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1988.09.16 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [MTV Awards]

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1988.09.16 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [MTV Awards] Empty 1988.09.16 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [MTV Awards]

Post by Blackstar on Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:40 pm

1988.09.16 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [MTV Awards] 1988_093

Transcript (excerpt):

Unable to go back and forth between our seats and the press area, we ended up spending most of the MTV Video Awards at Universal Amphitheater in the open-air backstage tent, waiting, like everyone else, for the grand entrance of rock diva Cher. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, it was more like a pleasant garden party than an awards show, as what had been an unbearable scorcher cooled into lovely weather for rubbernecking, hobnobbing and gossiping. Depeche Mode played a form of cricket with a wad of gaffer’s tape and a broom belonging to artist/janitor Chris Avis, but forbade any photos while in their shorts and T-shirts; short blond Martin Gore passed us later on his way to the stage in a bondage harness and fake tattoo — much more appropriate. Chatty Chubby Checker, arriving to perform “The Twist” with the Fat Boys, wore two different shoes: “It’s a competitive world," he sighed. It’s hard to believe, but Sam “Is This Evian Bottle a Prop, or What?” Kinison’s publicity shots flatter him — and his trailer overflowed with a glittery entourage of women taller than himself. Guns N’ Roses' rider as usual specified that their dressing room be supplied with bottles of Jack Daniel’s and cartons of Marlboros; fresh from breaking up with longtime girlfriend Erin “Daughter of Phil or Don” Everly, Axl joined Slash with their companion for the evening, former underage porn star Traci Lords.

The post-show party, again held on the Universal lot, reflected this year’s producer Dick Clark's personal aesthetic: ham-it-up sandwiches, little tiny chicken legs, and the kind of cheesy Cheez-Whiz nachos one turns down at the movies. Another definite non-improvement was the segregated VIP-only “A-list” party-within-a-party, which turned the regular party instantly B-list but which required a no more complicated “selfinvite” than a short climb through the bushes.

As we dusted ourselves off, we discovered that these lucky VIPs had no more than each other and the self-same vittles to keep themselves entertained, though a still more rarified “A+ list” sit-down dinner was rumored. In this A-list holding-pen was just about everyone we’ve ever written about, a million record company executives we haven’t, and other Beautiful People like model-turned rock & roller Attila and his All-Model Band, making the scene as they jockeyed for a recording contract.

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