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1992.12.11 - MTV Brazil - Sao Paulo special (Duff, Matt, Slash)

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1992.12.11 - MTV Brazil - Sao Paulo special (Duff, Matt, Slash) Empty 1992.12.11 - MTV Brazil - Sao Paulo special (Duff, Matt, Slash)

Post by Blackstar on Fri Mar 22, 2019 5:27 am


[Host talks in Portuguese]

Interviewer: We’ve heard a lot of news about what’s going on in Latin America. How much of that stuff can we actually believe?

Duff: What? As far as what you read in the papers?

Interviewer: Yes.

Duff: Well, nothing. The tabloid journalists down here – you know, they gotta make their buck. And the way they do it down here than what we’re used to.

Interviewer: Why is it that different?

Duff: Well, it’s very sensationalist and they get the wrong information. We’re just down here – I mean, we haven’t even left the hotels, and the stories they tell about us, like, doing this and that, and this and that, it’s like, “What? I did what?” And the stories get all mixed up and it kind of comes bad on us – not even “kind of”, it really comes bad on us. We’re just down here to play rock ‘n’ roll shows, man. That’s what it’s all about, ya know?

Interviewer: I just thought you were, like, used to this kind of press. I mean, is it really worse than what you are used to having in America, maybe, or in Europe?

Matt: Well, the black cloud pretty much goes all the way around the world, doesn’t it? (laughs) But yeah, it’s a lot heavier here, you know, as far as, like, political situations and things like that - with the Argentinian situation with the flag and all that. I mean, we haven’t really experienced that before. We had almost a riotous situation in front of the hotel and people threatening us and - you know, that kind of thing, which makes you, like, scared to go up and play a show.

Interviewer: What kind of threats were they?

Matt: There was guys out in front of the hotel that were basically threatening us and, you know, burnt American flags to retaliate for what they thought we did, that we didn’t do.

Interviewer: We just said that in Colombia, maybe, it was the worst part of it, because of all this reaction and all the –

Matt: Well, we made it out of Venezuela, three hours before the coup, so we thought we were, like, home free, you know? It just kind of kept happening, you know? Every country we went to, we were having problems.

Interviewer: I was going to ask you, now you are in Brazil, you’re not expecting the same kind of -

Duff: I almost kissed the ground when I landed here (laughs).

[Host talks in Portuguese]

[Cut to interview with Slash]

Slash: There’s so much material on those two records, you know, so we haven’t played all of it. And the stuff that we’re gonna play over the next couple of days will be – some of it is new, some of it is old – we sort of mix them up and everything. And after that we’re gonna do a tour in the States which is just stripped down and just jamming. And then, after that’s done, we basically just gonna go and do the next record. So, I think that everybody here, because it’s been so long since we were here, that they’ll be happy with the amount of material that we have.

[Host talks in Portuguese]

[Cut to interview with Brian May]

Brian May: ... and also by telling people that we were an influence on them. It’s just a big positive force in my life, you know. And also personally. I mean, Axl was very involved towards the end of Freddie’s life. You know, Axl was trying very hard to find a way to cure Freddie. I had talked to him a lot.

[Host talks in Portuguese]

[Pre-show footage – Interviews with concertgoers in Portuguese – Live footage]

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