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2019.05.28 - WRIF Detroit Talkin' Rock with Meltdown - Interview with Slash [AUDIO]

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2019.05.28 - WRIF Detroit Talkin' Rock with Meltdown - Interview with Slash [AUDIO] Empty 2019.05.28 - WRIF Detroit Talkin' Rock with Meltdown - Interview with Slash [AUDIO]

Post by Blackstar on Wed May 29, 2019 6:07 am

I transcribed a part:

Now this is a little bit different because you do have some Guns N’ Roses dates on festivals and stuff along with doing the Conspirators gigs, right?

Slash: Well, no. Actually the last shows - the end of the tour, is, like, August. I can’t remember the exact date.

I got ya.

Slash: And then, come September-October, we turn on the Guns thing, and then that goes from there. After those Guns dates, the festival dates, we’ll be working on the record and [line cut out - interruption]


I was just saying, it’s the biggest cliffhanger I’ve ever had in an interview. You were talking about the brand new record and all of a sudden it just cut out. So...

Slash (laughs): [...] Yeah, when we finish the tour in the fall, then we will commence on working a little bit on what's gonna be the next Guns record.

Yeah, the last time I talked to you or Duff a couple of months back, you weren’t really sure if were gonna do it. You were kinda saying, “Never say never” and stuff like that. So it’s pretty much set on stone now. You guys are ready to go with the new record, or at least are in the writing process and the whole thing.

Slash: Yeah, the thing is that we had’t really done anything yet. And I don’t want to indicate anything like, “Oh wow!” [...] I just wanted to be honest about it, and so there was really no telling what we were gonna do at that point. But at this point, I do know that we’re gonna do this one, and we’ve already started working on stuff, so there you go.

Yeah, I know. There’s rumors that you were at Axl’s house a few weeks ago or something. Can you comment on anything about that?

Slash: It’s funny, cuz there was a rumor that I was over there, yeah, and before I’d even been there. [...] It was a pain in the ass and annoying. But I’m excited about what we’ve got going on and everything, so it’s gonna be cool. It's freakin' awesome.

It’s really cool to hear it right straight from your mouth, cuz you there are so many rumors and people just spit stuff out on the net, as you well know. [...]

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