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1996.09.DD - Rock & Pop Argentina - Audio interview with Duff

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1996.09.DD - Rock & Pop Argentina - Audio interview with Duff Empty 1996.09.DD - Rock & Pop Argentina - Audio interview with Duff

Post by Blackstar on Thu Nov 21, 2019 12:47 am


[Talk in Spanish about the Neurotic Outsiders]

Duff: Yes, exactly, man. I think, you know, you only live once and I’m really fortunate to be in a band that I love that was successful, meaning Guns N’ Roses. And also to be in a band with a mentor of mine, Steve Jones, you know, and the chemistry is like it is. I’m just really fortunate.

[Translation into Spanish/Talk between the radio show hosts - Question on what Duff finds enjoyable in the Neurotic Outsiders compared to Guns N’ Roses]

Duff: Oh, well, I mean, it’s not like I’m doing it to find anything, you know. But it’s just a completely different band. You know, number one, all of us sing, I guess - you know, it’s fun to sing. And we also play smaller clubs. You know, Guns N’ Roses can’t play a smaller club.

Interviewer: But do you like to –

Duff: Also I get to play guitar, you know. So those are three things that I find. And there is no pressure. With Guns N’ Roses there is – you know, it’s a huge band. We started up again two weeks ago – you know, we started the record. And it’s a big deal, you know? It’s in the newspapers, everybody wants to ask me about it. And it’s like, “Wow, just let us go play,” you know? But we can’t. But with Neurotic Outsiders, we can.  

[Translation into Spanish/Talk - Question about the chemistry in Neurotic Outsiders]

Duff: Yeah. We all have our other big bands that give us all that pressure, so we really know how to use Neurotic Outsiders as a release.

[Translation into Spanish/Talk - Question about GN’R]

Duff: You know, we’ve been apart for two years. Actually, Argentina was the last gig we played, Buenos Aires.

[Translation into Spanish/Talk - Question on whether Axl is playing rhythm guitar]

Duff: Oh, he’s great, man!

Interviewer: Oh, yeah?

Duff: That’s really going great, you know. It’s really fuckin’ rocking and it’s really loud. We are the loudest band in the world. Yeah, it’s great, man. I mean, I can – I just can really tell you my life is going really good right now (chuckles).

Interviewer: Yeah, yeah, I imagine.

Duff: What can I say? Guns N’ Roses is really rocking. I’m really happy. I’m very satisfied with what we’re doing. And the chemistry with Guns, I mean, you know, it’s electricity.

[Translation into Spanish/Talk – Question on how fame has affected the personalities in Guns N’ Roses]

Duff: Yeah, it’s weird. I mean, there’s no school to go to learn about it, there’s no book you can read. You know, there’s nobody to actually tell you what’s gonna happen. So you learn the lessons the hard way. And we’ve all learned the lessons. We’ve all actually learned from them. And now we’re back together in the same room and it’s... It’s fucking cool, you know?

[Translation into Spanish/Talk – Question about the Neurotic Outsiders tour schedule]

Duff: Yeah, we’re gonna do the States and England in September. You know, we’re doing it when we can. The Pistols is on tour, Guns is working now, we’re not gonna fuck it up, you know? So we’re doing gigs when we can. I think end of November we’re gonna do Japan and Australia, and in January probably we’re gonna try to come to South America.

[Translation into Spanish/Talk – Question about Duff’s personal life]

Duff: Well, you know, actually when I go back to... I live a pretty – I try to live a pretty normal life. I don’t really go out that much. I’m not interested in, you know, going out just to be out and be seen. You know, I do martial arts and I water-ski...

Interviewer: Oh yeah, perfect, man.

Duff: Yeah (chuckles). And I do a lot of other things, you know? I had enough of the excess, I did that, you know? So now I just got my life together in my house, you know, so – And I go to basketball games and I go sit wherever, and if somebody comes up to me, I just talk to another human. I don’t try to run away, I just go, “Hi, yeah. Yeah, I am Duff. How are you doing, man?” You know, “I’m here to watch the basketball game, let’s watch it, man, come on.”  

[Talk in Spanish – cut]

Duff [recorded message]: Hey, this is Duff McKagan. You’re listening to “Tiempos y Eventos.” See ya.

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