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1992.06.06/07 - MTV - Reports and interviews from Paris (Slash, Duff, Matt, Gilby)

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1992.06.06/07 - MTV - Reports and interviews from Paris (Slash, Duff, Matt, Gilby) Empty 1992.06.06/07 - MTV - Reports and interviews from Paris (Slash, Duff, Matt, Gilby)

Post by Blackstar on Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:42 am


Voice-over: For the first time in their career, Guns N’ Roses are playing Paris - at Hippodrome de Vincennes, to be exact - before a local audience of some 40,000 fans and at estimated 200,000 households in 14 countries, that will be watching the pay-per-view concert via satellite.

[cut to joint interview with Slash, Duff, Matt and Gilby]

Slash: The only reason we’re doing this is because it’s a vehicle for us to get our show out to a bunch of people that don’t have the opportunity to see it. So that’s that.

Duff: And also, I might want to add, it’s not, like, a profit motivated thing for us to make money. It’s just for kids. Cuz we’re only playing certain towns and certain places, and kids that don’t get to see us, and can’t afford it, and just can’t make it, it gives them the opportunity to see us. So I hope it all works out great.

Voice-over: Guns N’ Roses aren’t complete pay-per-view rookies. Axl Rose and former Guns’ guitarist Izzy Stradlin joined the Rolling Stones for a song during the Stones’ own cable special back in December of 1989. And Guns will have some special guests of their own for this Parisian broadcast. Chief among them, former Yardbirds guitar legend Jeff Beck; singer Lenny Kravitz will be doing his own Always On The Run, a song on which Slash played guitar; and Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, the group for which Guns N’ Roses opened a few years back, will be stepping out on stage for run-throughs of Train Kept-A-Rolling and the Aerosmith classic Mama Kin. In addition, cable viewers will be seeing an opening set by Seattle’s own Soundgarden, which is currently touring Europe with Guns and Faith No More. For those who can’t actually be in Paris for the show, but will be watching at home, Guns N’ Roses have a few tips.

[cut to joint interview with Slash, Duff, Matt and Gilby]

Gilby: They should turn all the lights down, they should have lighters in their hand, they should have beers or their cocktails nearby... They should treat it just like a concert.

Slash: Everybody at home should just have a great time, because that’s what the whole rock thing is about.

Voice-over: And will this televised concert be any different from a normal Guns N’ Roses gig? If there is such a thing.

[cut to the joint interview with Slash, Duff, Matt and Gilby]

Duff: It’s not like we (?) in, like, tuxedos or something and make this a whole big deal, you know? We’re just gonna play a show. And that’s that.

Slash: We go out and it’s real for us. It’s like, the first couple of songs, we feel what the crowd’s like, and it’s not an easy thing to do, to be able to – you can’t fake it, you know. So we go out there and do it the way we do it.

Duff: When it comes down to it, I mean, we really are just a touring band. And that’s what we’re geared toward, and that’s what we should be doing, and that’s what we gotta do.

[Cut to interview with fan at the venue during rehearsal]

Fan: I mean, I love Guns N’ Roses, you know? It’s happening.

Loder: You have your own VIP guest pass, as we see here. Who did give you that?

Fan: John Reese, he’s the tour manager and he’s seen I was coming to the shows. And Doug Goldstein, who’s the personal manager, you know, (?) he says, “he’s part of the family, do something for him.” And they gave me this pass, which I can get into the shows and I can come backstage, you know, meet the fans...

Loder: These are pretty nice guys, I guess, right?

Fan: Excellent people. I mean, you got to know them, you have to talk to them and sit down, you know? And they’ll talk to you as long as you’re honest with them. That’s all I wanna be.

Loder: Well, we also discovered that they’re pretty entertaining guys too. We were talking to them yesterday and here’s what we saw.

[cut to footage from rehearsal]

Matt: Here we are at the Guns N’ Roses rehearsal in Paris, and we’ve got Jeff Beck coming up here in a minute to play a little tune with us called Locomotive. These are his amps they’re plugging in. It’s a couple of Fender Twin Reverbs - I think they are.

Crew member: Do you know how this goes?

Matt: I don’t know exactly how that goes.

Gilby (outside a tent near the stage with his name written on it): Major behind the scenes action. Now, let’s see, this is for when we’re about to walk on stage, and they go, “house lights.” We know where to go, cuz we can at least read.

Duff (outside a tent with his name written on it): It’s kind of obvious whose these are, as it says my name on there.

Gilby (outside Slash’s tent): Once again, no matter of what it says, (the camera zooms to a sign that reads “Do not enter”), how they try to keep us out, it doesn’t matter, don’t ever mind the sign (goes into the tent).

Duff: When we play, I run, you see? We got this... Let’s go, run.

Gilby (outside Axl’s tent): I think he might be there? It’s Gilby, can I come in?

Duff: To get the gist of this, let’s run. Here we go! (starts running along the stage)

Gilby (inside Axl’s tent): This is Big Red’s. It’s full of action here. A little TV monitor to make sure that we’re not doing anything bad.

(Duff is running)

Gilby: That concludes our backstage Keith Moon tour of Guns N’ Roses.

Duff (after running): That’s only for one chorus of a song. And we play about 3-1/2 hours. So, you see it’s a lot of hard work. This is Duff McKagan for MTV, signing out.

Loder: Guns N’ Roses, fun guys. Even they, however, are seriously impressed by certain aspects of the show, which is just moments away now. Most particularly they are impressed by some of their special guests today, who include Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, their old buddy Lenny Kravitz and former Yardbirds guitar legend Jeff Beck, whose performance you really won’t believe.

[cut to interview with Jeff Beck]

Jeff Beck: Well, I just got a phone call from my manager saying, “Guns N’ Roses called. Would you care to step on stage and do a number of them?” And I said, “Where?” “In Paris.” I said, “Yep, let’s go.” They told me Locomotive was the song. And it’s pretty – there’s a lot of changes in it. I guess they thought that I’d be alright for that, for a guest spot.

[Footage from rehearsal of Locomotive]

Loder: We were talking to the boys themselves about Jeff Beck and the rest of the show yesterday, and here’s what they had to tell us.

[Cut to interviews with Slash, Duff, Matt, Gilby and Lenny Kravitz]

Slash: The phone rings, I pick it up and I’m like, “What!” And he goes, “Is that Slash? This is Jeff.” And I’m like, “Oh, Jeff... Jeff who?” (laughs). And he was Jeff Beck and I was floored. I was like, okay, this is my all-time favorite guitar player calling me up to ask me about the song and what the schedule was gonna be. And I was like, “Well, you can play whatever you want. I don’t even care if you don’t even learn it. Just come out, that would be great.” (laughs)

Matt: It was really cool because, you know, Jeff Beck was here last night, in the bar downstairs in the hotel, and we said, “Hey, do you wanna come upstairs and learn the song?” You know, he’d never really listened to it. And he came upstairs, and Duff, after a couple of cocktails, was teaching him how to play it on the guitar. And he was, like, teaching Jeff Beck how to play a Guns N’ Roses song. That was something new and different.

Duff: I just thought to myself: 15 years ago, 10 years ago, a year ago, if I would have seen myself showing Jeff Beck a song on the guitar, you know, people would have thought I was nuts.  

Gilby: Jeff Beck, Duff and I are in the room and Duff’s soloing (laughs). Perfect. “Duff! Let him do it,” you know?

Duff: Gilby takes everything - you know, he’s so mellow about everything. And he’s such a good player, and he’s very confident. So Gilby... What does Gilby think about this whole thing? He’s, like, “Cool, can I have a sandwich?”  (laughs) You know?  “Hi Jeff. See ya.”

Lenny Kravitz: I’ve been waiting a long time to get to actually play live with them. And so they called me a week or so ago and said, “Come to Paris and play.”

[cut to another interview with Lenny Kravitz]

Lenny Kravitz: It’s always fun to play with other people, you know, and do something different from what you normally do. Especially when you’re on tour and you’re doing the same thing every night.

[cut back to the interview with Slash]

Slash: It was a riff that I wrote. Initially, I mean, I write everything for Guns, you know. And, sometimes, especially when Steve was in the band, some stuff was definitely too funky. And so we just didn’t use it. So now, having Guns play it, I was like, you guys don’t even realize how funny this is (laughs).

[Footage of Always On The Run]

[cut to another interview with Duff]

Duff: Well, yeah. I mean, it’s gonna be Lenny singing, of course, but it’s gonna... Yeah, it’s a good way to put it. It’s gonna have the Guns N’ Roses attack on it.

Lenny Kravitz: Well, it’s more that we’re just a big jam now, everybody’s playing. We’ve got two keyboard players, three of us on guitar, you know, bass, drums, horns, background singers... It’s kind of a big jam on the tune.

[Footage of Always On The Run]

[cut to interview with Joe Perry]

Joe Perry: Well, I think that when we first went out with them, that was, like, their first big tour or something, you know? So it’s pretty cool to see them doing what they’re doing. At the end of the tour we gave them all Halliburton luggage, you know, the metal stuff, and we said, “Man, you’re in for a ride. Dig it.” So it was cool. It’s great to see them doing what they’re doing. We haven’t really played together that much, but, you know, we can play a song like Mama Kin and it seems to mesh pretty well. And we did Train-Kept-A-Rolling too yesterday. It was pretty good. It was fun.

[live footage]

Duff: We toured with Aerosmith, so we’re already like family with them. You know, they’re pals, and so it’s like Old Home Week or something.

[live footage]

[cut to interviews with Matt and Gilby]

Matt: So they just showed up to watch Jeff play, you know, and then we just got and went out there. And we had never really rehearsed it or anything, but it sounded cool.

Gilby: It’s kind of a great position to be in, to be able to ask, you know, people like that, and they go, “Yeah!” And they’re into it, you know. They did it because they want to jam, you know.

[cut to another interview with Matt]

Matt: I think it’s a great thing for people in countries and, like, states that they don’t have the opportunity to see us. Like, let’s say, a kid lives in Montana or Idaho, which we’ll never play; I mean, maybe someday, but not this week. Or somebody in Russia, because they have MTV in Russia, right? And there’s pay-per-view all over the world. So people can see us that don’t get an opportunity to come to the concert.

[cut to the other interview with Duff]

Duff: We’re not really paying attention or letting it get to us that there’s millions of people watching us (chuckles). Well, you know, we’re just gonna play a regular gig. We’re a rock ‘n’ roll band, you know.

[cut to the interview with Slash]
Slash: I have to admit that the amount of pressure going into this pay-per-view thing is a little bit more than the average show. But all you can do is just, like, walk out there and, you know, start playing (laughs).

[cut to MTV News]

Tabitha Soren: You may have been wondering why guitar great Jeff Beck failed to show as promised. Well, Beck was in Paris, but he was unable to play, because he’s suffering from tinnitus, the same ringing in the ear affliction that troubles Pete Townsend of The Who. Beck’s doctor told him to try playing, but apparently the pain in his ear got bad enough after a rehearsal that Beck had to bow out.

[cut to the other interview with Matt]

Matt: He was rehearsing with us all day yesterday and he had - he has tinnitus in his ear and he was having a real problem sleeping last night with this huge ringing in his ear. So he called and he said that, you know, he talked to his doctor, and they thought that it’d be a better idea if he didn’t play, cuz it could cause, you know, damage. So we thought it’d be best for him, and he thought it’d be better if sat out of this one. But it was great to meet him and play with him in the rehearsal anyway, you know.  


Slash [on being on the cover of Rolling Stone in January 1991]: Yeah, I mean, it was pretty flattering to even - you know, I’m one of the few guitar players that gets the cover. It’s always the lead singer which was... That was cool. And I got to get my snake in it.

Slash [on the Freddie Mercury tribute concert]: The idea behind the whole concert, the fact that it was completely sold out before they knew who was on the bill – talking about the public – and it sold out in the way to give a sort of certain kind of energy to the AIDS awareness thing, especially in the rock ‘n’ roll circle. And losing Freddie to it was, you know, like a catastrophe. And it turned everybody’s heads around. Having everybody show up at the concert for that cause was great. And then all the bands that were there. There was none of that sort of rock star – you know, who’s who of rock vibe going on. So we all had a basically good time and it was really well organized.

Duff: Prague, it was – the crowd was great. And the people were very interested in the American culture and talking to us. They spoke English very well.

Matt: We got a guy named Teddy, Teddy Andreas [sic] and he does harmonica, which is on songs like Bad Obsession, and he plays organ, he’s a great organ player and he’s just a great background vocalist.

Slash: And it’s fun having this - like, this whole, you know, entourage out on the road. You know, like, five girls, and Ted, and the rest of us. It’s a circus, you know?

Matt [on the tour with Metallica]: We’re good friends with those guys and stuff, and we’ve got it worked out, so it’s gonna be a cool thing for everybody. It’s not gonna be, like, Guns N’ Roses is headlining and Metallica is opening. It’s gonna be, you know, Metallica and Guns N’ Roses. And, you know, they’re gonna do their full set, we’re going to do our full set. And then, you know, what will happen after the end of that, it will be probably something cool.  

Duff [on the UYI documentary]: We’re making a movie. I can’t really tell you too much about it because we’re kind of sworn to secrecy a little bit, but it’s a documentary, also videos will be intertwined. Okay... If you’ve noticed, some of our videos don’t really make sense. They will. For me to really tell you everything would really kind of spoil the fun of the anticipation.

Gilby [on the UYI documentary]: Yeah, I just see the cameras all over and stuff, and, you know, after a while you just forget about them. I don’t know if it’s gonna be like the Madonna thing or anything (laughs). I hope not.

Slash [on the UYI documentary]: I pray for the guys that have to edit it, because there’s a lot of stuff to take out, you know? (laughs)

Loder: Like what?

Slash: Just stuff. You know, stuff that we don’t want to have. Nothing bad, you know. Nothing as far as you know. Basically right now we’re just trying to do the shows. And then when it’s all said and done, we’ll get together and start going through the video stuff, and putting out the punk record and, you know, getting all that out of the way, and then concentrating on the next album.

Matt [on the “punk EP”]: Well, we recorded it after the epic Use Your Illusion I and II albums. Duff gave me a call and he says, “Hey, let’s do a punk record.” I’m like, “I was thinking of going maybe in Hawaii or something,” but...

Loder: But no.

Matt: (Laughs) But - so we went into the studio one day and we did a bunch of covers, about four or five songs. New Rose, and a song by Fear, which I can’t say the title on the air (laughs). And a bunch of stuff.

Matt [on writing material for the next album]: Well, we do that when there’s a chance in soundcheck. We usually try to, like, just jam, you know, come up with riffs. So we’ve got some good stuff going in. We tell the sound man to hit the tape player. And then, later on, we’ll compile some of it and maybe we’ll have another Guns N’ Roses album in... five years (laughs).

Slash [on the next album]: We haven’t gotten together as a band per se and, like, started to put songs together, although we’ve been jamming a lot. You know, cuz we always jam. And so I sit around and, you know, come up with ideas and I just keep it in my head. And when, you know, everything is over with, we’ll probably get together and start trying to complete some of the ideas.

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1992.06.06/07 - MTV - Reports and interviews from Paris (Slash, Duff, Matt, Gilby) Empty Re: 1992.06.06/07 - MTV - Reports and interviews from Paris (Slash, Duff, Matt, Gilby)

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The clips in the second video were included in this MTV special:

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