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1991.09.14 - MTV - News Report (Get in the Ring, St. Louis)

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1991.09.14 - MTV - News Report (Get in the Ring, St. Louis) Empty 1991.09.14 - MTV - News Report (Get in the Ring, St. Louis)

Post by Blackstar on Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:51 pm


Kurt Loder: ... a song called “Get in the Ring” off one of the two new Guns N’ Roses albums that are due out this coming week. Among other rude things, Rose charges that Spin publisher Bob Cuccione Jr., Hit Parader editor Andy Secher and Circus Magazine have printed “lies instead of the things we said” and he threatens to “kick their asses”. Guccione, following the footsteps of Motley Crue singer Neil, quickly issued a press release saying he’s ready to duke it out with Rose and noting that he is studying karate. Circus publisher Gerald Rothberg declared himself outraged by Rose’s charge that the magazine printed lies about Guns N’ Roses. But Andy Secher of Hit Parader said he was just thankful for the free publicity.

Also all riled up about Axl Rose are some radio station deejays in St. Louis where, if you recall, a riot broke out after a Guns N’ Roses show in July resulting in much equipment damage and municipal recrimination. The deejays received advanced promotional copies of the two new Guns N’ Roses albums on Wednesday and, in scanning the “thank you’s” included in the jacket copy, they noticed a blunt two-word epithet directed at St. Louis. Taken aback by this, the deejays are attempting to rally with what they hope to be thousands of angry fellow citizens on Tuesday, the official release date for the Guns albums, assemble them into the shape of a hand with its middle finger extended, photograph them from the air and send the resulting picture straight to Axl Rose.

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