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2000.03.07 - KNAC.COM - Slash: Life Ain't So Grand

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2000.03.07 - KNAC.COM - Slash: Life Ain't So Grand Empty 2000.03.07 - KNAC.COM - Slash: Life Ain't So Grand

Post by Blackstar on Mon Mar 16, 2020 5:41 pm

Slash: Life Ain't So Grand

Slash Gets Dropped By Geffen

Don't hold you breath for the release of the new album from Slash's Snakepit, as it has been dropped from Interscope/Geffen release schedule and the band is currently without a record deal. After the label mailed advance copies of Ain't Life Grand to media outlets, they decided not to release it at all. The record will likely be released by another record label in the near future, Slash told MTV News. The split between the guitarist and his longtime label "was very amicable," says Slash. "I needed to go to a rock and roll kind of record company as opposed to a hip-hop kind of thing. So, it was like, 'We got a killer record here, what do you wanna do? [You] can't work it. I can work it. Let's go somewhere else.' And they said, 'Yeah, you're probably best to do that.' At this particular moment," he says, "I own [the record]." Slash says the album will be released as is and that he has no plans to alter it for another label.


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