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2019.06.05 - "10 Things That Scare Me" podcast - Duff McKagan

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2019.06.05 - "10 Things That Scare Me" podcast - Duff McKagan Empty 2019.06.05 - "10 Things That Scare Me" podcast - Duff McKagan

Post by Blackstar on Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:34 pm

Transcript from the website of the podcast:
Duff McKagan:

Number one. Ignorance. I left high school early. I got a GED and left. College was not an option in my family. There was eight kids, and my dad was a fireman. So, if you wanted to go to college, that was on you. I made money in my twenties and I put myself through school so I understand not all of us have the opportunity to get a higher education. And a higher education is not necessarily necessary. But purposeful ignorance, willful ignorance, is something that I scratch my head at.  

Number two. I used to play in punk rock bands starting in 1979. I remember talking to an older guy and he said, you know, when we're singing against the man it's not the mayor of Seattle. It's not the governor of Washington. It's not the president of the United States. It's the big machine that's behind it. It’s the lobbyists.

Number three. That it won't rain in Seattle anymore.

Number four. My daughters being safe. Man, I fear for them just like I did when they were four and seven, and they're eighteen and twenty-one. We got to see these Parkland kids and how eloquent and smart they were, and brave. That is this generation, and I have two of those girls and they register to vote.

Number five. Social media.

Number six. Reality shows.

Number seven. The selling of the quote unquote divide.

Eight. Cable news. When you turn off the news, and you have your computer shut, and you're not looking at Twitter, and you're actually going to the alligator guy outside of New Orleans, and you're in this airboat. You don't talk about politics. You're talking about alligators that like to eat hot dogs and marshmallows.

Number nine. All these labels. You're in the bubble. Snowflakes. Lefties. Dems. Alt-right. Far right conservative. You know, nobody has ever said that to me. “Yeah, What's your deal? I'm a lib. I'm a lib-tard. I'm an extreme right conservative. I'm in the bubble. I'm an elitist, actually.” I haven’t met one person that identifies as any of those things.

I don't have a tenth on here. Oh… the door closing on an airplane.

My name is Duff McKagan and these are 10 things that scare me.

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2019.06.05 - "10 Things That Scare Me" podcast - Duff McKagan Empty Re: 2019.06.05 - "10 Things That Scare Me" podcast - Duff McKagan

Post by whatashame on Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:03 pm

thank you so much! i was lookin for this but every other source wouldn't load the file

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