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2007.05.07 - Blabbermouth - Scott Weiland Vs Axl Rose Part II

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2007.05.07 - Blabbermouth - Scott Weiland Vs Axl Rose Part II Empty 2007.05.07 - Blabbermouth - Scott Weiland Vs Axl Rose Part II

Post by Blackstar on Sun Dec 02, 2018 7:04 am


According to, Matt Pains of Metromix Chicago recently interviewed VELVET REVOLVER frontman Scott Weiland. When asked about his relationship (or lack thereof) with GUNS N' ROSES singer Axl Rose, Weiland replied, "Oh, man. I have never spoken to him, but I've gotten messages from him through [VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N' ROSES drummer] Matt Sorum. They speak every once in awhile. I know that [Axl] was a fan of STP back in the early days of GUNS. Well, I guess it wasn't the early days; it was just sort of mid-days, early-mid days ... I think that — depending on his mood — he vacillates between being into the idea [of Weiland playing with former GUNS members] and kinda diggin' it and then hating my guts."

After reading the interview, the webmaser of the GUNS N' ROSES fan site Here Today… Gone To Hell! contacted Beta Lebeis (Axl's assistant and close friend) to check the validity of Scott's quote. Here is her response:

"Though Axl spoke with Matt roughly a year ago, Scott doesn't interest Axl, there are no messages, no vacillating, no messages were given to Matt by Axl for Scott. In fact earlier on the same night that Axl ended up speaking with Matt when Scott saw Axl enter the same club that he and Matt were in, Scott immediately RAN out of the club which Axl's guests found mildly amusing, beyond that nothing. I was the one whom Slash spoke with when he came to Axl's house in 2005 and expressed his negative comments regarding the others in his new band. Behind the scenes it is a very different story than what the public is sold."

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