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1990.08.04 - Kerrang! - GN'R: This time it's 'Civil War'

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1990.08.04 - Kerrang! - GN'R: This time it's 'Civil War' Empty 1990.08.04 - Kerrang! - GN'R: This time it's 'Civil War'

Post by Blackstar on Sun Sep 08, 2019 12:30 am

Thanks to @Surge for sharing this article!

1990.08.04 - Kerrang! - GN'R: This time it's 'Civil War' 1990-012


GN'R: this time it's 'Civil War'

THE FIRST all-new Guns N’ Roses track since the release of the ‘GN’R Lies’ mini LP is featured on ‘Nobody’s Child - Romanian Angel Appeal’, released through Warner Bros.

The GN’R track is ‘Civil War’, taken from the current sessions for their forthcoming second album.

‘Nobody’s Child’ is a new charity album put together by former Beatle George Harrison and his wife Olivia, with all proceeds going to help Romania's orphaned children, whose plight became apparent after the recent overthrow of the Communist regime.

Among the other artists contributing new and previously unheard material are Billy Idol with 'Love Child’, plus Eric Clapton, Mike And The Mechanics, Travelling Wilburys and Elton John.

This sudden resurgence of GN’R follows Epic’s recent release of a studio version of sometime GN’R live favourite ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ on 'Days Of Thunder’ - the soundtrack to the new Tom Cruise movie.

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