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2002.01.15 - KNAC.COM - Izzy Stradlin Recruits Slash & Duff For New Album

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2002.01.15 - KNAC.COM - Izzy Stradlin Recruits Slash & Duff For New Album Empty 2002.01.15 - KNAC.COM - Izzy Stradlin Recruits Slash & Duff For New Album

Post by Blackstar on Sat May 09, 2020 11:22 pm

Izzy Stradlin Recruits Slash & Duff For New Album

By Frank Meyer, Contributing Editor

Izzy Stradlin Unites With Former Guns N’ Roses Members For New Solo Album

According to, former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan have collaborated on former Gunner Izzy Stradlin's new solo album. While McKagan has played bass on the last two Stradlin effort, Slash has not played with Izzy on record since the Use Your Illusion sessions in the early ‘90s. Slash played guitar on the entire record and reportedly wrote three songs as well. Stradlin penned the rest of the material and, as always, performs all lead vocals. The effort will be released through the Internet in late spring. This will be the forth full-length album that Stradlin has released since leaving Guns. Duff has done one solo album, two Loaded albums, the Mad For The Racket album with Wayne Kramer, a 10 Minute Warning reunion album and plays on the last two Izzy records. Slash released two Snakepit albums and has made numerous guests apperences in just about every genre of music. So all I wanna know is…where the hell is Axl’s Chinese Democracy?!?!? Well, ithe meantime Duff will take his band Loaded out for a west coast tour before hitting Japan later this month. Here are the dates so far:

1/28/02 Hollywood, CA, Viper Room
1/ 30/02 Los Angeles, CA, Pretty Ugly Club
2/1/02 Portland, OR, TBA
2/2/02 Seattle, WA, Graceland
2/8/02 Osaka, JAP, Banana Hall
2/9/02 Nagoya, JAP, The Bottom Line
2/10/02 Tokyo, JAP, The Liquid Room

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