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1999.09.02 - Rolling Stone - Guns N' Roses Ready First-Ever Live Album

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1999.09.02 - Rolling Stone - Guns N' Roses Ready First-Ever Live Album Empty 1999.09.02 - Rolling Stone - Guns N' Roses Ready First-Ever Live Album

Post by Blackstar on Tue Mar 10, 2020 5:02 pm

Guns n' Roses Ready First-Ever Live Album

G n' R live album will feature material from 1987 to 1992.

Live albums come and go, normally with little fanfare, unless of course it's a Guns n' Roses live album and it's all that separates the group from the abyss. Not since the Gunners released the all-covers album The Spaghetti Incident? six years ago has the world heard "new" material from the one-time heavy metal saviors. Now, a probable double-live album, featuring twenty-three or twenty-four songs recorded in every band incarnation from 1987 to 1992, will hit shelves some time this fall.

According to Andy Wallace, who mixed the yet-untitled set, the album will feature G n' R staples like "Sweet Child o' Mine," "Welcome to the Jungle," "November Rain," "Mr. Brownstone" and the Bob Dylan cover "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." "It definitely has a live feel, but it's well-recorded and well-played," Wallace says. "They were great live and had a lot of concerts to work from."

The more than two hours of material Wallace mixed was culled from shows recorded in Tokyo, Las Vegas and Mexico City. The Tokyo material is likely taken from the same shows that spawned the double-live concert video Use Your Illusion I & II: Live in Tokyo, while the Vegas show may be the same that produced a live version of "Yesterdays," which was included on a self-titled import CD single.

Wallace was unaware how exactly the material will be presented on the double-disc but, he says, "the idea was not to fool anyone into the fact that it was [from] one concert."



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