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1992.09.DD - Hey Hey It's Saturday (Australian TV) - Interview with Slash and Gilby

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1992.09.DD - Hey Hey It's Saturday (Australian TV) - Interview with Slash and Gilby Empty 1992.09.DD - Hey Hey It's Saturday (Australian TV) - Interview with Slash and Gilby

Post by Blackstar on Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:25 am

Original sources:


Interviewer: ... Guns N’ Roses, I would say - they’re definitely coming out here in February and that’s really good news. I caught up with Guns N’ Roses in Phoenix, Arizona - Slash and Gilby. And I asked Slash when did he start playing guitar. This is what he said.

Slash: When I first started really playing was when I was about 14-15 years old. And then I got into actually hands-on being a musician. But the rest of the time I was, like, into the Who and, you know, Phoebe Snow – all kinds of stuff. That was just around the house, you know, day-to-day listening.

[Clip from November Rain video]

Slash: Inevitable meeting of the mind, so to speak. We just happened to end up with each other and start – our influences all were more or less the same and we just naturally fell into the relationship that we have.

[Clip from November Rain video]

Interviewer: Australia waits for you to come out again.

Slash: We’re coming out.

Interviewer: Yeah?

Slash: Yeah.

Slash: Gilby came down. He learned 30 songs in three weeks.

Interviewer: Really?

Slash: He didn’t do a day job. That was like initiation. Now he’s like family, we don’t think about it anymore.

Interviewer: Your first, very first impression when you were asked by Slash to join the Guns.

Gilby: My first thing was like – almost like relief, after pounding, you know, L.A. clubs and touring America and stuff. And then, you know, everybody in town knew that they were looking for a guitar player, and when he called, I was like, “Yes!”

[Clip from November Rain video]

Gilby: And it’s like, I was going to see Izzy’s new band. That’s why I went to see the band, “Let’s go see Izzy’s new band,” you know? And then I met and talked to Axl a few times. Honestly, I really didn’t know Slash and Duff at all. I had known Matt because him and I had played so many clubs together for years and years on end. And so, when this call came, it was kinda cool, cuz at least when I got to go down, you know, I had known Matt fairly well. So, no matter what was going out with everybody else, I can always, like, go to Matt: (whispers) “What’s going on?” (laughs)

[Clip from November Rain video]

Interviewer: As I said, Guns N’ Roses will possibly be coming out here in January/February and it looks like they’ll be doing big outdoor concerts; and I certainly hope so, because they’re one of the great bands. But, Axl, which seems to have a change of mind, because Axl was known as homophobic, and he was seen at the MTV Awards with Elton John playing piano. Have a look at this. This is incredible. Elton John with Guns N’ Roses.

[Clip from the performance at the 1992 MTV Awards]

Interviewer: The big news also, of course, is that Elton and the boys are coming out in February. Do not be surprised if you see Elton John and [cut]

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