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1993.03.DD - MTV - Interview with Duff (and his wife, Linda)

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1993.03.DD - MTV - Interview with Duff (and his wife, Linda) Empty 1993.03.DD - MTV - Interview with Duff (and his wife, Linda)

Post by Blackstar on Tue May 21, 2019 3:03 am


Loder: ... his home in Los Angeles recently to watch as his wife of eight months, Linda McKagan, posed for a nude photo spread for a new skin magazine called “Platinum.” Here’s as much of what we saw as we’re able to show you.

Voice-over: Duff McKagan and his wife of eight months, model Linda McKagan, will offer a glimpse of their version of domestic bliss for a photo spread in Platinum Magazine, the self-declared men’s magazine for the 90s.

Duff: It’s just basically, they’re gonna come out for a few days on the tour to see exactly how we live on the road, you know. So it’s gonna be pretty interesting.

Voice-over: So how is married life working out for the McKagans?

Linda: There’s a few things that are irritating, but as far as like...

Duff: What?

Linda: Well, you know, that you don’t flick your ashes and I have to get the ashtray (laughs). Nothing, nothing major.


Linda: Well, you don’t like my disco either.

Duff: Well, after playing it ten times in a row. She’s got one of the 70s disco thing off those TV, and, you know - but that’s, like, ten times.

Voice-over: It doesn’t sound too serious. Since his wedding, Duff has completed his first solo album, which features a virtual parade of guest performers.

Duff: Lenny Kravitz played on a song, Jeff Beck asked me if he could play on it. It took me, like, a tenth of a millisecond to say yes. Now let me think about that for a second. Slash played on a song, Matt Sorum is gonna be playing drums on a song, Teddy played keyboards, and then Dizzy, Sebastian and Rob from Skid Row played on a song. It’s great. I mean, I got, you know, a little help from my friends. It’s great.

Voice-over: That record will be released sometime this year. In the meantime, Duff will continue to discover the wonders of having a significant other.

Duff: She has immiscibility. I mean, before I thought packing a bag was just kind of throwing clothes (?) on the floor next to my bed and accumulate it for months, just throw it in a bag and off on tour we go. But actually I guess you can fold it and put it in there. I never knew that.

Linda: And you wash them, too.

Duff: Oh, yes, sure. And I wash my hair and all the stuff too.

Linda: He’s all together now.

Duff: Yeah.

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1993.03.DD - MTV - Interview with Duff (and his wife, Linda) Empty Re: 1993.03.DD - MTV - Interview with Duff (and his wife, Linda)

Post by Soulmonster on Mon Jul 01, 2019 1:13 pm

No, he is not "all together" there Shocked

It is almost mind-boggling what turnaround Duff achieved. Kudos.
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