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2002.08.13 - NME - Good Cheer From The Roses!

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2002.08.13 - NME - Good Cheer From The Roses! Empty 2002.08.13 - NME - Good Cheer From The Roses!

Post by Blackstar on Thu May 07, 2020 3:21 am


The band put paid to speculation - and we want to hear from fans going to their show in Hong Kong tomorrow...

A spokesperson for GUNS N’ ROSES has assured NME.COM the band’s UK dates, will go ahead, despite speculation to the contrary.

The band are due to visit the UK for an appearance at the Leeds leg of the Carling Weekend (August 23), followed by a date at the London Docklands Arena on August 26.

Some gossip websites have speculated that the group may not appear, after they pulled out of UK dates in June and December last year. However, the rumours are just that, according to a spokesperson for the band.

Guns ‘N Roses are due to start a string of dates tomorrow evening (August 14) at the Hong Kong Exhibition Hall, and we want to know if you’re going to the shows.

If you are, after the gig email and tell us what you thought. What did they play? Did Axl Rose say anything about the new album ‘Chinese Democracy’? What can fans in the UK expect at the Leeds festival?

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