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1995.02.DD - Triple M Radio (Australia) - Interview with Slash and Eric Dover

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1995.02.DD - Triple M Radio (Australia) - Interview with Slash and Eric Dover Empty 1995.02.DD - Triple M Radio (Australia) - Interview with Slash and Eric Dover

Post by Blackstar Sun Mar 29, 2020 4:17 pm

Thanks to @Surge for sending us this interview!


Interviewer: The show at Pandemonium (?) live here at Triple M. It’s about to become Slash’s Snakepit FM, I think.

Eric Dover: We’re gonna turn the studio into –

Female: [inaudible]

Eric Dover: Well, I was hoping I could bury my face somewhere else, but, seriously...


Eric Dover: On a lighter note...

Female: [inaudible]

Eric Dover: Yeah, fuck me, huh? Nobody knows who I am. That’s the good part.

Female: You’re the lead guitarist from Jellyfish.

(Inaudible cross talk)

Female: Eric, you’re actually the lead guitarist from Jellyfish.

Eric Dover: Well, I was. Jellyfish has broken up.

Female: Oh, when was that?

Dover: Well, about a year and half ago or so. Or something like that, yeah.

Female: That long ago?

Dover: Yeah, it’s been a while.

Female: And Slash is actually scaling some Jack Daniels as we speak, and –

Dover: He’s been drinking a lot of that.

Female: See, I couldn’t recognize you when you first (?). You didn’t have a fag hanging out of your mouth, but now, I mean, you are (?) (laughs).

Dover: Don’t say that in America.

Female: No, I understand that. Now, first things first I think we’re both Cancerians, when you’re here.

Male: First things first, welcome to Triple M.

Female: Oh yeah. We’re both Cancerians.

Slash: No, I’m Leo.

Female: No, no, cuz you were born on the 23rd.

Slash: No, where I’m from, the 23rd is where Leo starts.

Dover: Well, this is the southern hemisphere.

Slash: I looked at it – yeah, it’s funny, so (?) I’m a Cancer in Australia and I’m a Leo in L.A.


Female: I really love it.

Dover: I wonder what I am in –

Slash: I checked it out today in the paper.

Dover: I’m a Capricorn, January 19.

Female: Ohh!

Slash: Are you on the cusp, too?

Dover: Yeah, I’m lost. Aquarius.

Female: (?)

Slash: Yeah.

Female: Now, let’s talk about the album, of course. Are you all excited about it? You’re here in Australia actually promoting it. But aren’t actually doing any gigs. Why is that?

Slash: Well, because the whole band is not here. We’re planning on coming back. Actually, the more I say that, the more pressure it puts on Tom here.


Female: (?)

Slash: Because we want to come and play here.


Male: (?)

Female: When was it when Guns N’ Roses was here last time?

Slash: I don’t fucking know. It was probably about – somewhere towards the end. We did that whole two-and-a-half year stint.

Female: But you had a fantastic time in Australia.

Slash: Oh, yeah.

Female: I saw a lot of photos of you guys on holidays (?)

Slash: We jumped off cliffs and stuff (laughs).

Female: Are you still married to that gorgeous woman, Renee?

Slash: Yeah, yeah, she’s home.

Female: She’s gorgeous, isn’t she!

Slash: Yeah.

Dover: Well, you sound just like Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous.

Slash: I know.

Female: Oh, (?) I know.

Male: Do you get that (?)

Slash: Oh yes, we do. We wrote this whole record to that. That’s all it was.

Male: What do you think about Roseanne buying the rights to that? (?)

Slash: I think that’s – Did Roseanne buy the rights to it? Roseanne Barr?

Male: Yeah.

Female: Do you like her?

Slash: Uh-oh. I hope it doesn’t go down the toilet.  

Dover: How can you take an English sense of humour and take an American –

Male: That’s exactly right.

Dover: You’ve got to fuck it up.

Male: It’s gonna cast – I just forget who she’s casting now, but she was going to be Patsy. No, she was gonna be a –

Slash: Oh, no, no, no. No way. Don’t tell me that it’s not the actual – the original cast.

Male: She bought the rights and she’s gonna turn into an American sitcom.

Slash: Oh, that’s terrible!

Male: I know. What a tragedy.

Female: Anyway, Slash, I wanna talk about you!

Slash: Oh.

Male: Do you wanna play – let’s play a couple of songs from the album. The boys are gonna perform live from It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere, but what we’ll do, we’ll let the boys have a smoke and a drink, and we’ll play – Slash do you want us to play Doin’ Fine and Be the Ball?

Slash: Yeah.

Male: - off the album. Okay, we’ll do that right now. Here it is. It’s Slash’s Snakepit FM 94.9 TripleM for the next hour or so -

Slash (laughing): I’m gonna lose it.

Male: - And you’re listening to (?)

Female: That’s alright.

Male: And here are the boys.

[Song is played]

Male: We have the lovely Slash and Eric from Slash’s here in the studio.

Slash: (Laughs)

Female: (?)

Slash: (?) saying “Oh, would you go down on me?” and I said, “I kind of like, dude” (laughs).


Female: Nevermind. You know, that earring you’ve got in your nose?

Slash: Yeah?

Female: I’ve got the exact earring and I put it on my clitoris.

Slash: Do you really?!

Dover: You do?

Female: Yeah! I’ve got done a lot (?)

Dover: I’ve just got my name.

Male: Did you really?

Female: Yeah! You wouldn’t expect a woman wearing that (?)

Slash: No, but I heard (?)


Dover: You really have a big clitoris.

Female: No, no, it’s small. (?)

[Cross talk]

Dover: I’ve never seen a pierced clitoris before.

Slash: No, wait, she’s showing us right now.

Everyone: Oooh!

Dover: Oh, wow! Fantastic.

[Cross talk]

Male: You just heard Be The Ball and Doin’ Fine from It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere.

Slash: Yeah, cuz they were both back to back, so I figured just play those.

Male: The album that we’re here to talk about and play tonight. You’re gonna do live, three songs for us live, shortly.

Slash: Yeah. We’re doing it on acoustic, but - you know, we don’t have the whole band here nor can we carry around a bunch of Marshals (laughs).

Female: I know. It’s gonna be quite – now, listen, we’re gonna talk to you for a minute, Slash, here and say that –

Slash: (Laughing) I can’t (?)

Female: Your mother used to go out with David Bowie –

[Cross talk – laughter]

Female (Laughing) I do.

Slash: You don’t seem like the type. Plus, you don’t drink.

Female: Yeah, but I used to (laughs).

Slash: Oh!

Dover: I’m analyzing your little (?)

Slash: No, when I got my belly button pierced, I did it between takes when we were shooting a video for Beggars and Hangers-On, cuz one of the extras turned – he was pierced from head to toe.

Female: Oh I want you to take your jacket off so I can see your tats in real life.

Slash: Oh, it’s fucking freezing.

Female: I’ll turn the –

Male: Don’t turn it on. No, no.

Female: Why not?

Male: Because, because.

Slash: It’s okay, relax.

[Cross talk]

Male: We’ve given the boys the lovely TripleM jackets.

Female: Can I have a look on your lovely jewels?

Slash: Huh?

Female: (Laughs) You’ve got so many jewels, haven’t you, darling?

Slash: (Laughs) “Darling”.

Female: Darling!

Dover: “Sweaty, catch me my aroma therapy.”

[Cross talk]

Slash: These are old. I mean, I got this one probably – it’s a little faded, cos...

Dover: Actually, that –

Female: What does this mean to you?

Slash: This means “drink till you drop”.


Female: Slashy, I get worried about your liver, darling. Do you get any acupuncture or anything?

Slash: I do all kinds of different stuff.

Female: Like what?

Slash: I keep myself in check.

Female: Like what? What do you do?

Slash: No, we don’t want to get into it.

[Cross talk]

Female: Hey (?) what did you say? Hey, Slash, what did you say?

[Cross talk]

Male: We gotta set the boys over to play.

Female: Oh no! They’re playing here. (?)

Slash: This is my first one. Right?

Female: That’s nice.

Slash: Then I’ve got two new ones on my back.

Male: I lost control.

Female: Yes, you have lost control. Just get over it. (?) the tats.

Dover: Show the new one.

Slash: Well, this is the first one I got recently.

Female: Yeah?

Slash: Which is my wife’s –

Dover: Just let it all hang out.

Female: Eric, how come you haven’t – all the time you (?) your lips. You have nice lips.

Slash: Okay, it was after I got it. He told her anyway.

Female: (Laughs)

Dover: This is what it is now.

Female: Your beautiful red lips, on the right shoulder. On the left shoulder you’ve got what?

Slash: That’s the cover of the record.

Female: Aaah! The cover of the record! Isn’t that lovely!

Male: Oops. Are we gonna play now?

Slash: (?)

Female: That’s fantastic!

Male: Can we play now?

Slash: (?) weird nipples.

Dover: (?) out of tune.

Slash: If the guitars were in tune.

Male: Before we play, okay.

Female: What did you say about nipples?

Slash: I don’t know, you’re so funny, I just want to hang out with you.

Female: (Laughter)

Male: I’ve got Sue on the phone. Sue, say hello to Eric and Slash.

Sue: Hi.

Slash: Is that Sue? Is that – it’s a girl that wants the Guns N’ Roses song?

Sue: No, Slash, I want to talk to you.

Female: We all do! (laughs). What do you wanna say to Slash?

Sue: I wanna tell him I wanna do body piercing too.

Slash: Oh really?

Sue: Yeah!

Slash: Well, you should have seen this guy. He had 14 of them in his –

Sue: Wow! That’s too much, man.

Slash: In his rod (?)

Sue: Yeah, yeah!

Slash: I asked him. I go, “Does it make it longer?” and he goes, “I don’t know.” Then I go, “Can you get it up? Because no?”

Sue: (Laughs)

Dover: Yeah, like he knows, stick it in a girl and (?)

Sue: (Laughs) Oh yeah! What’s his name?

Slash: I don’t know. The guy who did it was an extra on the set, and he was so pierced that –

Sue: Oh my God.

Slash: You know (?)

Male: Sue?

Sue: Yeah?

Male: You’ve spoken to the man. Are you happy?

Sue: Oh, tell him I love him.

Female: Tell him yourself!

Sue: (?) you’re married. Slash, I love you’re still a married man.

Slash: Oh, God...

Sue: Yeah, it’s a fucking (?) but I know you’re married.

Male: Oh jeez! Well...

Slash: What do you look (?)

Female: (Laughs)

Male: We have the lovely Slash’s Snakepit in the studio. Slash and Eric, they’re running production. They can hear us.

[Cross talk]

Female: Hey, Slashy washy...

Slash: Are we supposed to be on the air?

Male: Yes.

Female: Wait, what do you mean “supposed to be”? (?)

Slash: I’m sorry, I was fuckin’ around.

Female: Oh, that’s alright. Hello, Eric.

Eric: Oh hi.

Female: Oh hi, honey. Now you’re in there, you’ve got a little coffee table between you all. You’ve got your Stolis, you’ve got your Jack...

Male: Turned the coffee table to a mini bar.

Female: Mini bar (laughs).

Slash: I know. I was like, “Where to spread?

Female: Very exotic.

Male: How are all at Triple M, as they can all see I’ve got a good view?

Slash: I don’t know, I can’t – they don’t have a microphone.

Female: That’s a shame. They should.

Slash: They’re all there, though.

Female: Now Slash, are you aware that the guy producing you, that’s the guy (?), his name is Slash!

Slash: His name is Slash. I know, it makes it very confusing.

Female: I bet it does, darling, yes.

Slash: (Laughs) Yes...

Female: Now, sweetie, what are we gonna open with?

Slash: We’re gonna do the song that’s on – it’s the first song on the record. It’s called Neither Can I. We’re gonna do it acoustic. It’s basically pretty heavy when we do it as a band, but we –

Female: And of course it’s pretty heavy because it’s about suicide, right?

Slash: In a way, yeah.

Female: Is it about a personal person in your life or anything?

Slash: No, not for me.

Eric: It’s for me, but I’m not gonna tell you what it is.

Female: Okay, Eric, I respect your privacy on that one.

Eric: Because “Oh, I’m an artist!”

Female: (Laughs)

Male: Okay, well, artists, let’s go. Ladies and gentlemen, live at Triple M, Slash’s Snakepit. From It’s Five O’clock Somewhere, this is Neither Can I.

[Neither Can I is played]

Male: TripleM, ladies and gentlemen, you’re listening to Slash’s Snakepit live. Here in the studio it’s Eric Dover and Slash and that was Neither Can I from the new album, which you can buy right now. It’s called It’s Five O’clock Somewhere. Now guys, you’re gonna do something else now.

Female: Oh, they’d better light another fag and have another –

Dover: (?)

Slash: Yeah, yeah, you always have to take that little moment, like light a cigarette.

Male: Have a shot, yeah, into the mini bar.

Female: Yeah, (?) light a little ciggy. What brand of cigarettes are they, darling?

Slash: Well, actually –

Dover: Well, if you watch Ab Fab, you’d know.

Female: Oh darling. But what are they?

Dover: Sweetie darling.


Dover: There’s your (?)

Slash: We only have about 300 or 400 cartons of them, so, you know, being frugal as we are, we’ll smoke them.

Female: Are they the real full-on VI (?) 16 milligram (?)

Slash: Actually, you know what, they’ve actually have less tar.

Female: Oh, do they?

Slash: Than Marlboros do.

Male: (?) more than Southeast Freeway.


Male: Just a little.

Slash: That’s a good one.

Female: Now let’s talk about the next number you’re doing for us. What’s it called?

Dover: The next one is Back and Forth Again.

Female: Okay now, you both wrote this, and I’m just reading it, and it’s really about sort of addictive relationships, isn’t it?

Slash: Yeah, we’ve all been through them.

Female: Oh, haven’t we (?)? (laughs)

Male: (Laughs)

Slash: This song actually applies – I don’t know about Eric, but for me it applies heavily, because I’ve gone through it. Now I’m married (laughs).

Female: And you’re over it.

Slash: Yeah, well, now I’m just - you know, we’re married.

Female: Yeah, but I mean, do you have a happy marriage? Do you, like, communicate?

Slash: I have a great marriage.

Female: Oh, I’m so happy for you.

Slash: Yeah, she’s cool. I just talked to her, actually, a little while ago.

Female: (?)

Slash: But yeah, Back and Forth Again applies to ever since I first started getting laid, pretty much.

Female: Yeah.


Slash: Girls are addictive (laughs).

Female: And what’s the thing that always hooks you back to the same woman, like, before you got married? What would you say?

Slash: Well, I’d probably say the three obvious – (laughs).

Male (Laughing) Let’s keep it clean, though, shall we?

Female: The three holes of love (laughs).


Slash: (Laughs) No, you know, like a certain personality, and a certain kind of... whatever drew you to them in the first place, and sex.

Female: Yeah, sure.

Dover: And sex.

Female: What about you, Eric? Who are you having sex with?

Dover: Well, nobody at the moment, except... Somebody...

Slash: I blow him occasionally.

Female: Do you?

Slash: No, I’m kidding.

Female: (Laughs)

Dover:  Yeah, right. I gotta say there’s probably – you see, I’m left-handed, so I’m using my right hand as a backup.

Male: Any of those girls in the studio, they’re watching, you would probably blow (?)

Slash: They know we are kidding.

[Cross talk – laughter]

Female: Let’s sing, thank you.

Male: Yeah, let’s listen to the song, shall we?

Slash: Alright.

Male: Back and Forth Again, this is Slash’s Snakepit on Triple M.

[Slash says he’s got to tune his guitar – Cross talk]

Male: Just goes to show that this is live, folks.

Female: (?) We don’t mind.

Slash: No, I’ve been through shit out of the strings before. Okay. Alright.

Female: Cool?

[Slash plays a few notes]

Female: I love this!

Male: This is TripleM, Sydney’s (?) live tonight with Slash’s Snakepit. Eric Dover and Slash, they’re live in the studio, they’re in the production studio here in TripleM. Guys, that’s great. Eric (?).

Slash: We had that over here.

Male: What are you talking about?

Slash: Now we are switching guitars.

Female: Oh, are you?

Slash: Yeah.

Male: Did you break one?

Slash: Well, I will if I play it any more (laughs).

Female: Slash, have you flashed your tats to the listeners yet?

Slash: Have I...? Well, no.

Female: Slash, flash your tats.

Slash: I’m not in a habit of flashing tats.

Female: Oh, you don’t want to?

Slash: I just showed you two because you told me your clit was pierced.


Female: Now that’s fair (laughs). Listen, I wanna talk a bit more about the album.

Dover: I’m sure it is fair. I doesn’t get much sun down there.

Female: No, no. Shut up! (laughs)

Dover: It’s alright.

Slash: You don’t know, and the privacy of a woman’s boudoir (?)

[Cross talk – Laughter]

Female: Now I wanna talk more about the album and all the people that have worked on it. Give me a ride on that.

Slash: Let’s see... Well, there’s Mike Clink... Well, for one, okay, there’s the band. There’s myself, Eric, Mike Inez, and Matt Sorum and Gilby Clarke. That’s the band.

Female: Gilby, Gilby.

Slash: Yeah. And Teddy Andreadis is in there playing harmonica on Neither Can I. And Dizzy Reed played on that song that we just did, on the album - it starts with keyboard but we don’t have one here, so... Anyway, and then there’s Mike Clink who produced it and Jim Mitchell engineered it and... Just a great bunch of people.

Female: Wow, it must have been fun. Where did you actually record it?

Slash: In Los Angeles. Do you wanna know the name of the studios and all that stuff? It’s on the record, you know.

Male: No, no. We’ll read that (?).

Slash: And Shawn Berman assisted –

Dover: (?)

Slash: Yeah, Shawn was there when –

Dover: We did Doin’ Fine.

Slash: Doing vocals and stuff.

Female: Alright.

Slash: Yeah. He actually called the chicks up (chuckles). On that song there’s a breakdown...

Female: Yeah?

Slash: Where you hear a bunch of girls in the background, and Mike Inez is smashing the TV set and it was very well done, actually (laughs).

Female: Was it?

Slash:  Yeah, it was a very real thing.

Male: I just had – just on smashing things, I just had a call from the studios at Triple in Brisbane and they got their bill, their repair bill, today.

Dover: Oh, really?

Slash: Come on, we didn’t do anything to the studio.

Female: Yeah, cos, Eric, you’ve got stitches nearly, haven’t you? On your arm?

Dover: I’ve got a cut here.

Slash: Oh, that’s right. We did break that thing. (?)


Male: You know what -

Female: Darling, listen, I have to talk to you. I have to get you a bit of therapy.

Dover: But I don’t want to, like, revert back to the Keith Moon thing, cos it’s already been done.

Female: It has, lovey. It has.

Slash: We haven’t really been laid (?)

Female: You haven’t been what, darling?


Female: I’m sure we can organise that. Now what’s the next song we’re doing? Are we doing another number?

Dover: It’s the single.

Slash: We’re gonna do Beggars.

Female: Oh, cool!

Slash: This is a song that when I first met Eric – before I even met him, he wrote this song to a piece of music that I’d written, and this sort of bonded us together.

Female: I want to ask quickly, how far do you guys go back?

Slash: Um, I don’t know -

Dover: About a year of now...

Slash: I was like about 15 inches back there.


Slash: No, about a year now.

Female: You know what? I’m gonna say I’m nearly sick of the dick jokes. But not quite.

Slash: No, it wasn’t a dick joke. It’s the walls right behind me, you horny...

Male: Oooh, I guess that you asked for that. You asked for it.

Female: (Laughs)

Male: Okay, let’s hear the song. This is Beggars and Hangers-On.

Slash: Alright, wait, wait. I need a light. I need a light.

Female: Oh god, (?) You’re right?

Slash: Wait, wait. Hold on. Okay.

Female: (Sighs)

Male: Ladies and gentlemen, this second Slash is lighting a cigarette.

Female: That’s Slash!

[Cross talk]

Slash: Alright, there you go.

[Beggars And Hangers-On is played - Cross talk]

Female: Oh darling, cos you’re so sexy.

Male: On Triple M that was Slash’s Snakepit, Eric Dover and Slash, from It’s Five O’clock Somewhere. I’m gonna buy it.

Slash: We know some Perry Como songs.

Male: Yeah, hit us, we’re all ears.

Female: Why don’t you do Neil Diamond? (?) Listen, speaking about other great artists, Slash...

Slash: Yeah?

Dover: Not Perry Como.

Female: You’ve recorded stuff with everyone, from...

Dover: (Sings) “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon...”

Female: Hey Slash, are you listening to me?

Male: Is that Neil Diamond or Urge Overkill?

Female: Slashy wash?

Slash: Yeah, yeah.

Female: Now you performed with people –

Slash: Slashy wash? Don’t ever (?) (laughs)

Female: Slashy washy. Iggy Pop, Michael Jackson, Carole King, Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder... I mean, just to name, you know.

Slash: Actually, I didn’t do the Stevie Wonder track.

Female: Didn’t you?

Slash: No, I was going to, but I was on the road.

Female: Hmm. Now was the most exciting out of all those guys to record with?

Slash: I think Iggy Pop and Lenny Kravitz were the most fun for the – well, and Carole King.

Female: Oh yeah, she’s – I mean, you and Lenny are kind of like soul bros, aren’t you, with your wild hair and your tats and stuff?

Slash: (Laughs) No, we – I wrote a riff. Well, I went down to go play on a song called Fields Of Joy.

Female: Aah! That’s my favourite Lenny song!

Slash: Well, that’s me playing guitar in there, honey, so...

Female: Oh darling (?)

Slash: And so then, when I was doing that, I played him a riff that was initially supposed to be a Guns N’ Roses song as usual –

Female: Yeah?

Slash: And he heard it and he was really into it, and Guns wasn’t into it because it was too funky, so... (laughs). So he just went fucking nuts over it.

Female: Yeah?  

Slash: That’s he calls it (?)

Male: (?)

Slash: No, he has a word for it. He goes, “That’s just...” What did he call it? “That’s psychotic.” That’s his word for it.

Female: Psychotic.

Slash: Yeah, and so we flew down to Hoboken, New Jersey, and just went and recorded it, you know, recorded that song.

Male: Well, guys, this is where we have to leave you from our radio show.

Slash: Is it ten already?

Female: What are you doing now? Is he gonna -

Male: You’re not leaving the station, but we have to get on with this (?)

Slash: We have to get out of this room (laughs).

Female: You got a bond with all your fans.

Slash: Yeah, there they are. The two.

Female: Yes, you gotta sign a lot of guitars and, you know, kiss a few forwards.

Male: We’ll bring a baby or two to kiss.

Dover: One for me!

Male: And lots of (?)

Slash: And a couple of hoods.


Dover: And then what we’ll do is draw – we’ll draw the (?) as well. So let’s just - a golf clap to Eric and Slash.

Female: Yeah!

Slash: Alright, take care. See you.

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1995.02.DD - Triple M Radio (Australia) - Interview with Slash and Eric Dover Empty Re: 1995.02.DD - Triple M Radio (Australia) - Interview with Slash and Eric Dover

Post by Blackstar Sun Mar 29, 2020 4:19 pm

I had difficulty in transcribing this. A lot of cross talk and chit-chatting, and I have trouble with the Australian accent Embarassed
The female interviewer is very annoying Very Happy

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1995.02.DD - Triple M Radio (Australia) - Interview with Slash and Eric Dover Empty Re: 1995.02.DD - Triple M Radio (Australia) - Interview with Slash and Eric Dover

Post by Soulmonster Tue Apr 14, 2020 2:51 pm

I don't envy you having to translate that! Very Happy
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1995.02.DD - Triple M Radio (Australia) - Interview with Slash and Eric Dover Empty Re: 1995.02.DD - Triple M Radio (Australia) - Interview with Slash and Eric Dover

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