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1991.10.03 - The Indianapolis News - Going from guns to gauntlets

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1991.10.03 - The Indianapolis News - Going from guns to gauntlets Empty 1991.10.03 - The Indianapolis News - Going from guns to gauntlets

Post by Blackstar on Sun Dec 30, 2018 3:24 pm

1991.10.03 - The Indianapolis News - Going from guns to gauntlets Y895rAF7_o


Going from guns to gauntlets

The Indianapolis News

There already has been some interesting fallout from Guns Ν’ Roses’ “Use Your Illusion” albums . . . more interesting even than Axl Rose’s poor-me, I-had-to-grow-up-in-Lafayette rant, or than half the songs on the records.

It seems that Rose, who challenged a number of rock press types — by name — to ‘ Get in the Ring” in the song by that title has been answered by one of them.

“I’m dead serious about this. He called me out — now where is he?” asked Bob Guccione Jr., editor and publisher of Spin magazine. “He’s a poser and a coward and I’ll say that in his home state.

“If I challenged Mellencamp he’d be on the next plane!”

To Rose, Guccione wrote:

“I have just heard your song Get in the Ring’ and I want you to know I heartily accept the challenge and thank you for the invitation. Let’s do it. I say. at your earliest convenience.

“By the way, I mentioned in the press that I’d be only too happy to oblige you. I take the fact that there has been absolutely no response from you to indicate how busy you must be. I mean, what with canceling concerts, starting riots and beating up paying fans trying to take pictures of you. what a schedule you’ve had! I sympathize.

“So I just wanted to let you know, directly, that as soon as you're ready I am too. Perhaps until then, you shouldn’t sing that song. At least not too loudly. eh?"

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