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2001.MM.DD - Steven Adler Official Fan Site - Q&A with Steven

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2001.MM.DD - Steven Adler Official Fan Site - Q&A with Steven Empty 2001.MM.DD - Steven Adler Official Fan Site - Q&A with Steven

Post by Blackstar on Tue Apr 28, 2020 3:57 pm

Some of the questions might be from 2000

Vinnie asks: Dude, you are a true pioneer, you are such a rockin’ drummer!  I dream of seeing you rock out someday, but I live on the East coast. Are you going to play anywhere in the East soon, and if so, with whom?

Vinnie baby! What’s happenin’?! Vinnie, I’m going to New York soon to do Howard Stern with my brother and, uh, if there's somebody I know out there playin, or somebody I don’t know, if there is a band playin’, I usually will get up and play.  If something official-like comes up it will be listed on this website or the radio or somethin’...

John asks: I’d like to know if you hated Axl for what he has done to Guns?

Well, I don’t know if I hate Axl ‘cause we’ve done so much together, so, no matter what he does that’s the way he is, and I love him so I accept it. It’s easy to say he’s a moron asshole for doing what he did but I also know that if he didn’t do what he did, ‘cause he wanted to do that so bad, that if he didn’t do it, I don’t  think that we could go on to be as great as we can be.  So, yes it sucks, it’s fucked up, but him personally, he would be more of an asshole if he didn’t do this record, he thought Guns N’ Roses was him, instead of the five of us as a band complete. Obviously, it’s not - you know that John, I know that - but, like, he even got rid of Slash just so he could get totally away from Guns! I just hope he can get that out of his system, and we can fuckin’ rock already!

PonyBoy from Texas asks: Steven, you always seemed to have the mentality of a true survivor. I remember watching your live performance of “Civil War” at Farm Aid and it seemed as if even though you tripped on your cymbal running out, you still had that killer smile as you got up and put on a killer performance. Do you have fond memories of those last performances or had it gotten kind of weird by then?

Well, I’ll never forget that moment - it could have been the most embarrassing moment of my life - except for, I don’t  really get embarrassed anymore! I mean, I’ve been naked in front of 10,000 people in New Orleans, and that’s got to be the most embarrassing thing that could actually happen to a human being, I mean think about it,and...I thought it was cool and fun, so....but when I tripped on that cymbal, when I jumped up there, if you watch you can see, it fuckin’ woke my ass up! I needed that to happen, if it didn’t that show might have sucked! Obviously I went out there, and we hadn’t played as a band, even in rehearsal, well maybe we did some recording, but we hadn’t rehearsed in a month before that show! And I never played that song, “Down on the Farm” I never even heard it in my life, and we played it, and it came out fucking great, and “Civil War” came out amazing! So it woke me up, and I think it even woke the other guys up. My friend Brooke gave me these bootleg shows, and I watched Farm Aid, and I was smiling when I was up there, I was fuckin’ so happy, ‘cause playin’ is the greatest thing in the world I can’t help but smile when  I play, it’s not even something I think about, my body is happy, my eyes are happy, my mind is happy, and I’m just smilin’!

Nancy asks: Hi, I’d like to ask what kind of woman Steve likes?

I like you darlin’! You’re the kind of woman I like! You’re a woman so you’re insane and I accept that, and I’m sure you could rock my world!

BirGir asks: Hi, Steven, what is your favorite GNR song and why? Also, does Axl or any of you Gunners have children?

Well, I don’t know there’s a couple of favorite songs! I’d have to say Shadow of Your Love, I love the fuckin’ drums on it!  It’s the first song that we as a band played.  It was with Izzy and Axl and a guy named DJ on bass. Halfway thru rehearsing, Axl kicks the door in, grabs the microphone and runs up and down the fucking walls screaming for the rest of the song. Never in my life had I seen a person that insane, I was so happy! So, Shadow of Your Love, oh, I love Paradise City ‘cause I always wanted to get one bass drum to sound like two and I got that at the end of that song.  And Sweet Child of Mine.  When we recorded it we only played it one time and we really tried our hardest and we actually made mistakes in it, usually we’ll play something like two or three times, that’s just normal, and we just played it and it came out awesome with fuck ups and all. It’s just so real, it’s the most real rock n roll song ever recorded and put on a CD! As for the children thing, I know Duff has had a kid recently, I think he has two, and for Axl, Slash, and myself - I’m sure somewhere there’s a few. And Izzy... I wouldn’t doubt it!

NewGnrFan2000 asks: Will Steve go back in GNR?

I would love to! If the guys want to, I want to! We owe it to our fans and the fans we don’t even have yet, and will have. I’m ready if they're ready, I wanna rock! Let Axl get out of his system what he wants to get out, so we can chill out and be a fuckin’ rock n roll band.  Slash is one of the most talented musicians ever, I’m sure once those two are into it Izzy and Duff will be too! “I wanna rock”!

John from PA asks: Hey Steven, I was just wondering since you said that you want Guns to reunite, that if you got on the phone and asked about rejoining GNR. The word going around is that they have no drummer. Now would be the perfect time for you to join. The new album is supposed to be great and to see you and Axl back would be F’n great!

Ok, well, yeah I think about calling, but I wouldn’t know what to say. Axl can get any drummer in this world that he wants! I’m not  playing on this new record and personally I don’t care to tour for it. I know that together the five us can record a album greater than Appetite! So however great this album is that Axl’s putting out, he’s the only original one on it, so it’s really Axls’ record, not the bands record, however great it is, imagine how great an album with the five of us would be!

John asks: Hi, huge fan here, since 1987. It's nice to see you finally get your own  website. I was wondering if you still keep in touch with any of the GnR guys  and if so, have you jammed with any of them? I look forward to meeting you someday!

Thanks John! No, actually I haven't been in touch with the other guys lately, but I can't wait to see them again! A couple of years back I was in a band with Gilby Clarke called "Freaks in the Room". Gilby is great, I think he knows how to play every song ever written on guitar! Also, I ran into Slash's mom a couple months back. That was a nice surprise, she's a wonderful lady.

Rache from Australia asks: Hey I've been a fan since I was 7, what's the deal with the rumor that Steven, Slash, Izzy, and Duff were rehearsing in Detroit? Am I sensing a reunion?

That would be, that WILL be a wonderful thing when it happens, but there is no way we'd be in Detroit if it were!

Tiago from Portugal asks: Have you recorded anything before or after Guns N' Roses, if so...what and where can I get it?

I recorded some stuff with Davey Vain for the band Roadcrew which didn't happen because of my own doings, but he put some of the songs that I'm playing on, on the record, I think it was the second Vain record, which was released in Japan and features 3 or 4 songs that I'm playing on.

Havthor from Iceland asks: What is your take on the “new” Guns N’ Roses record?

My grandfather is from Iceland actually! Well, I hope for his (Axl’s) sake, it fuckin’ rocks, but it’s never gonna be Guns N’ Roses until the five of us are back together, and it would be really cool if everyone who checks this site and reads this let it be known that they, the fans, do want to see us back.

Lars Christensen asks: Stevie, have you ever been to Sammy’s Cabo Wabo cantina and what did you think?

I’ve never been there, Slash went there and jammed with Sammy Hagar and said it was really, really fuckin’ cool. But I’ve never been able to go there but I’d really like to.

Steve B asks: Hey there, great to see you’ve got your own website. I was just wonderin' when your book might be coming out. I can’t wait to read it. Thanks!

Well, my buddy Brooke and I are working on it, but, it’s mostly me, when I feel it’s right, the motivation will come to me and everything will happen. I try not to push things to far and to fast ‘cause I just want everything to be right.

Jani from Finland asks: Been a fan since 1990, I remember the time you left GNR. I seen GNR once in my homeland of Finland, but for me you are the one and only GNR drummer. You were so damn cool and you took it easy. What have you been doing since 1990?

Well, thank you, and it’s cool that you’ve been a fan, I really dig that. I’ve been on vacation, and I’m sick of  fucking being on vacation and I’m getting myself back in shape and I’m ready to fuckin’ rock. When something good comes up, I’ll be ready for it!

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