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2019.06.14 - Metro - Guns N’ Roses’ Slash on how he gets inspiration

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2019.06.14 - Metro - Guns N’ Roses’ Slash on how he gets inspiration Empty 2019.06.14 - Metro - Guns N’ Roses’ Slash on how he gets inspiration

Post by Blackstar on Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:44 pm

Guns N’ Roses’ Slash on how he gets inspiration, what he’d be doing if he wasn’t famous and why he loves Download Festival

By Rishma Dosani

Download Festival has just kicked off, with people wading through mud in a bid to see their favourite acts.

But, despite the terrible weather affecting those in Donnington Park, Derby, Guns N’ Roses star Slash is pretty damn excited to be there – revealing the annual bash is his favourite place to perform.

The 53-year-old will be taking to the stage alongside his band, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. Speaking exclusively to ahead of his performance, he told us: ‘I love doing the European circuit. That’s my favourite festival circuit, but I have to say Download is my favourite one. I’ve got such a history of Download. I’ve been in more bands than anyone else that has ever played there.

‘We have festivals in the States, and there’s some good ones and whatnot, [but] festival culture in the UK and in Europe is something that the States has never really touched on.

‘People in Europe, when they go to festivals, there’s a certain kind of dedication and passion. It’s actually very much a part of their summer lives, going out to festivals, and checking all these bands.

‘It’s a commitment. I’ve always loved festivals, ever since I was a kid. It’s just that whole day, or three days, of music and people hanging out. And there’s a lot of bands playing. It’s just such a f***ing cool thing. I love being part of that.’

Following a mammoth world tour with Guns, Slash – real name Saul Hudson – got straight back on the road again, rocking out with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.

But what is the biggest difference between them in terms of performing?

‘Guns is a pretty epic production. And obviously we’re playing in these huge venues… So in that sense, it’s different,’ he continued. ‘What we’re doing with The Conspirators it’s on a much smaller level, it’s a much more intimate setting, as far as the venues are concerned.

‘When it comes down to it, the gig is the gig. Even most of the stuff I have on me is the same stuff that I carry from either the Guns tour or the Conspirators tour, and it’s all it’s relatively the same as far as getting up and going on stage and playing.’

Slash sent fans wild with his first debut solo album, way back in 2010.

The record, simply titled Slash, featured a string of collaborations with the biggest names in music, including Adam Levine, Dave Grohl, Chris Cornell and Fergie – and every single song banged. He also worked with Myles Kennedy on the record, before jetting off on tour with the Alter Bridge star, as well as Bobby Schneck, Todd Kerns and Brent Fritz.

And, through this tour, he collaborated with Myles, Todd and Brent – birthing Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators – and they have never looked back, releasing a further three albums together.

The stars are currently in the throes of the European leg of their world tour, before jetting off to North America on July 15 for 17 more shows.

After this, Slash is planning to rejoin his Guns bandmates and get back in the studio once more, ready to do it all over again.

When does the man rest?

It may feel like Slash is never off tour, but he admitted that’s where he gets his best writing done.

‘I carry my guitar… I’m sitting with it now, and I just play,’ he said. ‘When I’m not playing, I’m playing. In other words, when we’re not actually on stage during the shows, then I’m in my room, or the dressing room, playing my guitar and noodling around or coming up with ideas.

‘I do all the all the writing, at least for this band, when I’m on the road.

‘When the Conspirators tour is over, I can actually say, the plan is to get together and work on some Guns stuff. So that’s the plan at the moment. I would say there’s something [in the] studios in the not too distant future.’

The musician joined his first band way back in 1981, and has not stopped working since.

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