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2019.11.27 - Thunder Underground Podcast - Interview with Dizzy

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2019.11.27 - Thunder Underground Podcast - Interview with Dizzy Empty 2019.11.27 - Thunder Underground Podcast - Interview with Dizzy

Post by Blackstar on Thu Nov 28, 2019 4:25 pm

Excerpts transcribed by Blabbermouth (the article also includes a quote from another Dizzy interview):

Dizzy Reed, who is the longest-serving member of GUNS N' ROSES after singer Axl Rose, reflected on his three decades with the band during a recent interview with the "Thunder Underground" podcast.

He said: "How the fuck has it been 30 years? [Laughs] Where did the time go?

"I've been so lucky and fortunate that I was ever asked to do this gig in the first place and that I'm still doing it," he continued. "As long as they'll have me, I'm gonna do it. And it's been a great run. There's been some long breaks, but those were being put to good use — writing and whatnot."

Dizzy added: "It's just been a blast. And these last three years have been fantastic. The turnouts have been amazing. And just to be a part of that, it's pretty special. And I'm so fortunate, again. I thank my lucky stars every day, man — I really do."

Reed joined GUNS N' ROSES as a touring member in 1990, during the "Use Your Illusion" era, and has played with most of the original members as well as in all the later editions of the group and the current "reunion" lineup.

In 2012, Dizzy was inducted into the the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as a member of GUNS N' ROSES.

The Pulse Of Radio asked Reed how he's managed to stay in the band for so long. "I get asked that a lot and it's really just, I just never really thought about doing anything else, you know, on sort of a permanent basis," he said. "You know, I kind of feel like I'm in GUNS N' ROSES and that's where I was meant to be."

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