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1992.02.27 - The St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Untitled (lawsuit)

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1992.02.27 - The St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Untitled (lawsuit) Empty 1992.02.27 - The St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Untitled (lawsuit)

Post by Blackstar on Sun Dec 16, 2018 6:30 am

1992.02.27 - The St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Untitled (lawsuit) RayiJMwN_o


St. Louis: A woman claiming she was hurt in July when Axl Rose jumped off the stage at the River-port Amphitheatre is suing the rock singer in St. Louis Circuit Court.

In a suit filed Tuesday, Diane Bailey of St. Louis alleges that she suffered a back injury when Rose, lead singer of Guns Ν' Roses, landed on her. Her suit seeks unspecified damages.

In addition to Rose, defendants include Contemporary Productions Inc., the concert’s promoter, and Sverdrup Building Corp., which designed and built the amphitheater.

At least three similar suits have been filed against Rose previously as a result of a melee at Riverport on July 2.

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