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1999.08.26 - MTV News - Slash Reports Missing Gear, Assault Charges Explained

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1999.08.26 - MTV News - Slash Reports Missing Gear, Assault Charges Explained Empty 1999.08.26 - MTV News - Slash Reports Missing Gear, Assault Charges Explained

Post by Blackstar on Tue Mar 10, 2020 2:15 pm



Slash is the latest musician to fall victim to thievery. The former Guns N' Roses guitarist has told MTV News that a break-in at his Beverly Hills home late last month resulted in the loss of some of his favorite instruments and other valuables.

A total of 12 guitars were taken, both acoustic and electric, including a Gibson "Slash" model Les Paul and two Guild Crossroad double necks. Also missing is a large amount of studio equipment, a bronze sculpture and some of his personal belongings.

"I was hoping because it's such unique equipment that it might have easily been spotted," says the guitarist, "but the police have had no luck yet, so we're going to try and make sure that if anybody tries to unload it through the Internet or anywhere else, we'll be alerted."

Anybody spotting the gear is being asked to call the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Although Slash declined to comment on recent assault charges filed by his former girlfriend, Perla, his management issued a written statement to MTV News that clears up much of the speculation.

The statement reads: "The alleged charges against Slash are the result of the recent break-up of Slash and his girlfriend of two years. Over the course of the breakup, Slash was staying at the Le Parc Hotel in Hollywood, under an alias to help ease the situation. His ex-girlfriend found out where Slash was staying and apparently bluffed her way into his hotel room where Slash was asleep. She initiated a physical dispute, and was removed from the room by the police, who had been called at Slash's request. Several day's later the ex-girlfriend opted to press charges.

"There's a compelling set of extenuating circumstances in this case, but, as Slash does not want to further complicate the situation and cause anymore undue duress to either himself or his ex-girlfriend, neither he nor his representatives will be commenting further on the matter until it is resolved."

Meanwhile, Slash is continuing to work on his current project, Slash's Snakepit with producer Jack Douglas. The guitarist says he hopes to have the record done this fall, but there's no release date at this time.

Slash has also wrapped up sessions mixing a Guns N' Roses live album with producer Andy Wallace, but there's still no word on when that project will be released.

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