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2000.02.DD - Japanese Radio - Telephone Interview with Brian May

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2000.02.DD - Japanese Radio - Telephone Interview with Brian May Empty 2000.02.DD - Japanese Radio - Telephone Interview with Brian May

Post by Blackstar on Mon Mar 16, 2020 5:35 pm


Brian: So, like, last week, I was in Los Angeles to play on the Guns N' Roses record. It's very interesting.

Hikaru: Wow!

Brian: Yeah. Something very nice and different. But, hum... I just went on the plane. And I took my guitar with me. And  they met me the other end. And they said "Why you brought your original guitar?" And I said "yeah" [when I] play some[thing] important, I always wanna play on [this] guitar.

Hikaru: Yeah. It sounds like a vocalist type attitude toward music. Because, like, we, we come, as a singer, I can't change my vocal codes, like, another vocal code. Just, you know, and a lot guitarists, like, have many many guitars. And they can always change. But, that's special...

Brian: Yeah. Yeah. I very seldom play anything else. My guitar... it's funny you say that. Because I always wanted my guitar to be a voice. That was kind a my dream that the guitar would have that expression that you would feel like someone was singing to you.

Hikaru: Yeah. That's what I always felt from listening to your music.

Brian: Great.

Hikaru: Yeah.

Brian: I'm very glad. Yeah, that's the way I want my guitar to be, you know. I was lucky to find that.

Hikaru: Yeah. Wow...I didn't know you could hand make guitars like that.

Brian: (laughs) Well, not many people do.

Hikaru: Yeah. (laughs)

Brian: We put a lot of time. It took us two years to make the thing.

Hikaru: That's special.

Brian: Yeah,'s special (laughs)

Hikaru: When is the Guns N' Roses thing coming? Is that gonna be out soon?

Brian: Yeah, well, it's a long time project. They'd been really..., from the inception I think it's 5 years  since they started making the record. But they made many many many tracks. And now they've chosen just a few they want to be on the first new record. And I think it's very good stuff. I was very impressed, Axl is singing fantastically. I mean, actually such a unique sound and style. I don't know if you know his work very much. But..

Hikaru: Yeah, yeah, I'm their fan too, yeah...

Brian: Yeah,  it's very passionate and very... very exciting, you know. And I was happy to play some stuff on that. I think it will be out on...,they talked about spring, I think, you know, late spring probably and maybe they can tour in the summer.


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