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1996.11.DD - Total Guitar - Slash Speaks!

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1996.11.DD - Total Guitar - Slash Speaks! Empty 1996.11.DD - Total Guitar - Slash Speaks!

Post by Blackstar on Sun Mar 29, 2020 5:29 pm

Thanks to @Surge for sending us this interview!

1996.11.DD - Total Guitar - Slash Speaks! 1996-110


Slash speaks!

In an exclusive interview, the lord of the Les Paul reveals how everything is still coming up Roses...

GUNS N’ Roses guitarist Slash has revealed that the LA rockers - virtually reclusive over the last three years - have commenced work on new material. He has also spoken out about exactly what he has been doing since the last Guns album, The Spaghetti Incident.

“I haven’t just been sitting around, that’s for sure,” he insists. “I’ve done some 580 gigs since ’93. Only 189 of those were with my own band, Slash’s Snakepit. I’ve just been getting out there and having fun and playing wacky shows with people like James Brown and Les Paul. Playing different kinds of music, from jazz to blues to... whatever.”


Slash also revealed that the traditionally volatile Guns ’N Roses writing machine has swung into action. “Yeah, like always, we’ve been swapping tapes," he says. “We always do that; then if everything clicks when we’re together, we turn each individual’s songs into something heavy. If it doesn’t happen -I don’t mean to disappoint anybody -but it’s just a bunch of human beings making a version of everyday life.”


Although Slash is optimistic, he insists that GN’R could never function as a well-oiled machine. “There’s imperfections in any mechanics,” he drawls. “Anything that’s supposed to be orderly is fine, but we’re not that kind of band. Never will be. That I don't expect.

What I do expect is a unity and a meeting of minds between the guys. It’s not one of these bands that sits down and calculates stuff. It’s a rock ’n’ roll band. If Guns lost that, then it would become like, well, I won’t name names.” One Slash-related project which is set in stone is music for the new serial killer movie, Curdled, executive produced by Quentin Tarantino.

“It’s Spanish guitar,” he says, “which isn’t something traditionally associated with me. But my music appears during the murder scenes, which is cool...”

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