guns N' Roses or you prefer clubs?

The perfect thing for me is a theatre or an enclosure of about a thousand or two thousand people. Playing in front fifty thousand is more difficult and it's a challenge to to get a good sound, and be entertaining at the same time.

It is true that the last disc that you published only went out in Japan?

Yes, we sent it to some companies in London and UK. and they did not answer with very much enthusiasm, they weren't crazy about it, for that reason we weren't able to publish it in Europe. We are trying to put it out this year through Sanctuary.

How goes the relation with Sanctuary? It is the company of Iron Maiden, that differs enough from the type of music which you request to do?

I have just gotten to know them over the last couple of weeks, they seem to be very good people to work with and I am really happy.

You have had contact with the members of Guns lately?

Yes I still talk to Slash, certainly with Duff, and I saw Steve, our former drummer last month...I talk a whole world less with the singer (he deliberately avoids calling him by name).

Then this question is about the singer you think that new gunners has something to do these days?

Probably who knows.

You saw the Rock in Rio show on television?

No, for one reason or another I lost it.

But because you couldn't or you didn't want it?

No es muy importante. [It's not very important.]

Then in spite of the fact that you grew up together, now you aren't a friend at all of Axl.

No, we're still friends, we just don't talk to each other (laughs) you know? Every two years I call him and leave messages at the office that he never returns...what do you want?

Or, what if he proposed to you to return to Guns N. Roses, what would you say?

If he called me I would tell him: we're going to talk to Slash and Duff and make some good music, I think that it would be good.

You would only accept if you were accompanied by the rest of the original formation?

Only with the original formation, or at least with Slash and Duff, I couldn't do it any other way.

Steve had problems with the drugs in the past how you see him now?

I saw him a few weeks ago and he looked good, he said to me that he was going about six months without taking anything, but it was the first time that I saw him in five years and I really don't know what he's doing with himself now.

You could to dedicate some words to your fans here.

¡Viva la España! We are coming back to play because the best shows that we have given have been there. After the tour with the Ju Ju Hounds was living in the Coast of Gerona for three or four months in a rented house. I love Spain, and I've eaten[?] very well there.

There are plans being made for you to come or is it at the moment only an intention?

We are speaking with Sanctuary now in order to put us in touch with people and to see if it's possible. If you know promoters or have friends, please, contact Steffanie, my assistant. Muchas gracias, Adiós.



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